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Summer Lawn Care: 5 Quick Tips

Summer Lawn Care: 5 Quick Tips

by Ruhia

A recent survey found that during the COVID-19 lockdowns, many people took up gardening because it gave them something to do while being stuck at home. Are you one of those people who will continue now that it’s summer lawn care season?

You need to know several lawn care tips for summer to get your green thumb! Caring for your lawn includes watering, fertilizing, and mowing. Giving your lawn the best lawn treatment will mean the greenest lawn all summer!

Here are the five best summer lawn care tips!

1. Summer Lawn Care and Watering

Knowing when to water your lawn is one of the best summer lawn care tips. Caring for your lawn when watering means early morning before the sun’s heat!

You don’t want the warmth of the sun to evaporate the water. Keep in mind that you should give your lawn about an inch to an inch and a half of water each week.

Check out this city page when caring for your lawn.

2. Fertilizing

Fertilizing your lawn is one of those lawn care tips for summer that seems to make many curious. How much is too much? What’s the best fertilizer for lawn treatment?

It’s best to talk with a professional about what kind of fertilizer you should use for your summer lawn care. Hiring a lawn care services company will help you figure out fertilizer care and how often you should apply it to your lawn.

3. Mowing

When it’s scorching during the summer, your lawn may not need mowing. Too much rain and a lot of growth will mean you will mow often!

Some people prefer to have high grass in their yard, while others prefer to keep it short. Mowing can also reduce the number of weeds on your lawn.

4. Insects

It would help if you had lawn pest control as part of your lawn care tips for summer. Pests and insects avoid the naked eye and can ruin your hard work to keep your lawn green.

Grubs, beetles, and chinch bugs can all get into your grass and cause damage. Talk with a professional about good lawn pest control.

5. Weeds

No lawn is perfect, and you will likely find weeds on your lawn. However, not all chemicals are best for your lawn.

Different chemicals attack different weeds. It’s essential to tackle weeds before they begin to bloom. Once they bloom and spread seeds, weeds can become hard to control.

Tips for the Best Summer Lawn Care

Getting the best summer lawn care requires some easy tips to keep in mind. You need to know about watering, mowing, and fertilizing. It’s also important to understand how to control insects and weeds!

Do you want to learn more about caring for your lawn this summer?

Please read our blog for the latest tips and advice. We can help you get the best-looking lawn on the block that will have your neighbors green with envy!

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