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Selling a product needs a lot of efforts and techniques. If you are one who belongs to the sales department, then you can instinct the hard work of the employee. Different business has a distinct type of selling techniques, but it does not mean that it works in all situations. 

For example, 

Suppose you want to sell the gym equipment to those who are not willing to do it. Such type of exchange is known as force sale, which is nothing a waste method. But, if you convince the customer to purchase it without putting any vigour on it, then it is an excellent sales strategy. 

You can conclude that similar technique but work differently in unlike situation. Similarly, there is a closing method named as “Sharp angle exchange or closing” which work in every condition. It does not matter if you are not known to this technique, stick to this blog, you will understand about it. 

What Is Sharp Angle Exchange?

It is the condition where customer satisfaction with the presentation, but and love the product. Now, sharp angle occurs: Customer will not provide you to perform the selling in that easy. He/she will agree, but they turn it in assumptive closing. 

They may ask for the discount and offer. It is a condition that creates a sharp angle. How?

  1. If you agree to the words of the buyer, then you can close the sale. 
  • If you disagree, then you may lose the buyer

Because of these two conditions, it is known as a sharp angle. However, overcoming from such situation is easy, but it depends on the business type too. 

Let’s see how you can cope up with sharp angle situation

Ways to Deal with Sharp Angle Condition

There are three methods through which you can deal with such instances. 

  1. Hire an extremely useful salesperson 
  1. Communication 
  1. Plan in advance 

Let’s understand them in details. 

Hire an Extremely Effective Salesperson 

It may happen that you are running a new business, and do not have a quality salesperson. In such a situation, you should hire one. Conversely, it introduces cost, but it could be challenging if you left the job to start a business. Funding may create a problem, but there are options, like quick cash loans for unemployed people may offer you instant relief, or you can opt for savings (if you have). 


Reduce the cost below the selling price is not a deal of benefit. You may face losses, and doing this frequently can affect your business. It can be manageable if you have excellent communication skills. 

You can change the mind of the customer’s mind with your words. It works in most of the case, but still, there is the possibility of denying or losing a customer. 

Planning In Advance 

It is the best way to manage such a situation. In this, you have to plan, or you can say ready yourself play with customer’s thoughts. 

Let’s take the above example,

Suppose if the seller talks to his/her manager, and he agreed to sell the product at a lower price. Now, you have to provide the condition that you can only offer the product if the customer is ready to take same-day delivery.

 If the customer says “YES”, then it represents that he is the loyal purchaser. But, if he says “NO”, then he did not belong to the “ROYAL CUSTOMER.” 

The above things show the condition of “Sharp angling closing or exchange”. 

There are several benefits that you can receive from such a technique. Let’s learn more about it. 

Advantage of Sharp Angle Exchange 

 Five significant leverages that firm receives from it. 

  • Boost sales

If you are not losing the customer, then it automatically increases sales. Though it may consume time, with proper planning, you can make it fast. The best part is that it will convert a customer into potential customers that play a crucial role in business. 

  • Reduce cost 

Converting person who visits reliable buyer needs a strong will and cost. Even every people who visit ask for the value in many ways. But, with a sharp angle technique, it is reducing the overall cost and turns the result fast. 

  • Long term benefit 

Business relies on the long term factor rather than “short term”. The company may come up with short term losses, but they did to gain the long term benefit. It is the reason sharp angle is known as long term benefit provider. 

A strong customer base can lead the company to success without offering any obstacle. And no query, this technique follows the similar rule. 

These are the three benefits that your company can receive from it. If you have not applied yet, then go for it, leverage the entire outcome. 

It is a detailed study of sharp angle exchange. First, when you can direct it, you may fail to get quick results, but once you develop, it offers the immediate effect. Now, what stop you from raising the raise! Embrace this method, and boos sales. 

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