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10 qualities of stylish men

10 qualities of stylish men

by sandeepdave

In addition to a crazy style, charisma and a beautiful woman next to their side, there are characteristics that every stylish man has. From Ranbir Kapoor to Johnny Depp. These are not rock hard etiquette that you must adhere to. Think of it as a guide, a guide that sets you apart from the gray matter.

Stylish men

On the points below, you can determine whether you belong to a group that may call itself ‘stylish men’ :

1. Spend a lot of money on shoes

No, you don’t have to have a closet full of different shoes. We are talking here about quality instead of quantity. A pair of quality shoes will last for years, you will become sole and will only become more beautiful as the years go by. A seasonal shoe lasts a few months and you can then throw it away. Invest in a few good essentials, so that you can look stylish on any occasion.

2. Regularly visit the tailor

Find a quality tailor who understands what you want. A suit of 6000 Rupees can look like a tailored suit of 25000 Rupees if it fits perfectly. And vice versa. For the dressed items you visit a tailor who is knowledgeable and you don’t go to the first best dump store.

3. Take care of their clothing properly

Use the right hangers, put a pair of tensioners in your shoes and know how to wash and iron which items. Never leave the house with a crinkled shirt and polish your shoes. You buy beautiful items and you pay for them. Also, treat the articles afterward.

4. Do not wear cheap sunglasses

As sunglasses are not majorly included in the outfit but it has a very high impact on your style. If you are going on a date and you meet your girl outside the Cafe wearing cheap and duplicate sunglasses. What she thinks about you.

5. Wear Stylish Watch

Without a watch, Men are incomplete. and just like sunglasses, cheap quality watches are not as good as company watches. But as compared to sunglasses, the company watches prices are way higher. so we are here with a less costly idea, Replica watches. You can buy Vertu Bentley Replica watches online and can get a style at a nice price.

6. A Fine knot in your tie

Everything that is coarser, bigger and more striking than the simple Four-in-Hand is only devoted to passers and sports presenters. Keep it simple and clean.

7. They are never underdressed

The most stylish men know exactly what to wear for which occasion. Nowadays it is often more casual than in the past. Invest in a good blazer. This will be your best friend. However, you also need to know when you should rock a tuxedo. 

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