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7 practical tips for the manager who ‘adds’ the fleet

by mr.manjeetsingh10

Many companies do not have a full-time fleet manager. There is a manager who does this task. Are you that person? These 7 practical tips will help you on your way.

1 Smart design pays off
Setting up your fleet service management properly does not only mean saving costs, it also saves you a lot of time. That means that you will have to put in some extra energy in the beginning.

Admittedly, that can be quite a hassle. Certainly for managers who have never had this on their plate, there is the necessary research work. Choose the type of car. Compare the costs. Answering questions. And that while there are probably 101 other tasks on your desk.

Our tip? Just put in enough time in the beginning. You will get a double return on that investment later.

2 Look at costs

How much do we spend on mobility in this company? A logical question perhaps, but in practice it does not always seem simple to answer. Most directors initially look at the vehicle fleet, where HR mainly adds train tickets and other travel expenses.

As a fleet manager, ensure a clear overview of the expenses. This way you know what the organization spends money on when it comes to mobility and you can seriously start saving costs.

3 Mobility budget instead of lease car

Many young people who have just left college, continue to live in the city. Being assigned a parking permit quickly takes longer than a year and is also very expensive. Especially when it concerns large cities in the Randstad. More and more young professionals are therefore now saying to their employer: do me a mobility budget instead of a lease car.

So as a fleet manager, look further than just offering a car. Certainly if part of your staff lives in the city center, it is smart to offer more choice as an employer when it comes to mobility.

4 Provide a car scheme

Which accessories are allowed? Can other members of the family use the car? And how is it actually arranged with replacement transport? As a fleet manager you know one thing for sure: sooner or later your colleagues will come up with questions like this.

Catch that off by drawing up a good car scheme. This is a list of game rules about all aspects that affect business driving in your company. From addition to clause and the type of cars that are permitted under the scheme. In addition, ensure that the car scheme is known to employees with a lease car.

5 Opt for electronic trip administration

There are companies where trip administration is still kept up to date with pen and paper. Sometimes people are a bit further and an Excel sheet that a colleague has prepared is used for this. However, both methods are dated. And not only that, they will probably also give you extra work.

The tax authorities require companies to make a complete trip registration. You must therefore be able to state exactly how many kilometers a vehicle has traveled and which journeys were responsible for it. You can ask employees to keep track of this manually, but a mistake is easily made. There is a good chance that you as a part-time fleet manager will have to conclave with the tax authorities. And that takes time.

You can avoid this hassle with an electronic trip administration. That way you don’t have to constantly encourage employees to keep track of their own journeys and you are assured of a watertight system.

6 Encourage more fuel-efficient driving

As a fleet manager, it is your job to point out to colleagues the benefits of conscious driving. Slow acceleration, slow braking, refueling at B locations and not allowing the vehicle to idle unnecessarily. Minor details, some employees may think. But because of this conscious driving behavior, companies quickly save on fuel costs, up to 15 percent.

Now of course you don’t feel like or have the time to point this out to employees. Do it smarter. Compile a list with 5 tips for more conscious driving and share it occasionally via e-mail, the intranet or the internal newsletter. It is a message that business drivers must be reminded of regularly.

Do you want to tackle this more professionally? Which can. And again, automation is the key. This way you can equip every car with an electronic box that not only tracks the location, but also the driver’s driving behavior. More and more companies are now making use of this.

7 Outsourcing can pay

Quite a lot of work, you might think now. And the question is whether, given the time available, you will also tackle this in this way. Are you more inclined to no? Then consider outsourcing fleet management completely. Both operational and financial.

Fleet management as a secondary task? Here our 3 tips!

Certainly when the company continues to grow and the number of cars increases, it can pay to leave this process to a specialized party. This way you get one contract and one invoice and you keep a better grip on the costs.

Obviously do not just go with a provider, but put the different financial pictures next to each other. And when making that assessment, pay close attention to the contents of the package. What is in it and what do you still have to arrange yourself? In this way you ultimately come to the best choice.

This article is part of the ‘ Mobility ‘ file on mt.nl. This file is made possible. They help organizations to get the maximum return from mobility.

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