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What Is Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Training?

by Robin Smith

As per the latest data, the U.S. private sector saw over 2.6 million nonfatal job injuries and illnesses in 2021. Even worse, there were 5,190 fatal work-related injuries that year. Of those fatalities, 850 involved falls, slips, and trips. Falls are particularly prevalent in jobs requiring mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) use. These include aerial and scissor lifts, powered platforms, and vehicle-mounted platforms. Since they move people and materials, their improper use can result in fall incidents.

MEWP safety training services can help reduce such hazards. We’ll tell what they are and how they can help, so read on.

What Is Mobile Elevating Work Platform Training?

MEWP training is a program designed for mobile elevated work platform operators. It educates them on the correct and safe use of equipment classified as MEWP. It also focuses on the proper and adequate maintenance of such equipment.  

Specific training programs are available for all MEWP classifications. These include aerial lift, boom lift, and scissor lift safety certification programs.

What Does MEWP Training Teach?

This depends on the specific MEWP the training is for. However, its primary focus is teaching the essential requirements for safe equipment operation.  

For example, a scissor lift safety training program often covers the following:

  • Introduction to scissor lifts and how they work
  • Safety regulations that apply to scissor lifts
  • Operator qualifications
  • Safe operation and use of safety equipment
  • Maintenance and inspection

MEWP training programs cover similar topics, too, such as general MEWP safety statistics. They also teach proper personal protective equipment (PPE) use. These may include full-body harnesses, adjustable lanyards, and hard hats.

How Can MEWP Training Help With Safety?

MEWP training can help boost work safety by imparting knowledge on correct MEWP use. By contrast, lack of knowledge and experience are among the top causes of job injuries.

MEWP training programs also make trainees aware of the risks of mishandling equipment. Knowing the dangers and what can go wrong can make them more likely to apply their knowledge in real life.

Is MEWP Training Mandatory?

Yes, safety standards mandate training for all MEWP operators. They must also complete a program specific to the MEWP machinery they plant to operate. So if you wish to use a scissor lift and a boom lift, you must get training for both.

Not having a valid training certificate may affect your job opportunities. This is because employers can and should only authorize certified operators.

Even MEWP occupants must have basic training to work safely on the equipment. For example, they must know the basic MEWP controls. This way, they can operate the MEWP if an emergency incapacitates the operator.

Stay Safe With Adequate MEWP Training

Remember: Workplace injuries are expensive; in 2021 alone, they cost an average of $1,080 per worker. Those that required medical consultation were even costlier, at $42,000 per incident.

You’re at risk of those hazards without proper mobile elevating work platform training. That’s enough reason to complete the necessary MEWP training to do your job safely.

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