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Betterment of Healthcare Workers Requires Empowering Field Services

by ahsanrebel90

Healthcare workers are the people whose profession is to ensure the sound health of the community that they serve by empowering field services. According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) definition, all members of society who are involved in the enhancement of people’s health are healthcare workers including mothers looking after their ill children and all other members of society who serve to enhance the health of the people whether they are paid or not.

Healthcare services span providing emergency services, diagnosing, preventing and curing diseases, rehabilitating patients, and home care. Empowering field services is crucial for the betterment of healthcare workers and the growth of the healthcare industry. The accustomed pen, paper, and memory practices need to evolve in the medical industry to bring about quality improvement.

Quality Improvement In Health Services

Quality improvement in the healthcare system requires the adoption of an organized approach by the health industries and the utilization of advanced technology and tools to optimize operations and yield positive results. Quality improvement is greatly influenced by the approach adopted for the delivery of the health service, analysis of the patient’s experience of the service, i.e., whether they have been satisfied or not, proficiency in the deliverance, i.e. expertise in terms of knowledge and tools, timeliness, etc., and most importantly the outcome achieved.


To improve field services their delivery in a streamlined way is very important. The smooth delivery of medical assistance is highly influenced by the training and education of the professional and assisting staff. The list of professionals comprising the healthcare industry is quite vast and varied including pharmacists, dentists, psychologists, nurses, etc. A nurse travel agency facilitates temporary placements and assignments for nurses, arranging travel and accommodation to meet the staffing needs of healthcare facilities. The smooth delivery of healthcare services in both private and public sectors is an important role player that ensures the improvement of field services.

Primary Care

Primary Care is the first place to receive instant assistance from a medical system when a patient approaches for consultation. Such kind of service could be rendered either by a general practitioner, a nurse, or other certified stand-alone care providers e.g. physiotherapists, etc. After the patient has received primary care only then it can be decided if the patient needs secondary or tertiary health assistance.

Secondary Care

Secondary Care is usually intended to provide a cure for a severe illness or injury that is a crucial requirement for the recovery of a patient’s health back to a normal and sound condition. Under certain conditions and the national health system’s policies patients are often obligated to bring an authentic reference from a primary care provider before they could avail of the medical assistance from a secondary care department.

Tertiary Care

Tertiary Care is provided by extremely qualified and knowledgeable personnel who are well versed in specialized healthcare and medical education of the health system to inpatients after considering the reference from either a secondary care provider or primary care provider. An inpatient is someone who stays in the hospital receiving medical assistance until overnight or for a greater length of time. Tertiary Care is institutionalized health care with the provision of advanced equipment and personnel for diagnostics and health preservation.

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