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4 Types of Roller Shutters You Need to Know About – Our Guide

by AustinWilliams

We all want a window that helps make our home cooler and sleeker, which is exactly what roller shutters do. They help provide maximum security, privacy, and aesthetic value to your property. They also don’t take up a lot of space as the roller will help to fold the gate neatly. Many people think that roller shutters may not as be durable as other shutter options, but that is simply not true. Depending on the material and the build, roller shutters can withstand a considerable amount of blunt force impact and environmental damage.

You can find roller shutters made from metal, aluminum, and even wood, which means that regardless of which material you prefer, there’s a right fit for you out there. You need to make sure that you choose the right type of roller shutters that fit the aesthetic of your property.

The benefits of roller shutters

The most obvious benefit of roller shutters is that they are sleek and fit whatever style your home is decorated in. Another great reason why you should consider replacing your standard shutters with a roller is the fact that they are highly convenient. They offer the same benefits traditional shutters do, but you won’t have to open and close them manually. You can simply touch a button and voilà! The shutters are closed!

Different types of roller shutters

Now that you understand why you should get roller shutters for your home, here’s how you can choose the best type of roller shutters for your home. All of these options have their advantages and disadvantages so you will need to understand what they are designed to do. Only then can you choose one that fits your needs. Listed below are four of the most common types of roller shutters:

// Built-in roller shutters

As the name suggests, built-in shutters aren’t just installed on top of the windows. They are actually built into the house. This makes them the most durable and space efficient option, as the shutters will be hidden inside the walls with no extension protruding out of them.

// Manual shutters

If you want roller shutters but you’re on a tight budget, manual shutters are your best option. While these may not be controlled remotely, they offer the same benefit as your electric roller shutters. Additionally, they are usually quite easy to equip since you don’t need to wire them up.

// Integrated shutters

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of installing roller shutters, this is the best option, as this is the style of shutter that’s attached permanently to the window frame. These require minimal care and maintenance, but they can be rather pricey.

// Electric Shutters

If you want maximum comfort and convenience, this is by far the best option. Electric shutters are controlled with a button or remote control, which allows you to control the lighting level without having to leave the comfort of your couch. However, these options will require greater maintenance to ensure that the rolling system is still functioning as usual.

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