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Handleless drawers and cabinets in magnolia white, ocher yellow or soft yellow. Practical cupboard walls with lots of storage options and a niche for socializing. The kitchen can be seen in 2020. In fact, the kitchen becomes a space in which we enjoy life. Top locations spotted the following four kitchen trends for 2020:

Kitchen trend 1. Boiling water from the tap

A soft boiled egg in four minutes, a mug of tea in a few seconds and immediately boiling water to disinfect the dish wipes. Now that the Quooker patent has expired, the boiling water tap will be seen in many households in 2013. And disagree with the user. It saves some appliances on the counter. With this new trend, the kettle and the kettle are superfluous. Moreover, the energy consumption of the boiling water tap is considerably lower than energy consumers such as the existing cooking systems . And with this, we immediately come to a new trend: sustainability.

Kitchen trend 2. Sustainability

Now that we are becoming more environmentally conscious, we are trying to save on energy costs. After all, we want to protect nature. The kitchen industry is responding to this by producing sustainable kitchen facilities. Water-saving faucets are an example. Energy-efficient kitchen appliances and cooker hood integrated in the stove also save more energy than conventional cooker hoods. The reason for this is that vapor rises at one meter per second and the hob extraction between the hobs attracts vapor at four meters per second. As a result, the vapor is immediately absorbed by the hob.

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Kitchen trend 3. Smartphone: the new on/off button

Not only will we save on energy costs in the new year. We also like to save on time. Before you leave work, you can already preheat the oven with your smartphone and when you return home you can slide a pizza into it. The mobile operation of kitchen appliances is making its appearance and will become increasingly common in 2020.

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