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Winning Your License Restoration Case Means “NO” Drinking

by astevemarketing

Ask any professional DUI defense lawyer, and he/she will state how they handle hundreds of DUI cases each year. However, not every case is guaranteed a win as it mostly depends on the convict’s severity of crimes and aftermath.

One of the best bets in winning the case is proving that the convict has given up drinking, especially while driving. In other words, drinking is among the core focus aspects in almost every DUI case, and making sure you have quit drinking matters more than people normally imagine.

Unfortunately, the entire sobriety thing is often misperceived. Most people, when dealing with a DUI defense lawyer, will inform the date of their last DUI conviction or how long it’s been since they had a license.

Moreover, they’ll try to explain how hard it has been to get going without a license and how difficult life has been for them. Agreeably, the pointers are valid, but none of it matters if the person fails to display the improvements he/she has made without alcohol consumption.

Obviously, the foremost question we ask from any person interested in getting his license back is, “When did you quit drinking?”

Many people don’t understand the true meaning of sobriety. In the context of a DUI case, it indicates the individual has quit drinking permanently. However, quit drinking for good also means the person may drink differently, more or less, once in a while.

Furthermore, it also mandates a person to avoid falsely claiming that he has quit drinking just to acquire back his licensing privileges. In fact, not many people might know, but the validation process in the court is quite strict in order to determine if the person is falsely trying to get back his license by claiming to have quit drinking.

Therefore, it is advised for people to avoid trying to convince DUI defense lawyers that they have quit drinking for good, only when they actually haven’t. The court is only interested to know what kind of risks you can pose on the road by starting to drink again.

People who have been charged with multiple DUI are more under the radar than ever, on the other hand, assuring that you’ve quit drinking greatly increases your chances to win the case and your license back.

There is the burden of legal proof, and under the core rule of license appeals, the person is required to prove two things in the court. First, that his/her alcohol problem is under control, which means the person has not consumed alcohol for a defined period of time. Second, his alcohol problem can be trusted to remain under control and he no longer poses a danger on the road.

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