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Switching from energy supplier; why actually?

by mr.manjeetsingh10

Together with colleagues, I asked passers-by on the street whether they would ever switch from an energy supplier. We had quite a few ‘no’s’ in our head. Often followed by the comment; “I am fine with where I am now”. Because yes, why would you switch from an energy supplier at all?

No time, no interest

Once settled, you will not notice it anymore, that energy contract. It is debited from your bill every month, your lights in the house come on and you can also take a hot shower. It will be fine right? Completely correct.

The energy contract simply does not have your first interest, I understand that. But if I tell you now that you really pay (much) too much if you spend longer at the same supplier? Don’t you think that’s a shame? No? Then you can stop reading. Well? Then I would like to explain.

Same product, more money

Suppose you live in a semi-detached house. Your neighbors happen to have exactly the same energy consumption as you. Yet they pay € 350 less each year to their energy supplier.

If they do choose a new energy supplier every year and you don’t, this may just be the case … Are you still comfortable with your old, trusted energy supplier?

Loyal customer? Rate up!

Of course, good service is also worth something. If you have pleasant contact with your energy supplier, that’s fine. But luckily there are many more energy suppliers nowadays who have customer service in perfect shape. And how much contact do you have with your supplier? Do you have a few hundred euros left for that? Because that’s what it’s about. That is what pays extra as a loyal customer (as opposed to a new customer). You actually pay for the cheap energy with which your energy supplier attracts new customers. Crooked, I know, but true.

Therefore switch

It doesn’t take a lot of time anymore to switch . Look up your annual consumption and the possible end date of your current contract in advance. In our energy comparator you can see within 5 seconds who is currently offering the cheapest energy contracts. Choose the contract that suits you and request it. That’s all folks. We arrange your transfer, so that your current contract is canceled. Switchers on our site take less than 10 minutes to apply for a new contract.

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