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Coronavirus: All that you need to know

Coronavirus: All that you need to know

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What is Coronavirus

Novel coronavirus which is known as Covid-19 which is a pandemic now. NOVEL CORONAVIRUS is so dangerous for the man. The first case of COVID-19  is noticed in Wuhan, Hubie in China in the month of December 2019.

Now Coronavirus is in World Tour. Most of the countries are now under the black shadow of this virus. The Novel Coronavirus spreads through the human body, Coughing and sneezing. The virus can live three hours in the air, four hours in Copper, approximately seventy-two hours on steel and plastic surfaces. The senior citizen and the children are more likely to be affected by the virus due to less immunization. It may take 2 to 3 days of the symptoms to comes out in some cases. The COVID-19 symptoms timeline may be as follows-

Top symptoms of coronavirus infections

Day 1-Fever, fatigue, muscle pain, and dry cough,

Day 2-Difficulty in breathing,

Day 7-Those still breathing with difficulties must be admitted to hospital,

Day 8-Acute Respiratory Distress,

Day 12-Fever ends,

Day 13– Shortness and difficulties of breathing stops,

Day 18-Death for those who  are  worst   affected,

Day 22-Illness finishes.

It is so rare that it may come back with more damage after the illness is over.

Effect of coronavirus to the human

Till now 471,820 Coronavirus cases have been recorded, 21,297of them died and 111,878 recovered. Senior citizens and the children are more likely to be affected by the virus because their immunization system is not so strong as the young people. It is noticed that 3 to 4 percent of the affected people have died. So the mortality rate is not so high, but as the virus spreads in common people, its a matter of fear and Most of the countries are now shivering out of fear of the virus. China, Italy, Iran, France are its worst-affected countries.3287 people died in China,7503 died in Italy,3647 died in Spain,2120 in Iran,1331 in France. In the USA 1032  out of 68,489 affected people died.

In India situation is going to be more critical. Till now 673 COVID-19 cases have been recorded.13 of them died,43 of them are recovered. The situation in Maharastra and Kerala(two states of India) seems to worsen. If it spreads in India like the above-mentioned countries, it will be a catastrophe in India. It is not that the virus is not able to kill all the affected people. But if it spreads in societies, it will be out of control of the Indian government, many people will die due to lack of treatment. India is huge in population. There are 1350 million people in India. If 1 % of these people got affected then the number is approximately 13 million. There are hardly 1lakh of ICU in India. Then the left 12.9 million people will die without treatment. It will be a huge panic for the country if it happens.

Basic Precaution needs to Be Taken

There is no particular antivirus, treatment of the virus as it is all new in the World now. Researchers and Medical Experts are working on it.

We know that prevention is better than cure. We all should take precautions.It is seen that staying at home is now the best prevention. As it spreads through infected people we all have to stay away from those infected people. The Indian Government declared a complete lockdown for 21 days. The common people should support the Government by obeying the lockdown. India has decided not to run buses, trains during critical situations.Air communication also stopped. It will be a challenge for the Indian Government to produce food and medicine to 40 % of poor people in India. It is also a challenge for India to make aware of the casualties to the people who are not conscious about it.

The health workers with the doctors are giving there 100% effort. We should also give our 100% effort to be safe from the virus. .Some religious personnel of different religions in this country is spreading the rumor about the virus as their own. They are misguiding people. The government of India has to be strict regards this. We all should stay at home for the next 21 days for the good of mankind.S1o take part in saving the country by staying at home with your family.

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