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Safely Insert Coloured Contact Lenses In Your Eyes

by mesmereyez

Coloured contact lenses have become a fashion that everyone is crazy about these days. They have become a fashion statement as the beauty that these small devices provide cannot be ignored. They allow the user to change or enhance their eye colour as they wish. That’s right, you can add more depth and definition to the eye colour with these lenses and still look completely natural.

But there comes a problem, for those who have are going to wear these coloured contact lenses for the first time or they are not frequent users of coloured contact lenses.

That is why we are going to discuss how you can safely insert the all amazing coloured contacts like the costume contacts. We are going to list down all the steps so you will have no worries in the future.

Know This Safety Guide Before

Coloured contact lenses are just like any other contact lenses. This also makes them medical devices as you are going to insert them in your eyes. That is why safety precautions start from the moment you decide to purchase them. First, you have to know what type of coloured lenses you want, as there are different types available, a doctor could help you out with that.

Secondly, the more important task is finding the right trustworthy store from where you can buy coloured contact lenses. It is imperative that you pick the online store or brand that are selling quality coloured contact lenses.

Stay away from dealing with local shops and beauty salons, never compromise on the quality of the contact lenses just because you are getting cheaper lenses.

Then there comes the job of keeping them in a hygienic place and maintaining their cleanliness. With that, you can use them as safely as you want.

There are certain rules that you should follow such as never share your coloured lenses with anyone, do not wear them for too long and take them off before you go to sleep. Keep in mind these instructions.

How To Safely Insert Coloured Contact Lenses

Here goes the step by step process:

  • 1. Clean hands. Make sure you have washed your hands properly. It is advised that you wash your hands with warm water and soap before you get to touch the lenses. That said you should also dry your hands with a lint-free cloth so that nothing foreign goes on your coloured contact lenses.
  • 2. Check Your Lenses. Once you are done with your hands, give your coloured contact lenses a proper check. Check if they are cleaned properly or just clean them again with the disinfectant solution as a precaution…
  • 3.  Put The Lens Cup side up. After making sure that everything is clean and in place you shall start with the insertion process. Place the lens on your thumb and index finger of your preferred hand cup side up.
  • 4. Hold the Eyelids. Now that you have placed the lens on your thumb and finger, you must hold up the upper eyelid with the other hand. Similarly, you also need to hold down the lower eyelid so that your eyes are enlarged enough for the lens to be inserted.
  • 5. Put in the lens. There are some pros who can expertly insert the lens on the iris, but that does not mean you have to do the same. You just need to move your pupil in the corner and place the lens on the white part of the eye. Then you move the eye towards the lens and blink, this will settle the lens on the iris perfectly.
  • 6. Check the lens movement. If you think you have placed the lens correctly, just do a double check so that you know that lens is settled in perfectly. Keep moving your eyes in every direction and blink a lot so that you would know that lens is settled in perfectly.
  • 7. Place again if uncomfortable. If the lens is causing any sort of discomfort in your eyes, just touch the lens with your index finger and move it around your eye so that if there is any bubble it would go away. Or if you don’t want to do that you can take them off and place them again. That should solve the problem.
  • 8. Make sure to do that same with your other coloured contact lens. Just follow the same procedure with the other lens and eye and you would be fine.

This is the complete process of inserting coloured contact lenses in your eyes, so make sure to follow it. Once you get into practice, everything will seem like a piece of cake.

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