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10 tips to sell more tickets for your event

by mr.manjeetsingh10

More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of offering their tickets online. Especially for these organizations, you will find here 10 useful and useful tips to promote online ticket sales.

  1. Ensure that the online presale provides benefits for the visitor.

As an organizer you want to know where you stand. Approximately how many visitors can you expect at your event? It is therefore important that the visitor is encouraged to purchase an online ticket early. You can do this by, for example, offering the following benefits when purchasing an online ticket;

No queue at the entrance
Better places

2. Start online ticket sales on time.

To ensure that your target group has no other plans on the date of your event, it is important that online ticket sales are started early. People are often busy and quickly plan the free time they have.

3. Provide sufficient information

Before a visitor spends money on a ticket, he wants to know exactly what to expect during the event. Therefore provide sufficient information. Let us know exactly what you can do. Where’s the event? What do you get to see? How long does the event last? What does the program look like? What about parking?

4. Make active use of Social Media

You can easily promote your event via Social Media. You can create an event on Facebook where you can also place your ticket shop. This sometimes works even better than your website since there are 6.8 million Dutch people on Facebook every day. In the event, the visitor can view all information about the event and see which people have already purchased a ticket.

You increase your reach by actively updating your Facebook page. This means that you gather as many followers as possible by sharing information, holding win promotions, posting news, etc. Furthermore, you can use Snapchat or Instagram to increase your reach. Work with these media with atmospheric images to arouse the emotion. Always ensure that visitors can take immediate action. So make sure you have a good link or mention.

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5.Seduce visitors to buy tickets

Try to entice the visitor to buy a ticket quickly. You can do this by creating scarcity. Think of cries like OP = OP and ” Be quick ”. Let people know how well sales are going. Visitors will sooner buy a ticket as soon as they know that there are only a few tickets left.

6.Let the online ticket sales continue as long as possible

It is advisable to continue your online ticket sales for as long as possible. There are always people who decide at the last minute. It may just be that this again causes a number of extra visitors.

7.Reward online buyers with a bonus

We Dutch are crazy about gifts or free stuff. You can therefore reward online buyers with a free drink, snack or appropriate gadget.

8.Make it easy for the visitor

The link to your ticket shop must be easy to find for the visitor. Make sure this link is always visible. On your website you can place the sales URL behind a nice Call-to-action button. With this you trigger the visitor to click on the button. Do you have a Facebook page? You can also place your sales URL here.

9. Turn your visitors into ambassadors

Make sure your visitors become ambassadors for your event. Challenge them to share messages that they are going to your event. The (digital) word-of-mouth advertising always works best to make your event better known and sought after.

10, Use after sales

Do you organize an event more than once? Then use aftersales. When using an online ticket system you have the data of all your visitors. You can contact these visitors again for your next event.

In addition, it is important that you post nice videos and photos on your Social Media during and after your event. This can only have a positive impact on ticket sales for your next event.

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