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The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1- Know about Theme and Symbolical Importance

by Ruhia

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is an introduction to make the audience familiar with the world of natural flowers. Those who love the affinity with the trees and flowers are evergreen with their mental purity. They survive even wallowing in the deep stream of sorrow and pain. They like to rear up many aromatic flower plants to have a sweet aroma to feel good. This manga story is interesting because Manta, a girl, has lost her father Illid G. Sarian. She becomes angry with the hidden wrath to take revenge. Colorful flowers symbolize her emotional outburst. This is one of the best mangas which brew up the fragrance of mystery and adventure.  

Central Theme of The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is a charming story that is written in descriptive manga with graphic pictures. This storyline depicts the character of a young girl who can’t bear the sudden demise of her father. He is a true and honest father to takes care of her from the start. His absence is permanent creating the hollow of despair and frustration to pin her to the corner. She feels irritated because nothing is in her favor. She is alone to face the world after the departure of her father. The author has sketched her as the abandoned girl who has none to rehab this girl. 

Flower has the power to help you express your sorrow and suffering. It also symbolizes the different color shades of emotions including anger, anxiety, stress, and happiness. Here, Manta is the victim of the situation. She has to forget all the past events which are painful for her. The impact of flowers and plants on people is consistent with sustainability. A black color rose symbolizes misfortune, whereas white colored flowers convey messages of peace. 

Early Part of Life of Girl – The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is not based on crime but it shows how a girl reacts to the death of her father. He is not too much careful to raise her in the early part of life. The author sympathizes with this little sweetheart who received bad treatment from her father. During her childhood days, she was a tragic figure because her father did not love her. She cried silently. Her grief is inexplicable. Here, again, the author uses some imagery to suppress her anger. Slowly, she became accustomed to the adverse situation. 

Father did not like modernity. Society morally degrades young girls who pursue education. According to him, only conventionality with a strict rigorous lifestyle can save women from destruction. This girl is not satisfied with being stuck in the labyrinth. She wants to escape from the conventional legacy, century-old customs, and obligations. 

The Middle Part of Girl’s Lifestyle – The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1

The suspense gets speed and mobility to strengthen its existence. She realizes that the passing of her father is not natural. She asks herself to find the source of tension which is becoming stronger gradually. The doubt prevails to eat into her mind. Her father is no more but his absence seems to be unbearable. She sees that someone has poisoned him to death without showcasing leniency. She struggles to grope for relief from the loneliness. 

Slowly but steadily, she has changed her mindset. She thinks that her father is right to educate her. His conventional belief is the booster for her to stand on the floor with confidence. When she tosses up in pain and ambiguity, her relatives do not give her the answer. They are tight-lipped with unknown fear. They are not frank to speak to her. Manta does not agree that he died naturally. The cloud of uncertainty gives another jolt to the story drawing the attention of the audience to put focus on the course of the story. 

The Last Phase of Life of Girl – The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1

With the permanent departure of her father, she prepared herself to throw the condolence party to pay homage to his soul. His dead body lies in a big wooden coffin for burial. She has not controlled her emotions. None is present here to give her advice and support. His passing is always painful for her. Ritual rites are performed but she is not contemplated. She tries to unearth the secrets to the death of her father. She completed all procedures for peaceful ritual rites to honor the soul of her father. He will rest in peace and tranquility in Heaven.

In-between, the entry of Chris is indicative of the change in the course of events to stun readers. Chris has told her that she should not pronounce any word which has no value. She can’t frustrate anyone by expressing her grief. Chris should hush up the grief of the untimely death of her father. She is not happy. She has no answer to the question asked by Chris. This girl experiences the pain after losing her father. Sometimes, there is nothing that is a solution to remove the pain due to the loss of her father. 

In the concluding part of this manga, the protagonist receives what is reality. She resigns herself to the Fate. In a statement, she admits that her life is built upon the foundation of twists and turns without getting the way to the solution. It continues to become a custom for her to accept the stern truth regarding the death of her father. Everyone stoops to the Fate which can’t be changed or replaced by hook or by crook. 

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1- Uses of Symbols and Imagery 

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is a descriptive piece of content. It is a manga that has brought a girl to people who consider her a tragic human being. She has missed her dead father who is not present in the world. She has no words to explain how pathetic she is. The author has used a lot of imagery and symbols. Herein, lies the literary craftsmanship of the author to portray the girl as the symbol of grief. She is lost somewhere with the inability to restore her stamina. She has no hope of staying fit in her society. A flower has double symbolical meanings to carry the messages of the author. 

To show veneration towards her father, she arranges the flower bouquets to pay floral tribute to the dead soul of her father. She shows her deep respect and honor to keep her hats off to him. Same way, a flower is also an imagery to symbolize loneliness, grief, and separation. The protagonist is bereaved of parental love and compassion. She blames herself for the sudden journey of her father to heaven. 

Lastly, flowers are also beautiful elements. A flower has the natural beauty that glows in daylight. Its mind-blowing fragrance is long-lasting, powerful, and sustainable to impress human beings. The author understands the importance of flowers. 

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1-Rythym Is Enhanced 

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 maintains the rhythm and harmony. Instead of using bombastic words, the author is interested in keeping the lucidity in tone and genre. The diction of the manga is simple and easy to understand. He has not made the story complicated by sketching numerous characters. The theme of the story is charming and impressive. She got the rough treatment from her father.

He was reserved with a conventional legacy. He did not permit her to become a modern self-reliant girl. The mystery, suspense, and separation seem to be interlinked rhythmically. She is morose for her father who has not died naturally. She suspects someone dares to kill him by injecting nectar or a poisonous element. 

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1-Tapestry of Mystery 

The venture the girl has made keeps its continuity without giving her a permanent solution. She is the most tragic girl who has to bear the irreparable loss of her parent. Father is not alive but he has gone to heaven. The mystery is that his daughter has not taken the truth of the passing of her father. He may have been killed by someone. The flower of veneration highlights the change in the conception and life pattern of the girl- the sufferer in the story. She had to shrug off her caustic vengeance towards her father. 

In the early part of her life, she was not happy. Her father did not give her immense freedom of speech. She was motionless and stuck to a particular area. This poor experience puts her in the deep sepulcher of monotony. However, later, she moved to remodel her conception and thoughts. Her veneration of her father became deep after his death. She meditated to find the solution to the grief she suffered. The flower of veneration guides her to complete the self-discovery journey to identify herself as a separate entity. 

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1-Fantasy Influences Characters 

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 gives you a different taste of fantasy. Protagonists and secondary characters are influenced by the gorgeous dreamy enchantment. The girl who has started her self-paced venture is trying to reach the target. She has encountered several events which seem to impact her life. Her father left for heaven putting the girl in a lonely place where none is her friend. She has become rude without controlling her inner self. Her emotions are uncontrollable. The misery and misfortune shook their hands to dominate the girl. She has not found the consolation and salvation. 

The author creates a fantasy world where everything seems to be fiction. The lovely and cute flowers that bloom in cool environments are also transporters of grief to her. She is depressed when she lays her fingers gently on the flower petals. The flower is symbolical of her isolation from the mainstream of society. She rediscovers her own identity through the journey she has begun.

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1- Conflict between Fiction and Fantasy 

In The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1, you will get a beeline to find the relationship growing between fiction and fantasy. Curiosity emerges as a powerful component to entice the girl to go for deeper insight to understand what is real or unreal. The death of the father of the protagonist is a strong driver to forces her to become curious. She has the objective to establish the truth behind the untimely separation from her father.

He can’t die so easily without giving her any hint. This tragic incident has broken her confidence. This complexity of the story involves the major characters like Manta. She is confused about separating the truth from the bundles of lies, particularly over the death of her parent. Curiosity takes her to the route to travel for a self-discovery expedition to know her true existence. The author has opted for a handful of vehicles to help her identify reality without being influenced by fantasy. 


The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is a fantastic manga story that blends mystery and curiosity to make the story more attractive and interesting. All characters are developed artistically. The tone which the author uses is not inconsistent. The writing style is excellent and the author delineates all the characters depending on the development of plots and situations. Therefore, the audience is not bored going through the Flower of Veneration. 


Q: What is the flower of veneration?

A: The flower of veneration is a type of magna story depicting the tragic character of a girl who has lost her father.

Q: What is the motivation of the author to write flower of veneration?

A: The author has sketched a tragic girl who tries to find the truth behind the death of her father. She is curious to have a solution to the uncertainty.

Q: Who is Manta?

A: Manta is the protagonist in the story to appears as the tragic girl. She faces the conflict between fantasy and real. She starts her journey to know what is real and what is unreal.

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