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Best Insurance Rates for Your Used Car

How to Get The Best Insurance Rates for Your Used Car?

by Robin Smith

A used car is certainly less expensive than a brand-new car. You need to pay the selling price to the seller after checking the car and changing the ownership of the car. But even though a used car is cheaper than a new car, it also has insurance expenses.

Sometimes car insurance becomes very expensive. Moreover, it sometimes becomes unbearable for middle-class people. However, there is a way to lessen the insurance rate of the used car. It helps to offer you some protection financially. So, before you check used cars on CARS24, remember to find strategies to lower the insurance cost of the car you want to buy.

Tips to Get The Best Insurance Rate for A Used Car

There are a lot of factors that impact the insurance rate of a used car. For example, how much the car has been driven, where the driver lives, and how much wear and tear the car has faced impact the car’s insurance rate. So, here are some strategies to lower your used car’s insurance cost.

1. Use The Multi-car Discounts in Your Advantage

When offering insurance to a car owner, the insurance company always looks for profit. So, if you try to get your car insured, you may have to pay more than you can imagine. However, one of the best strategies to lower the insurance cost is to get multiple cars insured in the same insurance-providing organisation. Many insurance companies offer a much lower insurance rate if you bring them more business.

If your family has more than one car or your relatives own cars and they want to insure their car, you can contact the same company. Two unrelated people can also get a lower insurance rate if they own a car jointly.

Also, if one of the drivers of your home is a teen and a good student, you may get a student discount. However, this advantage is only valid until your child reaches twenty-five. So, while asking for a student discount, show evidence that your child is a good student.

2. Learn Defensive Driving Before Buying A Car

Learning how to drive has several benefits. It not only protects you and the passengers on the road, but it also helps you to lower the insurance cost. Various insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have properly completed their defensive driving course. Some drivers often reduce the points on their licence by completing a defensive driving course.

However, various companies may not offer any decrease in the insurance policy. So, before signing up for the class, talk to the insurance company to save time and money.

3. Talk to Various Insurance Providing Companies 

Avoid getting stuck at one company if you want to lower the insurance rate. You may never know the best deal other insurance providers offer if you do not contact them. So, shop around and start it a few months before your car’s insurance renewal. If you find any good deal, obtain quotes from other companies and get the best insurance rate for your car. When you talk to various insurance-providing companies, be sure to request a comprehensive guide about SR22 insurance in California.

4. Be Intelligent While Buying Cars

A lot of people have fantasies about buying a certain type of car. People often prefer to buy SUVs because they look luxurious. But as much as an SUV sounds like a fun ride, it often can cost you a lot of money in terms of maintenance and insurance costs.

But if you want to lower the insurance cost of your car, consider buying a small car that can offer you a large sum of discounts when it comes to insurance. Some insurance companies also offer discounts on insurance if you buy an alternative fuel vehicle or a hybrid one.

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5. Learn to Use Mass Transit

How many miles you drive every year using your car is one thing that affects the insurance cost a lot. You may overlook this factor often, but this is one of the most crucial factors affecting the car’s insurance cost. For example, if you use your car to drive three hours every day to go to the office, then the insurance cost of the car will be a lot more. On the other hand, if you use your car once or twice a week, you will have to pay a lot less insurance money. So, we suggest you use mass transit to decrease a few miles.

However, we suggest you talk to the insurance company about the mileage thresholds to avoid wasting your time.

6. Provide A Good Driving Record

The owner’s driving record is essential when lowering the insurance cost. In simple words, if a driver is experienced and does not cause a lot of accidents, it means the car is in good condition. But if a driver has caused multiple accidents, the insurance company has to pay a lot of money for that car. In that case, the car insurance rate might go higher. So, make sure you drive as smoothly as possible.

7. Avoid Using Add-ons

If you buy a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can add various add-on covers. For example, you can have a tire protection cover, engine protection cover, zero depreciation cover, garage cash, etc. This add-on increases the coverage of the car’s insurance policy. So, to reduce your car’s insurance premium, you must avoid adding the add-ons mentioned above to your premium.

For example, if your car is three to four years old, its tires are already worn out. In that case, you do not have to go the extra mile and use a tire cover. That will only increase the insurance premium. So, if you want a good deal on your insurance, do not provide any further protection to your car and add add-ons.

8. Avoid Excessive Modification

Some car owners add extra features to their cars now and then to make them look more new and advanced. But with the added features, the car’s value increases, and so does its insurance coverage. High insurance coverage comes at a high insurance price. So, the insurance companies charge higher premiums. You can make as many modifications as you want if you are willing to provide the high insurance cost. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on your car’s insurance, avoid making so many changes to your car.

9. Install Anti-theft Devices

We are always against making any changes to the car. But if some added devices can lower insurance costs, why not go for them? A car’s insurance policy depends on the liability a car has. The more liability a car has, the higher the car’s insurance premium. However, adding some crucial anti-theft devices can lower the car’s insurance premium. For example, you can add an anti-theft alarm, gear lock, steering lock, etc., decreasing the risk of stealing the car. As a result, the insurance company offers a low insurance rate to the customers.


Paying insurance costs is one of the most nuisances of having a car. The insurance cost of a used car is so high sometimes that various car owners find it difficult to keep the car to themselves. But some tips are essential to lower the insurance coverage of the car. So, follow the tips and take a smart step to save money.

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