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Tennis Net the Same as Pickle Ball

Is a Tennis Net the Same as PickleBall?

by Ruhia

Tennis is a popular international indoor game and many luminaries are playing this long tennis. They are big bosses in the industry. Side by side, pickleball is another variant. It has a small court compared to that of the tennis ball court. It is 44 feet long and 20 feet wide of the green court which is equal to the double badminton court.

Difference between Tennis and Pickleball 

Differences are prominent when you compare tennis to pickleball. The size of the net is small with a 36-inch height to play pickleball. The net height of the tennis ball is three feet. In the center, the pickleball net hangs 34 inches from the ground. 

On the tennis court, the net for playing the game is a little bit tall. At the posts, the net height is measured 42inches and 36 inches in the middle. This short of inches marks the visible difference between the tennis and pickleball games. 

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Why does the Middle Portion of the Net Matter?

Players are anxious to occupy the center position of the court. Due to the low height of the center of the net, it is easy to return drives. The ball bounces over the middle section but it struggles to run over the post height to launch into the opponent’s court.

Width Differences between Tennis and Pickleball Court – Huge Matter 

 Comparatively, the tennis net is wider than the net of the pickleball. The measurements include 42 feet wide for a double tennis game with 36 feet for a single game. This vast net suspends from the posts to run horizontally. It is the barrier to obstruct the running ball. It is also a divider between two halves of the court. In the case of a pickleball net, the width is 21 feet and 9 inches for both double and single games

Check Similarities 

Till now, you have learned about the dissimilarities between tennis and pickleball. However, there are also similarities. This sameness makes both games popular and easy to identify. Both nets have metalwork. 2-inch white tapes cover the metal cable running to the post ends. Supportive posts for fixing the nets of both games have the same 3 inches in diameter. 

Can You Use Tennis Ball Net for Pickle Ball?

 Usually, the net size varies depending on the type of court. The tennis ball net is always larger with wider space. Often players can do little adjustments to convert the oversize net into the small one for pickleball playing. In small areas, you can’t hang the long and wide tennis ball court. Change the setting according to your needs. Right now, many sports net manufacturers have brought portable roll-up nets which are easy to use for playing both games. 

Is Height a Factor in Play Pickleball?

While playing tennis and pickleball games, you will see many odd differences. You will have problems handling such situations if you are not trained. For example, height is always a factor to decide the game. In a pickle ball court, the net height is lower than the tennis net. The ball directly hits the straight line on the ground level. The ball hits the ground hard. The tennis ball net hangs a couple of inches above the ground. The speed of a tennis ball is 100 mph approximately. The fact is that the pickleball has small holes for air passing. It gets stuck and pinned to the ground level. The tennis ball has a smooth surface without any dents and holes. 

The overall format of game playing has no huge dissimilarity. Both games give you the same speed and entertainment. Net height is not an obstruction for you. When you play pickleball, you are not forced to switch the court to play tennis. So, you need to maintain the same speed, flow, and style. However, other factors like width, net size, and post height must influence players. In that case, do practice and concentrate on the court when you are the warrior to defend to have victory. 

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