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Wedding Rehearsal Checklist

A Quick Wedding Rehearsal Checklist

by Ruhia

There are about 2 million weddings every year in the US. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan. To help with this, a wedding rehearsal is typically done before the wedding. This is a run-through of the entire ceremony, and it gives everyone involved a chance to practice things.

Keep reading for a checklist of the things to expect from a wedding rehearsal.

Have the Plan in Place

Before the wedding ceremony rehearsal, there should be a wedding schedule detailing how things will go. Everyone should know their responsibilities, and the venue should be secured. For a wedding in Victoria, TX, having a party at the Officers Club for the reception could be ideal.

A Formal Introduction

Many of the people at the rehearsal won’t know who everyone is. It’s a good idea to start with an introduction so that everyone who’s meeting for the first time can familiarise themselves with one another.

Instruction of the Ushers

The groomsmen often serve as ushers or program distributors. They’ll do this before the start of the ceremony, so they need to know what to do. Depending on how many groomsmen there are, the couple may want some additional people to help with this.

The ushers need to know where the couple wants them to stand when greeting guests, and how they should direct guests by either showing them to their chairs or simply letting them know which side to sit on.

Timing of the Music

Some weddings have recorded music, and others will have a live musician. Whatever the choice, the music needs to be timed correctly.

In theory, this is pretty easy. It will involve someone pressing play on the recording, or signaling the musician. It’s still very important to practice this to make sure it goes right.

When the music will stop is another important consideration. It could be after a set time, or once everyone is seated.

Practice the Processional Order

The processional is the entrance to the ceremony, and this might be the most important part to rehearse. The order can vary slightly for different weddings, so make sure everyone is aware of the correct order. If you have a wedding planner, they’ll usually stand at the ceremony entrance so they can tell each person when they should enter.

Rehearse this part with the music to ensure everyone is comfortable and knows how things will go. It’s a good idea to run through this at least twice, especially if any young attendants might need a bit more practice.

Practice Reading

The officiant will go over how they’ll lead the ceremony. Any readers can now practice reading aloud, using a microphone if needed. They can do this more than once so they can get their pace and volume right.

Rehearse any Special Movements

The Best Man and Maid of Honor might have other additional responsibilities, so they should practice these now. A typical example of this could be for the Best Man to present the rings or for the Maid of Honor to organize the bride’s dress when she reaches the altar.

Practice Recessional Order

The ceremony will end with the recessional. This typically follows the reverse order of the processional, except the married couple will leave first together. Again, the order can be altered if desired.

Final Q&A

After everything has been fully rehearsed, it’s good to see if anyone has any final questions. After this, you can consider the rehearsal complete. Some people like to follow a wedding rehearsal with a rehearsal dinner.

Preparing for a Wedding Rehearsal

For many people, their wedding day is the biggest day of their life. It’s important that things go right, so a proper wedding rehearsal is essential to ensure everyone knows the plan and things will play out as they should.

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