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Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Top Action Camera Microphone Attachment to Select – Buying Guide

by Ruhia

Action camera microphone attachment gives you a complementary sound quality for live broadcasting, interviews, sports relaying, and online streaming on social media portals. By activating your action camera, you can easily capture the superior natural voice of the speaker. It is an extraordinary experience for you. By adding a special external action camera microphone adapter to the USB port of the camera, it is possible to improve the audio-visual system for live broadcasting or interviews.

The top five custom action camera microphone attachments are considered to be the best tools for fixing external action camera microphones for the betterment of acoustic quality.

What Is Action Camera Microphone Attachment?

Action Camera Microphone Attachment

The action camera microphone attachment is the external extension or adapter for attaching the microphone to the camera device. In many cases, ordinary DSLR cameras are not available with the extra microphone input systems. You need to arrange the extra microphone adapter for easy plug-in.

External Camera Microphone Attachment for Go Pro HERO 3

Camera Microphone Attachment for Go Pro HERO 3

Go Pro HERO 3 action camera model is innovated and upgraded device. However, to improve the sound, you are required to install the external adapter as an extended attachment to connect the microphone to the main port of your action camera. The size of this adapter is 3.5 mm to be fitted to the USB port. On the other hand, if you have HERO 5 version, the microphone attachment connectivity and configuration must be easy to a great extent. You need a USB C socket for faster microphone attachment fixing to the action camera.

HERO 5 model provides the 3.5 mm and USB C socket. HERO 7 action camera microphone attachment has the same technological innovation. The modified HERO 8, 9, and 10 versions have been improved with Camera Media Mod interfaces. This Mod is a well-covered protective adapter system that is meant for the attachment to a USB socket to upgrade the action camera. Besides, with an action camera microphone adapter attachment, get other features like a directional mic, two cold shoe mounts, and other innovative HDMI and 3.5 mm and USB C ports.

External Microphone Adapters for DJI Osmo Action and Action 2

action camera microphone adapter

For sharp and high pick-up sound, you can try basic dongles with mild modifications including a USB c port to match the 3.5 mm adapter cord to enhance the device compatibility. Before the purchase, you should check the efficiency of your external action camera microphone adapter to activate the audio system on your camera. In this connection, the new arrival of the CYNOVA Osmo Action Dual version has the upgraded mod plus USB C port interface. This external attachment is waterproof.

Rode VideoMic Pro+- Top Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Rode VideoMic Pro+ is a technically upgraded microphone attachment that adds extra resonance and depth to the sound. You can simply attach the external camera microphone device to the action camera for smooth live coverage. The sound that it catches during interviews enhances the clarity without distortion. The summary of the technical specifications of Rode VideoMic Pro+ includes 40 Hz to 20 kHz clear frequency level, 3/8 “-16 Female mounting thread size, and the custom dimension of the microphone attachment is 3.94 x Length 6.69 diameter.

This shotgun mic attachment gives you a professional type high-grade sound which is a perfect option for video recording live interviews, sports events, and V blogs on Facebook. The advantages of using this external action camera microphone attachment are the high-quality sound without battery recharge and the improvement of sound quality due to the windshield for more weather resistance compatibility. In the rainy season, you can do outdoor shooting with your action camera microphone attachment.

Rode Video Micro- Better Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Rode Video Micro Compact has an on-camera mic attachment for accelerating sound quality. The technical brief-ups are 100Hz – 20kHz frequencies, 3.5 mm connector size, and 21 x 21 x 80 dimensions. You need 2V-5V D power requirements for better sound even in harsh weather. Pros are easy maintenance and less complicated configurations.

Sennheiser MKE 400

If you need a portable lightweight tion camera microphone attachment for your action camera, definitely try this Sennheiser MKE 400 model. Its portability reduces your harassment while carrying the whole action camera kit for an outdoor expedition. The plus point is that the in-built cardioid acoustic pickup feature prevents outward noise at the time of live coverage. With comfort, you can use your action camera to complete your interview session. There will be no disturbance that intervenes to affect the shooting.

How to Attach and Fix Your External Mic to Action Camera?

 tion camera microphone attachment

To get excellent sound, your camera needs to have smooth signals. It requires an advanced external microphone adapter for configuration. This attachment fixes the microphone to the action camera. The first obstacle is that your action camera should have a specific port for attaching the external microphone. If your camera is not upgraded for the external device configuration, you must install the adapter for a smooth connection. For this reason, before attaching your microphone to the action camera. It checks the technical specifications meticulously. All modern cameras give the facilities to attach the external microphone to the cameras for quality sound.

Type of Action Camera Microphone Adapter

People are aware of two types of action camera microphone adapter – lavalier and shotgun attachments. Basically, modern action cameras are omnidirectional to collect sound from anywhere. Practically, it rotates at 180 degrees to have the best sound from the surroundings. The shotgun microphone attachment purifies the sound maintaining high quality. Lavalier’s version is also good and equal to the shotgun. However, the pro is that it is suitable for narrower angles to capture the voice of speakers at any interview session.

It is obvious that you need the external tion camera microphone attachment for your action camera for sound quality improvement. However, after measuring the condition of your action camera, the device compatibility, and the technical upgrade. You must choose the best action camera microphone attachment to have an awesome acoustic. These top five action camera microphone attachments are reviewed by experts. These devices are superior in quality, durable, and cost-effective without technical complications. In this connection, top reviews and experts’ feedback guide you to handpick any of these top five external camera microphones for the best action cameras.

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