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Is Airbnb Real Estate Investing Right for You?

by Robin Smith

Airbnb currently has over 150 million guests that use the platform and over 4 million hosts. With so much demand, buying an Airbnb rental property ranks among the top investment strategies this year. Of course, Airbnb real estate investing only works if you know what to expect and how to get the most out of them. If you’re considering an Airbnb investment in 2023, the following guide can help.

Read on to discover the advantages and drawbacks of Airbnb real estate ownership.

Passive Income

Anyone looking to find an Airbnb for sale usually does so because they want to make passive income. Passive income means that you make money off of something that doesn’t require constant activity rather than working a 9 to 5 job.

Because you make money through bookings that essentially come to you, Airbnb rentals do in fact generate excellent passive income. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in work to earn those bookings. 

Expect to spend lots of time scheduling bookings, reviewing finances, and communicating with your guests. If you don’t find ways to streamline your workflow, an Airbnb can quickly become a full-time job.

Calculating Expenses

Keep in mind that Airbnb real estate often requires higher down payments than standard properties. But you can also expect to make more revenue than you would with long-term rentals once you cover the upfront costs.

You’ll also need to fill your Airbnb property with quality furniture and decorations. In some cases, you might have to make updates and repairs to the property before you start renting it to guests.

Adding extra amenities like wifi or a fully stocked fridge for your guests is up to you. It really depends on your budget and the competition in your area. Sometimes spending a little more on amenities can generate more bookings and pay off later.

Factor in things like cleaning fees, especially if you plan to hire someone else to do the cleaning. You’ll also need to account for property taxes and insurance when planning your Airbnb budget.

It’s important to note that some Airbnb expenses are tax deductible. Examples include advertising, accounting fees, and insurance for your property.

Income Consistency

While Airbnb rentals can generate a lot more money than long-term rentals, it’s not always consistent. For example, some areas experience high traffic during certain seasons and slow periods during other seasons.

If tourism in your area picks up and drops off at certain times, you’ll have to adjust your prices accordingly. Many Airbnb owners opt for properties near airports so that there’s a more consistent demand year-round.

Think about the travelers in the area you choose and if people frequent the area for business or vacations. If there isn’t much traffic for either reason, don’t expect consistent bookings for your property.

Buying Airbnb Real Estate

Before buying Airbnb real estate, consider how much time you’ll have to put in, your budget, and the location. It can be a very fruitful investment but only if you carefully plan your property purchase.

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