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Motivated and Avoid Burnout During Your Gym Workouts

How to Stay Motivated and Avoid Burnout During Your Gym Workouts

by Ruhia

Regular exercise is important for good health, but it can be hard to stay consistent when you’re overextended or simply don’t feel motivated.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your enthusiasm high and avoid burnout. We’ve rounded up some tips to help you stay motivated and meet your fitness goals.

Set Small Goals

One of the most important things you can do to avoid gym burnout is to set small goals during your workouts. Fitnesscartel.com.au/clubs/maroochydore can help you set realistic goals to stay motivated.

Goals that are too big or unattainable can leave you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, and that’s not the kind of motivation you need to stay on track with your fitness goals. 

Keeping your goals attainable is the key to success, says Hannah Clausen, NASM-CPT, director of coaching for Macros Inc. Setting a goal to work out 5 times a week. She says, is a good stepping stone for newcomers or anyone trying to improve their fitness level and build cardiovascular endurance.

Take a Break

Taking breaks can be tough, but it’s important to ensure you don’t miss out on the benefits of each set. Research shows that taking a break can improve your performance, which will help you avoid injury and reach your fitness goals more quickly.

If you’re feeling burned out, a break is one of the most effective ways to regain your motivation and get back on track. Take a day, week, or even month off from working out and try to ease back into it. You might also hire a trainer or coach to help you set up a plan for getting your mojo back.

Focus on Your Breath

When you first begin exercising. It’s normal to have difficulty getting used to breathing properly. But as you progress, breathing will become easier and more natural for you.

According to Clancy, practicing diaphragmatic breathing, which involves using the lungs to breathe and the diaphragm to stabilize. They can help you breathe more efficiently during your workouts and in everyday life. He adds that it can also reduce pain and soreness during and after your workouts.

As you improve your breathing, take it slow and gradually work up to higher-intensity exercises. It will give your body time to adjust to the new routine and avoid burnout.

If you’re having trouble controlling your breath, try taking a break to refocus on your breathing before jumping back into the exercise routine. Once you can breathe through your nose during movements and long holds without bracing, huffing, or puffing, you’re ready to move on to the next variation.

Repeat a Mantra

Mantras are a mystical practice that helps to focus the mind. They can be used as a form of prayer, to create a positive habit, or to achieve a goal.

A mantra is a simple word or phrase you repeat to yourself during meditation. It can be a positive statement like “I am strong” or a word of affirmation, such as “You are amazing.” Whatever you choose, just make sure it feels authentic to you.

According to Herbert Benson, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and founder of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine, mantras can relax the brain and help quite certain areas, which can help you achieve a meditative state. They are also effective for reducing stress, anxiety, and worry, according to Benson.

To begin a meditative practice, you’ll want to sit comfortably. You can either lie down or sit upright, and try not to let your eyes close completely.

Next, you’ll want to focus on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths through your nose, and feel how it enters and fills your lungs. Once you’ve done this a few times, you can start to match your mantra with your breathing.

You can either silently chant or say your mantra out loud. Either way, consistency is key to reaping the benefits of meditation practice.

Yoga instructors often use mantras to help students focus and stay motivated. One of the most common is “Om.” This sound is believed to be the universe’s first vibration, supporting healing, connection, and peace. However, there are plenty of other mantras to choose from.

Visualize Your Goals

One of the best ways to stay motivated and avoid burnout during gym workouts is to visualize your goals. This practice has improved performance by stimulating brain regions involved in movement rehearsal and priming the brain for action.

During your workout, imagine yourself achieving your goal — this may be as simple as doing 20 push-ups or as complex as qualifying for a marathon. Regardless of what you envision, make sure it’s relevant to your life and that it’s something you’ll be proud of when you achieve it.

In addition, try to focus on why you want to accomplish your goal in the first place. Sometimes fitness goals are driven by underlying fears, insecurities, or body image issues.

In addition, you should set micro goals throughout your training to build confidence and show yourself that you are progressing. These goals should be achievable in a short amount of time so you can recognize your progress and feel rewarded.

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