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7 Best Essay Writing Apps for Students

7 Best Essay Writing Apps for Students

by Ruhia

Essay writing apps offer a convenient and efficient way for students to organize their thoughts, structure their arguments, and enhance their overall writing skills. It’s not a secret that with the overwhelming and stressful college life, young people tend to turn to various resources to help them cope with some complex assignments. You might sometimes experience enormous pressure and tension from the teachers who require your work to be done in minimal time. Most young learners struggle to maintain a study-and-life balance with their university or college responsibilities, trying to find time for other meaningful activities that can help them develop personally and professionally.

Thus, if you are the one who needs some space for your hobbies and other issues you are passionate about but also expect to enhance your writing skills through AI features for grammar and spelling checks, look at the information below. The suggested recommendations will help you manage most of the college tasks without sacrificing your time for other activities that bring you pleasure and joy.

Top Seven Essay Helper Apps

Are you working hard to increase your academic performance while studying? Some learners find any possible means to fulfill the tasks that would take ages to accomplish. You may even hear from your peers, “Can I ask someone to write my essay?” or you might be looking for someone to assist you in your college routine to enhance your performance results. For any of those cases, there are tips you would find the most effective for successful essay writing and further becoming inspired for your upcoming homework that will require specific skills.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the number one app for helping those with various needs for their writing. Regardless of your field of study, topic, or qualification level, this AI app is always handy and provides users with advanced features for their writing projects. Thus, if your essay causes a lot of confusion and makes you stumble upon many unclear and bewildering writing aspects, Grammarly will be there to help you gain more confidence in your ability to compose texts. It can show you more ideas on paraphrasing and choosing synonyms to make your work more engaging.

2. Evernote

Why do so many students choose Evernote? The answer is simple. Once you start incorporating this tool into your studying routine, you can notice how easily you will create a notebook for your particular needs and school subjects. This app can save articles, capture ideas, and synchronize features. You will also be surprised to find such notetaking capabilities as recording audio notes, typical of many notetaking tools.

3. Hemingway

Are you striving to create content that is both easy to read and impactful? This digital proofreader can serve as an excellent take on managing the most complicated writing tasks. It will help you examine the words with precise accuracy, showing you the alternatives for adverbs and passive voice to make your content look coherent and exceptional. The Hemingway software is perfectly created to help students see the problems immediately by highlighting them in super noticeable colors and providing word options to keep the sentences brief.

4. Google Docs

Don’t be surprised to see Google Docs in this list, as it can be a perfect tool for your academic purposes. Thus, with the Excel features, you can collaborate with your peers and teachers and create group writing projects. Besides, your writing content will always be present with its autosave features. You can quickly learn how to use Google Docs for better writing from YouTube tutorials. You will get a finished feeling for your essay with suggested templates, voice typing, editing tools, and shortcuts.

5. ProWritingAid

If you are looking for something far beyond grammar checking, this app will assist you in many academic matters. With its help, you can refine your writing style to surprise your teachers with your achieved goals. Reaching consistency in your writing with ProWritingAid, you can proceed to more challenging tasks.


Regarding top essay-writing apps, UPDF is one of the most widespread abbreviations among students. You can manage the whole essay content with the app’s unique built-in features. Moreover, you can get the entirely rewritten form of your created work once you feel it needs some upgrade and reconstruction. This tool guarantees you receive only reliable content based on your prompts. Thus, you will feel delighted with the composed content, enabling you to become a more confident writer. Many students from different educational institutions have tested this AI essay writer and were satisfied with the service’s convenience and the final paper results.

7. Scrivener

Whether you are designing an extensive writing project or working on your dissertation, Scrivener is the best option for every purpose. Thus, with an ideally constructed student-friendly environment, you can effectively manage research notes, outlines, and references, bringing you excellent outcomes and positive study results. Suppose you are assigned a long-term project requiring different writing manipulations and creative forms. In that case, you will have enough inspiration from Scrivener to produce highly qualified content for your academic and professional needs.


Unfortunately, writing an essay from scratch can be complex and challenging, especially for a beginner student with little experience and knowledge of particular issues. However, the good news is that we have many trustworthy helping tools for any student’s requirements and needs today. So, use your chance to apply one of them for your essay writing practice and get excellent results from your efforts.

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