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Instant Gratification: Is This Nature Good For Starting A Business?

by lisaann22019

“The Day You Plant A Seed Is Not A Similar Day You Eat Fruit”

Above mentioned reflects the beauty of passion and hard work. The most amazing fact is that it applies in all fields, especially in the case of “business”. It is a sector where thousands of people try their luck to become a successful entrepreneur.

The harsh truth is that around 90% of businesses get failed. There could be multiple reasons, but the major one is “Instant Gratification Nature”. Due to this character, much small business has to shut down their shop and had to face failure. Let’s learn more about this nature. 

What Is Instant Gratification Nature?

Gratification represents happiness when someone accomplishes the goal. Though it seems quite reasonable, the words “INSTANT” change the scenario. Instant gratification is a situation when one starts expecting quick outcomes. 

It considers several things that you can read below:

  • A yearning to shun hold-up 
  • Get confused at the time of unexpected things 
  • Imagine more than they can achieve 
  • Cognitive capacity 
  • Depend on mood 

These are some common traits that one exists with instant gratification nature. Now, let’s see how it affects the businesses for the long term. 

Impact of Instant Gratification on Businesses

It influences the firms in a much broader aspect, and the surprising fact is that it aids the company to decline fast. 

Let’s see how it affects you, but we have covered some basic ways through which overcoming from Instant gratification becomes easy. 

  • Slow Down The Growth 

Many prominent companies stand today in top position because of their patience, and consistency work. If you expect the result instantly, then it automatically leads the company to face severe growth problems.

Slow development is a much better option than the exponential one. The leading cause is that the fast you go up, the fast you will come down. 

  • Reduce The Capability 

If you have a team, then you cannot expect them from quick outcomes. You have to provide enough time for them, and making unnecessary pressure can kill the capability. It occurs most when one makes the decision. 

For example, 

Suppose the firm face the lack of funding problem, and you initiate business after leaving the job. With instant gratification, one can lead you to make an irrelevant suggestion, and not providing enough time can lead the company to face loss, eventually hurt the finance too. 

Without instant gratification, you can take enough time, and a select variety of funding options, like payday loans for unemployed people from direct lendersuse savings funds or approaching investors. 

You can see how easy and efficient decision you can make without carrying instant gratification nature. 

  • Change The Priorities 

Business is fluctuation world, what will happen in the next few seconds you cannot predict. And, at this moment, you have to very precise about the choices. Continuously changing the decision or without any reason changing the priorities may hurt the business’s growth. 

These are the three significant effects of the instant gratification over the business. Now, let’s have a look at how you can overcome it. 

Ways to Manage the Instant Gratification Nature

Dealing with it is not challenging, bringing a few changes is enough to grow the firm’s growth.

  • Stay Rigid 

It plays an imperative role to get success in this field. Changing priorities can rupture the intellectuality and decision-making skills. So, to overcome it, stick to the decision what you made, do not change it until the situation demands. 

  • Do Not Give Priority To Profit 

Overthinking about growth is not an excellent way to work in the business industry. At the initial phase, you have to focus on the development, not on the profit margin. Set all priority to the overall event. 

  • Take Time To Make A Decision 

You cannot take an “efficient” decision on a timely basis. To make a practical choice, one has to consider many factors, overlooking them can make an incorrect choice. So whenever you make a decision, give as much as time to make a decision.

It will help you to understand all the aspects of the outcomes. It will contain both negative and positive ones. Analyse them, and take a decision only when you find out the positive part more than the negative ones.

Following this may be a time-consuming part, but once you direct it, you will get rid of instant gratification nature.

It is the full concept of instant gratification manner. And no doubt, it is not suitable for business. If you have a similar kind of style, then follow the steps mentioned above. Provide as much as time to bring the best product, and never expect for the quick result. 

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