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8 Accessible Ways to Earn Extra Rent Money in Houston, TX

by Robin Smith

There are always months when we find our bank accounts much lighter than we’d like. When this happens, we often have to do a mad dash effort to get our Rent Money paid on time. In huge cities, like Houston, there are many accessible, and realistic ways to earn extra money when your rent is nearly due:

1. Decluttering Your Life (and Filling Up Your Bank Account)

It’s always a good idea to declutter your living area from time to time because it can increase the amount of living space you have and improve your mental health. The stronger your mental health is, the easier it will be to earn enough money to make rent on time in the future. Using thrift stores, yard sales, and local Houston flea markets to sell off your unwanted valuable items will help you pack your bank account with fresh cash, and pay your rent on time.

2. Donating Plasma, Blood, and More

One of the more well-known ways to make quick money is by giving blood, plasma, or eggs. If you are prepared to part with your eggs, each of them can earn you a substantial amount of money. Because it is not always easy to register as a donor at short notice. Take care to do so as soon as you can. You’ll have to be in tip-top physical shape to use this route to earn extra income, however. Community-based financial assistance in Houston is available as well if you qualify.

3. Downloading Car-Based Earning Apps

If you live in a metropolis, it’s almost certain that you have taken an Uber at some point. For this reason, Houston residents are well aware of the resources and extra income. That rideshare companies can provide. There are a ton of ridesharing jobs available if you live in even a modestly crowded location within Houston. If you don’t want to share your car with anyone in particular, delivery jobs are an excellent alternative to consider.

4. Ask Family Members if They Can Help

Asking dependable friends or family members for money. When you’re in a jam is a terrific alternative to taking out loans or other risky routes to making the rent on time. Your loved ones will understand and, if they can, assist you in getting out of this jam, even though it may feel uncomfortable or even embarrassing at the time. For those who prefer not to borrow money, simply create a payback schedule that you are confident you can stick to.

5. Using Cash Advance Apps

There are certain cash advances available for you, even if your credit is terrible. If you want to be financially secure, in addition to paying your rent, finding the correct balance between taking cash advances and repairing your credit should be your ultimate goal. Avoid becoming too reliant on cash advances. However, as you want to use this option only when you find yourself in dire need of extra rent money right now.

6. Hire a Creditor Service

There are many loan and cash advance alternatives that you can choose from based on your credit score. If you speak with your creditors directly, they can secure you the finest loan possible. Just be sure to save this for last because taking out loans too regularly will put you in a financial bind that can be challenging to escape. However, the advice your creditor gives to you may end up proving invaluable going forward.

7. Do App Development Tests

Many stellar websites and apps need testers to get off the ground and start earning income. While some may find the prospect of testing unfinished apps unsavory, it is a definite way to make some quick money. The more familiar you are with app technology, and the way apps are used to make money in the modern economy, the more you can earn as a tester.

8. Striking a Deal with Your Landlord

You might be able to negotiate a lower rent if your landlord requires repairs and maintenance done on the property. You’re living in. For those renting from a single person, this option is much more likely to become a possibility. For people with weak credit or who find it difficult to take on second jobs, this may occasionally be one of the best options for making your rent payment on time. The joy you’ll get from making your property more livable will benefit you as well, even after your rent has been paid.

Make Late Fees Extinct

If you use these eight tips, you can make rental late fees a thing of the past. Knowing how your financial health is currently doing will help you. Plan out your month-to-month rental situation more effectively. So get started on strengthening your bank accounts now.

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