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Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood- Learn about Her Lifestyle/Family Background/Career

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Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is another jewel who has become an iconic girl. She is a 14-year-girl who was born to a celebrity family. Her mother is Lisa Marie Presley. Her father is a world-famous guitarist named Michael Lockwood. Harper is a household name that is dear to the Presley family and others. This teenage girl has the dream of becoming a famous personality with massive popularity. She belongs to an elegant family which nestles art, music, and sculpture. Elvis Presley is the grandparent of Harper. 

What Is the Birth Date of Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood?

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood born is a surprise for her fans. They want to know when Harper came to this planet. Where was she born? Her exact birth date is 7th October 2008. Her birth is a turning point for other young girls who are ambitious to become famous in the future. She spent the early part of her life in Thousand Oaks, California, United States Of America. Therefore, she is accustomed to the Californian ambiance. 

What Is the Mystery Behind the Birth of Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood? 

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is a cute girl whose parents hold top positions in American society. They reared up their children and Harper is the first daughter of her father. Michael Lockwood is the fourth husband of Lisa Marie Presley. Her mother has several kids fathered by her ex-boyfriends.

The family background is serpentine and full of complexities. Other siblings are Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, Benjamin Keough, and Riley Keough. Harper’s grandparents are Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley. The Presley line-up has no end. Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood great-grandparents are Gladys Presley, Vernon Presley, Anna Lillian Iversen, and James Wagner. People want to get more information about Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood parents.

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood –Know about Her Mother’s Romantic Life 

The background of the birth of Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is very interesting. She is the first child of Michael who ranks fourth to date her mother-Lisa Presley. In the year of 2006, Harper’s mother got married to Michael and after 2 years, Harper was born. The complex math is that Presley has to maintain balance to cooperate with her several children including her first daughter in the raw. The relationship is intricate for Lisa Presley. 

What Is Secret Behind Harper’s Birth?

 Harper is not a local girl who has no ambition and high expectations. She is always thinking of becoming a maverick self-reliant lady with a superior lifestyle. Her elegant parents are occupying worldwide recognition with millions of dollars to maintain upgraded lifestyles. The secret does not lie embedded.

She is the twin sibling of Finley Aaron Love Lockwood whom Presley gave rise to. Both are twins and alike. In this connection, Lisa Presley, parent of Harper, admitted that she was not fit to accept the twins. However, she was mentally strong. She loves her twin kids since their birth. Her body weight increased with her overweight problem. Her thick bloodstream caused recurrent miscarriages. Finally, she was successful to take twins to her residential home after completing all trimesters. 

Another Stunt about Harper’s Parents 

Time runs out smoothly without waiting for anyone. The dating between Presley and Michael Lockwood has turned into turmoil. The happy ending of the marriage took place in 2016 based on allegations against Michael Lockwood. He was caught watching child pornography with a keen interest in exploiting young female children. 10 years of marriage life brought Harper a lot of misery and sorrow.

Her mother did not stoop to injustice and brutality. She claimed the legal separation from her fourth husband. The dispute and repercussions over the custody of twin children snowballed into a caustic showdown ending in the court premises. She wanted to take her twins for rearing without her husband’s interference. According to her, he is brute, illiterate, and uncivilized with a sadistic passion for child abuse and sexual harassment. 

First Marriage of Harper’s Mother 

Lisa Presley started her romantic expedition long back. The flashback reveals her dating with Chicago-based music composer named Danny Keough. They met and dated in 1988. The romantic relationship gets matured eventually. They were wedded and their children born are Riley Keough and Benjamin Storm Keough. However, this first marriage was short-lived and ended In 1994.

Second Marriage 

So quickly, Lisa Presley stood up in adversity without losing hope. Despair and tragedy never destroy her. She is bold and resilient. Her second date started with Michael Jackson – a noted musician and dancer. 

Third Nuptial Engagement 

 Her third husband is Nicolas Cage after the legal separation from Michael Jackson. They planned to live together legally after marriage. 

What Does Harper Do Now? 

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is not an unknown figure but she is a brave girl belonging to a respected family. Right now, she is a teen and she is desirous of upgrading her academic career. While being asked, she told the media that she would be a musician or singer. However, the negative impact of the mother’s allegation against Michael Lockwood regarding his involvement with child exploitation affects her to some extent. Still, she hopes for survival with moral support from her half-siblings and mother.

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood – Complete Bio

Full Name  Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood
Nick Name                       Harper
Date Of BirthOctober 7, 2008
Age14 Years (As Of 2022)
Place Of BirthThousand Oaks, California, United States Of America
Current ResidenceSan Francisco, California, United States Of America
Zodiac SignLibra
FatherMichael Lockwood
MotherLisa Marie Presley
SiblingsFinley Aaron Love Lockwood, Benjamin Keough and Riley
GrandparentsElvis Presley, Priscilla Presley
Great-grandparentsGladys Presley, Vernon Presley, Anna Lillian Iversen, James Wagner
UncleNavarone Garibaldi

The Tragic Story of Harper’s Mother

Happiness seems to be a distant memory in the family of Presley. The family dispute, confrontation, and painful separation caused damage to Harper’s heart. She is now only 14 sharing her childhood days and status with another biological twin sister. Suddenly in Jan, Lisa Presley expired leaving behind her work and children. She was a songwriter and she earned a lot through her profession. After getting divorced from her fourth husband, she decided to lead her life with her young kids. She prepared a deed sharing her property. In this property will/deed, she confirmed the allocation of her valuable Graceland located in Memphis, TN among her children – Harper, Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, and Riley Keough.

Discover Another Stunt

Misfortune boomeranged to hurt Presley’s family severely. Harper’s mother had to bear the brunt of the untimely death of Benjamin Keough. He was her son from a previous marriage. In a cable, she confessed that Benjamin Keough committed suicide when he was 20. This tragic incident damaged her mentally. She withdrew herself from social connections. This bereavement made her lonely suffering from a psychological disorder.


Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood has seen the stern reality within her short-ranged life. She has been separated from her parents. Her association is very small to help this girl survive. However, she agreed that she gets mentorship and motivational support from her other siblings. Especially, her twin sister is much more modest and lenient in understanding her miseries. Though she is young right now, she will have to fight back overtaking all obstacles to top the list. She is an example for the young generation.


Q: Who is Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood?

A: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is born elegant with her connection with a world-famous singer and musician. Her mother Lisa Marie married four times. She died recently putting her children in a hollowness of frustration.

Q: How old is Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood?

A: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood was born dating back to 2008. Now she is a growing 14 years old daughter of Presley having expired. She is proud of belonging to a prestigious family of celebs.

Q: What is the Nationality of Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood?

A: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is American by nationality. She has seen the separation of her mother from her fourth husband. The tragic story has made her lonely.

Q: What is the resolution of Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood?

A: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood has the bold resolution of emulating her mother to become a singer. She will be a great music composer with creativity.

Q: Who is the twin sister of Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood?

A: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood has a twin sister named Finley Aaron Love Lockwood. They are both legal heirs of Presley’s Graceland studio property.

Q: Who is the father of Lisa Presley’s twins?

A: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is lucky to be born with another twin sister. Michael Lockwood is the fourth husband of her mother. He is the legal father of Harper and her twin sister.

Q: What is the profession of Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood?

A: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is just a 14-year-old girl who is not mature. Her main objective is to get an education and then try to be a good musician.

Q: What are Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood siblings?

A: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood siblings are Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, Benjamin Keough, and Riley.

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