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Best Exercise for a Healthy Heart

Exploring the Best Exercise for a Healthy Heart

by Ruhia

Not looking after your heart can lead to severe health issues later in life. Heart disease and heart failure are risks associated with poor heart care. Exercising is a simple way to keep your Healthy Heart. If you want to learn what the best exercise for heart health is, there are a few options to choose from. Whatever you decide to try will depend on your doctor’s advice and your physical ability.

If you want to make a permanent change for the sake of your heart, then take up one or more of the exercises listed below.

Running and Jogging for Healthy Heart

Running is a simple, healthy exercise that seriously improves your heart health. You can start slow, with a gentle jog around your neighborhood, and gradually build strength and speed. 

Running is great for lowering your heart rate when you’re resting. Your blood will be richer in oxygen, and this improves your overall health. 

Make sure you lightly stretch before you begin running, whether you’re new or experienced. You’ll help prevent muscle cramps, strain, and injury by doing so. Warming up your muscles before a jog also means you’ll be able to run for longer. 

If you prefer to do your running or jogging indoors, a treadmill offers a range of speeds and slopes to test out. By choosing the treadmill speed, you can run at a pace that feels comfortable to you and gradually increase it when you feel ready. 

Walking for Healthy Heart

Walking is the ideal regular exercise for those who are just starting to work out. You’ll simply need a comfortable pair of sneakers and a coat for colder days and you’re ready to go.

Walking allows you to set your own pace and is gentle enough to begin creating a lifelong health habit. You can also build your pace when walking very quickly and move on to advanced routes that include steps and hills once you feel ready. 

If you suffer from heart failure, walking is a gentle exercise that might help to strengthen your heart. To learn more about heart failure and how exercise affects it, always speak to your doctor. 

Weightlifting for Healthy Heart

Weightlifting builds muscle, which makes you stronger and increases the number of calories you burn. It may not push your heart as hard as cardio-based exercises, but it will keep it steadily pumping throughout your workout. 

If weightlifting isn’t your thing, other forms of resistance training can be just as good for your heart. Using resistance bands or practicing calisthenics also forces your heart to work hard and helps keep it healthy. 


One reason swimming is such a beneficial exercise is that there are so many different variations. For example, the front crawl is a fast, energy-burning swim style that will have your heart pumping after just a few lengths. Alternatively, the breaststroke offers a more gentle swim that will keep you moving without tiring you out. 

For heart health, swimming can quickly help you lose weight and build muscle. While weight loss may not be your ultimate goal, maintaining a healthy weight will help your heart and improve your blood pressure. 

As a low-impact exercise, swimming is perfect for anyone with previous muscle or bone injuries. While you should consult a doctor if you have an injury and want to start swimming, it’s usually a safe option that shouldn’t cause further damage. 


Cycling offers a full-body workout, whether you do it on flat terrain, uphill, or even in the gym. It’s a must for a healthy heart because it steadily gets rich, oxygenated blood flowing to every part of your body.

Cycling is also a very convenient exercise to work into your daily routine. If you are close to your workplace, start cycling to work every day to get a good workout five days a week. You’ll quickly see your muscles bulk up and feel your heart getting healthier.

Cycling can be tough, especially if you’re new to it. Work it slowly into your routine on top of more gentle exercises, like walking, before you begin doing it daily. 


Dance is an excellent exercise for anyone seeking to earn a healthy heart. Moving to the rhythm requires your heart to work to pump blood to all the areas of your body that need it. Doing so massively strengthens your heart and improves blood flow.

You don’t need to be an excellent dancer to get the heart-health benefits of dance. Even after a beginner’s dance class, you’ll feel like you’ve had a good workout because dance requires constant movement. 

Dance is fun and social, plus it produces feel-good hormones called endorphins. Because of this, your mental health will improve, which is beneficial for your heart. 


Yoga is a great exercise for a healthy heart because it lowers stress levels. Your mental health can take as much of a toll on your heart as your physical health. Yoga helps to soothe the mind and may even lower blood pressure. 

Yoga greatly improves flexibility which improves your circulation. Other benefits of yoga include better balance, mobility, and muscle coordination. It’s also possible that yoga improves your metabolism, which can lower your weight and reduce excess pressure on your heart. 

Yoga makes for a great beginner heart-health exercise because you can practice it from the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of beginner videos online that clearly explain the correct breathing and stretching techniques. All you’ll need is a small space to move and a mat or towel. 

The Best Exercise for Heart Health Is One You Enjoy

Whatever you choose, the best exercise for heart health should be one you look forward to, because this means you’re more likely to stick with it. If you’re new to exercising, don’t be afraid to start slowly. A daily fifteen-minute walk at your own pace is a great way to begin!

Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning a new workout regime, especially if you’ve experienced heart problems. They can guide you towards a healthier lifestyle that incorporates gentle exercise and gradually improves your heart health. 

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