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Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1- Good Vs Evil

by Ruhia

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 is the introduction for the audience to know about the enigmatic characters. The scientific revolution and technological advancement do not remove the dogmas. The strong impact of spiritual entities and supernaturalism on people does not disappear. Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 is a popular manga that takes you to the different worlds of mysticism. 

Basic Information about Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 is the opening chapter telling about the existence of supernatural spirits. Man has to accept the third party who corrects their follies. They are subject to the destiny. If they do wrong, they will be punished. God never forgives the accused. In this introduction, the protagonist comes to meet a cumbersome shadowy image. He is a teenager who studies in a high school. Accidentally, he saw something odd and eccentric to threaten him. There is none to explain the reasons for such an awkward appearance. 

An Overview 

The night is so mystic and strange that it can make you unconscious. You must have an uncanny feeling. Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 has something secret to reveal. Alex Johnson is an energetic schoolboy who has seen airy symbols and objects in his bedroom. The wall seems to be dotted with strange airy symbols. He is worried and scared. On his arrival at the school, he experienced the same thing. He is not prepared for such a dramatic incident. 

The Entry of Sarah Thompson 

Sarah Thompson is another important character whose presence changes the scenario. She is bold and honest. She is also cooperative in assisting Alex during his tough time. Sarah is his best friend. She is the source of energy and stamina for him. 

Good Vs Evil 

Good guys win in the long run. The worst imposters are ulcers to destroy society. They should not get moral support from humans. In this Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1, you will face the encounter between good and bad evils. In actuality, the good part of human conscience is the strength for a man whereas the ill-purposes derail someone from the truthfulness. Over centuries, there has been a struggle between good and bad forces. The author wants to highlight the darkened zones which are occupied by devils. Man has to learn how to defeat the negative force to get enlightenment eventually. 

Plot Summary of Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 unfurls the hidden mystic world that is not visible. The unbeaten force prevails to hanker after humans. The existence of supernaturalism takes the lead over the ordinary humans who can’t find the reasons behind the inexplicable strange incidents. Is it a coincidence? Or it is the byproduct of the derailment of human conscience under the influence of evil force.

Selfishness, narrow-mindedness, jealousy, and betrayal provoke humans to do wrong. It is the law of human nature to respond to the good conscience avoiding what is bad. With the interference of supernatural power, humans free themselves from the hands of devils. 

From Bad to Good 

 The plot construction in Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 is well-built to enhance the cause-and-effect theory. The chain of incidents is smoothly interwoven without delinking from one another. In this opening chapter, the protagonists are surprised to have a different type of feeling after seeing shadowy images. They go deeper to discover more unusual and rare things under the cover of darkness. Readers expect the arrival of more thrill and suspense to stun them with the proceeding of the story. 

In Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1, there is a touch of adventure that influences all the characters. The situation becomes unnatural because of the appearance of the evil devil to hoodwink the world. His magical power deactivates others who must gain supernatural power to overcome such an odd situation. 

Many Twists 

The plots of Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 have many twists and complexities. The audience does not know what to happen next. They wait for the sudden breakthrough in the story. Slowly, twists come to the front stage to warn the readers to be alert. It is because of the advent of another episode of mysticism and suspense. 

Proper Flow 

All incidents are organized with proper flow. You can’t be misguided. The rhythm in the story does not split or go down. The author delineates all protagonists artistically to impress the audience. They participate in the creation of the supernatural environment which gives youngsters shots of thrills and deep-rooted adventure. Temporarily, you are taken to an unusual place where devils rule denying the access of normal humans. 

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 -Themes Explored 

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 is only the start of exploration. The whole story holds the adventure and attraction to reveal in the next episodes. The devil’s return must not be the symbol of luck and prosperity. The destructive force wrecks the cities to the ground level. The themes of the story are orchestrated on the texture of suspense, thrill, mystery, and uncertainty. The power struggle, betrayal, camaraderie, and revenge are ingredients to make the whole story adventurous. From the start to the conclusion, you will get the flavor of mysticism. The bad power is transformed into a good one through the self-correction and atonement. Salvation is the last stage for humans to rescue themselves from evil purposes.

Power Mongering 

Alex who is the carrier of supernatural power becomes a demonic force to annihilate the world. He is under the control of an invisible power. He should get out of such dreamy enchantment through repentance and self-improvement. 


Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 introduces the audience to various emotional entities including friendship. Emma is a good friend to Alex. She is assistive to help him get out of the adverse situation. However, Alex’s transfer to the bad conscience creates complexity to affect the relationship. He sees the world wearing colorful glasses. He is entrapped by the devil’s force. This negative infatuation gives him nothing but frustration and failure.


The betrayal, revenge, and breach of promise always give pain to humans. Under the influence of bad force, man has to make mistakes. He betrays his friends. This conspiracy disheartens the innocent people who are victimized. Man has to follow the rules of ethics to correct their characters to become Samaritans with good purposes. 

The Audience Gets Relief 

For the time being, people want to escape from the stern reality. They are not interested in staying in such a world which is not beautiful. Unemployment, poverty, malnutrition, power struggle, and disturbance cripple them. They read this story to get relief. The journey from the real world to fiction minimizes their tension. They are happy to spend time with supernatural objects which are so powerful. This mental relaxation is worth the effect of boosting their stamina. 

Symbolical Importance 

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 is an interesting manga that depicts supernatural entities in a much more realistic tone. It seems that all unnatural objects appear as natural human beings. These invincible phenomena have roles to play in motivating human characters. The symbolical importance of Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 is palpable to guide readers to better outcomes. 

Good Vision 

Good conscience is a law of morality that compels humans to emulate what is right in the eye of ethics. One can’t break the legal framework to damage the moral high ground of a person. There are two types of morality – prospective and prescriptive. 

Prospective and Prescriptive Moralities 

Prospective morality supports negative emotions like anger, selfishness, and vengeance. Prescriptive morality prioritizes the domains of honesty, truthfulness, and humanity. The clash between positive and negative emotions takes place to teach a human a lesson. Through self-correction and purification of the mind, one should opt for prescriptive morality. This is called good conscience. In this Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1, the main emphasis is given on the good versus bad consciences. Finally, the author is responsible for letting good morality overpower the worst or prospective conscience. 

What Is Moral?

The moral is that one should not bully innocent victims. If you harm others, you will get punishment. Devils can’t be heroes of the day. They are urchins to do mischief. They should get backlash from people. On the other hand, good and benevolent people are next to God. They are disciples of supreme authorities. The final thought is that the good conscience of a man should be enhanced to save society from destruction and cultural pollution. 

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 11

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 11 is the continuity of Chapter 1 to give you a magnificent surprise. He has returned with a new plan to multiply the damage to his rivals. He does not want to make the same mistake as he did earlier. This devil has appeared in a different format with more power and ill-purposes.

What Is the Devil’s Plan?

It is a new plan that Devil has tailored. His is more magical power to dominate people. The world is mysterious to him but he wants to bring the darkness to the lives of friends. He is not a human being but a demon. They collected more books on hypnotism, voodoo, and sorcery. He has the magical wand to mesmerize foes. His movement is so fast that he can run quickly overtaking the storm. 

New Friends 

The devil has changed himself to a great extent. He has the aim to ruin whoever comes forward to block his way to success. This time, he is more strategic and self-reliant. After reviewing his situation and weakness, he has improved a lot to become a ferocious demon. At present, he recruits only those who are experienced in occult art and black magic. They should have proof of killing people. They are not ordinary humans but they are enemies to mankind. 

New School of Thoughts 

Revenge has no end and it forces a man to take the wrong way. A true honest person is not sensitive to what is unlawful. Now Devil has again regained his power to strike an opponent. He has joined the new school as a teacher. He is no longer a student. In previous episodes, he was seen as a student with demonic power. His new strategies are more target-specific to swindle his foes. Therefore, he invited only those who had the special skill to kill enemies mercilessly. In this new school, only doctrines of vengeance, mistrust, and dishonesty are taught to students. 

Who Are New Foes?

New foes are his associates who raise their fingers against him. His old schoolmates and neighbors are not satisfied to talk to him. This wicked devil has not won them due to his bad intentions. Therefore, he wants to terminate all of them by showcasing his demonic behavior. He is merciless and cruel to destroy the human society. 

Graphic Quality 

Devil Returns to School Days manga is a drama with short dialogues and graphic pictures. All webtoons and cartoons have attractive graphic pictures with superior visual aesthetics to attract children. This story keeps its originality as a manga. The background paintwork and color combination are fantastic to help readers jump into the darkened mystic universe. 

Content Quality

All the chapters of Devil Returns to School Days have spicy dialogues. The characters are live to speak like humans. Their quoted dialogues are vibrant to cast spells on readers. Rhythm is a part and parcel of the story. There is no discordance in the dialogues. Readers are enchanted to catch glimpses of the threatening demons. The devil is the master to control the administration. It is a fiction and the themes of the story are well chosen to illustrate the incidents perfectly. 

Usage of Similes and Metaphors 

Throughout the story, the author likes to use many similes and metaphors to heighten the ethos of mystery. The return of the devil is a threat to school boys who are frozen in fear. Know how the hero can rescue them through the transformation.

Where to Read Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1? 

If you like to download the whole manga story including all chapters, you should search for the download button. Many top sites offer personalized apps to download and read the content for free. However, for instant free reading, you should go to Google and type a particular keyword like “Read Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1” to have top sites to check. These websites do not have any subscription charges. Go to the site and start free reading. The content and graphic pictures are in HD version. 

For Android System

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 episode supports Android and IOS. Feel free to open the sites on your mobile device to go through the quoted dialogues. 

Upgrade Your Chrome Version 

During page opening on the internet to read the story, you may face obstruction. The old version of the Chrome browser needs an update. Still, the problem is present, you must consult with experts. 

Charming Story 

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 and 11 are already published. The audience has mugged up every dialogue to have fun. The themes of the story are charming because of the variance and twists. The return of the demon is always dangerous to stop the blood flowing in the veins of the reader. The amazing graphic pictures tempt young readers who prefer colorful high-definition picture quality. 

Extraordinary Bullying 

One of the reviewers commented that he was excited to have such hot bullying. The satirical tone is excellent and the bullying tactics are much more effective to provoke the readers. Another reader has ventilated his pleasure by highlighting the standard dialogues of the hero. The devil’s workshop hatches more prudent spies to form the arsenal for invasion. 


Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 unlocks the passage to the hell of demons. Humans are imaginative to dream of walking on Utopian land. The fiction encourages children to expand their minds to go beyond the sky. It is a story of mystery, sorcery, and magic. Supernatural elements are blended to form the story which renews the mind of the audience. However, the return of the devil has symbolic significance.

It suggests and hints at the power struggling for supremacy. Good souls will never die and the bad ones will be forced to leave the earth. Devil Returns to School Days manga appreciates the transformation of characters from bad to good through the purification of the mind. A man should be positive with a humanistic approach to detoxifying society and removing demons


Q: What is the return of the devil?

A: Return of Devil is a part of the story entitled Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1. The supernatural power becomes supreme to control humans. The devil is the symbol of negative power.

Q: What is the twist in Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1?

A: The twist in Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1 is the power shifting from good to bad force. Devil enchants all who are good persons.

Q: Is the devil winner in the long run?

A: No, the devil is just a fiction. In reality, man has to learn how to improve lifestyles fairly sticking to high morality.

Q: What is the theme of Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1?

A: The theme of the story is the return of the devil to rule dominating the society of humans.

Q: What is the plan of the devil?

A: The devil’s workshop is built to destroy humans who are benevolent and Samaritans.

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