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Nitro RC Vehicles

A Guide to Nitro RC Vehicles

by Ruhia

Electric, nitro, and gas are among the top forms of RC cars. Each has its unique system and provides an altogether different experience. However, a nitro car has the edge over the other because of its realistic feel.

With so many types, it sometimes becomes challenging to figure out what meets the criteria best. Different components come together to give a complete performance. The nitro vehicles are not similar to the usual RC ones for the kids. The engines of the nitro vehicle resemble the engines of real-life automobiles.

What is a Nitro Car?

Nitro RC vehicles work on methanol fuel instead of batteries. It is the fuel that provides more run times. As a result, one can have more play time and fewer charging breaks. The combustion engine of these is fuelled by nitromethane among other things. They are set to provide a more realistic performance and maintenance compared to other remote-controlled machines.

It is the engine that uniquely distinguishes the nitro models from others. The throttle response is distinct and produces lifelike engine noises. Not to miss, the product comes with its set of responsibilities.

What Makes It Better?

1. Running System

There are two strokes in the engines of such machines. The running system is the core difference between the nitro car and the electric one. The electric vehicles run on batteries, and the former runs on methanol-based fuel.

The engines are complex, resembling realistic ones. They have clutches, glow plugs, flywheels, pistons, tanks, crankshafts, etc. The carburetors are influential in regulating the temperature and preventing overheating.

2. Fuel

Fuel is a costly expense that is needed to run the device. In the long run, nitro-powered vehicles will save a lot of money. The fuels used in the vehicles cost less compared to the battery packs. A gallon of fuel costs around $25, whereas the battery packs can range up to $35.

3. Speed

They are the fastest when it comes to swiftness. A speed of 35-40 is easily achieved and offers real power. They have enough power, similar to the ones on the streets. However, upkeep is required to maintain the product and ensure quality performance.

4. Running Time

They have a longer run time due to their quick refueling capacity. A full tank can make the vehicle run for about 20-25 minutes. However, it also depends on the size of the fuel tank. It takes a minute to get back in action if the fuel finishes. They take less time compared to rechargeable batteries. Therefore, nitro RC vehicles are more convenient when they are about real field action.

5. Maintenance

If the plan is to get a nitro model, make it a habit of regularly cleaning it. After-run maintenance is crucial. They need some additional care before and after the run. The glow plug needs to be replaced repeatedly for a better output. The fuel tanks must be cleaned regularly by draining and oiling them before the run. Do not miss the extra measures that are required to start the car and not a simple on/off.


The Nitro vehicles are faster than most electric ones. They require a little more skill and experience to keep them in control. Remember, these are serious toys that need proper handling. Various cars in the market are divided based on fuel grade. The fuel ranges between 15-55%. The price of these vehicles might overwhelm a person, but it brings all the necessary real-life action. The driving system is unique, and the experience of using them is a class apart. There are various high-quality ones in the market, pick the best one and begin the journey.

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