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Actionable Tips to Get an Entry-Level Digital Marketing

Actionable Tips to Get an Entry-Level Digital Marketing Job In 2022   

by Ruhia

1. Trust Your Digital Marketing Skills and Knowledge

Many people trying to start a new professional career compare themselves to others. More often than not, this comparison isn’t meant to reassure them, as more experienced professionals have better grades, better skills, and a wealth of experience that can easily discourage any beginner.

Beware of this trap! Get confident in your digital marketing skills and stop comparing yourself to others. When you know that you have what it takes to do the work, everything becomes more accessible. This isn’t to say that college grades, internships and work experience don’t matter. Nevertheless, communication skills, persuasion power, and other soft skills can sometimes trump hard skills.

Keep in mind that companies provide their new employees with hands-on training to support them to acquire job-specific knowledge. This is why they rather seek candidates with strong soft skills, in order to have a solid foundation to build on.

Just check out the top characteristics of successful Google employees: excellent communication skills, good coaching abilities, empathy, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to make complex connections across a wide array of ideas and concepts. Such skills are difficult to build, and therefore companies prefer to hire people who already possess many of these at a good level.

In my experience with digital marketing recruiters, I came to the conclusion that hiring managers are only interested in two things, in order to consider sending you a job offer:

  • You are a kindred spirit
  •  You can do the job

As you can see, getting an entry-level job in digital marketing is as easy as developing rapport with your interviewer, being persuasive, and having a decent CV.

The other good news is that you can get an unlimited number of interviews. When you’re confident in your skills, everything becomes easier, your intention letters become better, and HR managers become more prone to invite you to an interview.

If you want to get more confident in your digital marketing abilities, I recommend you to take a closer look at Legendary Marketer, a program that can provide you with a better knowledge of industry-specific concepts and best practices.

2. Choose A Narrower Digital Marketing Career Path

Digital marketing is only an umbrella term for a wide array of specialties. Before you start sending out job applications, you should spend time learning more about each of these narrower niches, in order to pick the one to pursue.

Start by asking yourself what you’re really good at, what you’d like to do, what are your best skills, and what are your weaknesses. If you’re more analytical rather than creative, you may want to pursue a career in SEO or PPC. If you enjoy developing connections with other people, you may be better off in a Social Media Marketer position.

When assessing your skills, keep in mind that you may not afford to be too picky when applying to entry-level jobs. One of the most common entry-level roles is a Digital Marketing Specialist. Your role will include helping with SEO, content marketing, paid search, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization among other things. Need help finding Digital Marketing jobs? StopGap marketing recruitment are expert in digital and creative recruitment.

A complex role would allow you to acquire a wealth of experience. This could be an excellent starting point for a fruitful career in the narrower topic of your choice. Pick the right cv builder and create a resume that clearly defines your capabilities.

Here are some of the most powerful digital marketing skills and tools you ought to master: content marketing WordPress, search engine marketing (Google Ads), search engine optimisation (Ahrefs, SEMRush, GSC), conversion rate optimisation (Google Tag Manager).

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