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The watch trends of 2019/2020

by mr.manjeetsingh10

A number of watch trends of 2019 and 2020 in a row
It is already 2019, a year in which we see several new trends passing by, including in the watch industry. What styles do we see this year, how do you wear the watches and what color is the new black? Are you curious about this year’s trends, running until 2020? We have collected the latest trends and listed them for you.

  1. Classic
    This year we see different watch styles from the 50s, 60s and 70s coming back. The Retro watch is completely hip again! And this trend will continue for a while. Several watches have come back from far into the past with thin straps and a classic timepiece.
  2. Three hands
    As the watch was originally intended to display time, in hours, minutes and seconds. We see these watches come back with or without a date. Many functions are added to watches today, such as stopwatches, alarm clocks and calendars. Still, the real watch enthusiast prefers a traditional watch without too many extras.
  3. Minimalist
    Less = more is a frequently heard statement in recent years. The simpler the better. This is also the case with this watch trend. Watches are getting smaller, more elegant, but above all simpler. Back to the simplicity of a watch, with three hands, thinner straps and smaller timepieces.
  4. What is the new black?
    You will often find watches in the same basic colors, black, gold and white gold. In addition, we have seen a different color come up in recent years, blue, for example in the timepiece, in the details or the straps. In addition to blue, green is also increasingly reflected in the timepiece, which exudes luxury.
  5. Fashion item
    Until a few years ago, a brand watch was mainly worn on special occasions. These times are over, with a nice watch you can now boost your outfit every day. Choose a watch that really has your identity, because it is also a trend at this time to go against all trends!

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