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Sautoir Necklace in Dubai

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Dubai has become a hub for tourism and fashion. People from around the globe travel to Dubai for a lavish vacation. The fashion trends set in Dubai are followed throughout the world. One fashion trend in Dubai that is gradually catching up is the Sautoir necklace. One of the most popular Sautoir necklaces in Dubai aremadeby Benedicte de Boysson. So what makes these necklaces so special and why do people love the Sautoir necklace so much?

Versatile Design

The best part about Sautoir necklaces is that they have a distinct design. They can be worn in any manner. It all depends on your creativity. Even the simplest Sautoir necklace by Benedicte de Boysson can be worn in different ways. This gives you the freedom to wear the same necklace multiple times and appear different each time. One of the best necklaces by Benedicte de Boysson in this aspect is the “CLASSICAL LONG B’S” SAUTOIR NECKLACE. This necklace is available in yellow, white and pink gold. You can wear it as it is or you can wrap it around your neck twice. This gives it a different appearance altogether.

Can Be Worn With Any Outfit

Most necklaces made by Benedicte de Boysson go along with different types of outfits. So, you no longer have to buy different necklaces for your work and casual outfits. The finest example of such a necklace is the “IRRÉSISTIBLE B” TIE STYLE SAUTOIR NECKLACE. You can wear this necklace to work with a jacket and a collared shirt. It will look spectacular with your work outfit. On the other hand, you can sport this necklace with a casual dress as well. This necklace is available in yellow and pink gold so you can wear it with almost any color. This saves you the hassle of buying multiple necklaces for different outfits.

Various Colors

Generally, the Benedicte de BoyssonSautoir necklaces are available in three colors. The colors are yellow gold, pink gold and white gold. Each of these necklaces is available in 18 carat gold. The quality is exceptional. The different colors give you the freedom to mix and match the necklaces with different outfits. You can even get different colored outfits of the same design. The best part is that the color of the stones engraved in the necklaces change with the designs. You may even opt to get your birth stone engraved into the necklace.

Minimalistic Appearance

Many women love wearing necklaces at parties and atwork. However, they do not like the overwhelming appearance of certain type of necklaces. Some necklaces are even quite heavy and uncomfortable to wear. This is where the Sautoir collection by Benedicte de Boysson comes in. This collection is specifically designed for women who do not like wearing much jewelry. An excellent choice for such women is the NUITS BLANCHES de ST-PETERSBOURG Collection. These necklaces are an excellent fashion statement yet, they are not too heavy or flashy. They are excellent for women who do not like wearing much jewelry.

Excellent for the Daytime or Evening wear

Jewelry for the daytime is different as opposed to what you wear at night. During the day you cannot wear extravagant designs. Alternatively, you need designs that make a statement with evening wear. The MARQUISE des ANGES Collection is perfect for the day and evening wear. These designs go excellent with almost any type of outfit and you can even wear it to work. There is no doubt about the fact that the Sautoir necklaces by Benedicte de Boysson are a fashion statement. The designs are unlike any other and they go along with any outfit. The best part is that each of the necklaces is available in various colors. So, if you are looking for the perfect necklace to wear to work and to a party, then the Benedicte de BoyssonSautoir necklace collection is something you should look at.

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