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Good Lops

What Are Good Lops? How to Define Lops?

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Good lops-related information is confusing. Many people are not sure about the true or exact meaning of lops. It has no official confirmation if they take it as a provocative slang term. In the digital world, forefathers did not use many newly coined words. Modern internet-savvy wizards feel free to use these common trending words like good lops.

What Are Good Lops?

Good lops are supposed to be connected with the cumbersome word “Lol”. During the conversation, many Americans are excited to express their hot emotions by pouting the word “lol”. It is a typo and therefore an American citizen texts the message by mentioning good lops instead of lol. However, still, critics did not find a better answer to satisfy the audience.

The History Behind Good Lops

Riley Strain is an undergraduate student studying at the University of Missouri. He was missing or absconding after he departed from a discotheque cum bar. He was not found anywhere till the night. His family friends and relatives were worried about tracking the location where Strain could be present. The tension mounted forcing friends to go to the police station to complain. They decided to register FIR with the police to trace the missing person.

Sudden Breakthrough

The sudden breakthrough took place with an unreliable texting ensuring the whereabouts of Strain. Most probably, he met his new girlfriend online. On being asked, he replied in a text message expressing good lops. These two short words have no perfect meanings. There is no clarity in his expression. God knows whether he opted for good lops as the slang word to quip. One of his friends claims that Strain is a moody boy. He likes to parody and make comical gestures. Maybe, he wanted to say “Hai lol”. The sweetheart was in perplexity by getting such odd messages reading good lops.

Other Symbolical Meaning

People are often seen wallowing in haphazard situations without any solution. They need to be boosted. Symbolically, good lops also refer to the critical situation. Here, the author considers it as a low power. He indicates that he is sorry for the low battery power. How will you explain it? There are many controversial issues regarding the exact application of good lops. Maybe, Strain is harassed by reading the short message from the girl. She asked him what to do. He replied that his mobile was in sleeping mode due to the lack of power. He can’t talk to her any longer. The good lops meaning may vary depending on the situation.

Video Footage on Strain’s Missing Released

Strain is a busy guy who eloped to enjoy leisure hours. When he was nowhere, his family members and friends searched a lot. They phoned near and dear ones. They reported to police personnel about his sudden absence. Finally, the story took a drastic turn to reveal the secrets. According to police, Strain was caught at the reception gate of a minibar. He stood helpless as the gatekeeper was not ready to allow him to enter the bar.

It was because of a shortage of information required for registration. Every customer should sign on the register book giving details including phone number, street address, and marital status. Strain could not give satisfactory answers to the concerned authority. Therefore, he was denied access to the discotheque.

Aftermath Effect

Good Lops

The situation became uncontrollable as Strain became rude. He was forceful to hit the gatekeepers and crashed open the door of the bar. The spy cam was monitoring his activities. This small third eye did not lose attention to track him. The bar authority produced this video footage for close observation. Everybody saw him going outside the bar and ridiculing the bar owner. He tried to knock at the next bar but the result was in vain. He did not get a chance to go inside the bar.

Police Investigation Sustains

The whole incident happened accidentally. None could confirm the illegal transaction. Strain left the bar with a conscience. He was not detained or tortured by any third party. The video footage does not prove that Strain has been brutally ransacked and then kidnapped. The extensive investigation brought more facts to the daylight. After 9:52 pm, Strain was nowhere. Video footage does not give any detail about him after 9:52 pm. The bar was closed and attendees decided to return home. Then, the police have no evidence of kidnapping and extortion.

Psychological Disorder

The sudden disappearance of Strain from the town must raise a serious concern. How is it possible for a mature person to be abducted without any reason? Strain is a student and has no solid financial background. Why will he be taken into custody by culprits? His family members claim that the psychological discordance may be the cause of his missing. He suffers from trauma and stress. There is little information about his family history. Perhaps, due to the mental disturbance, he had to go behind the curtain for some time. However, family representatives are not confident enough to mention his mental trauma.

Exposure to Alcohol

While evaluating the short message bearing “good lops”, the sleuths tried to unearth the truth. The video shows that this student was not in stable condition. His footsteps did not fall on the ground boldly. He was not a normal boy who had to struggle to stand on his own feet. The duty-bound police officer told the reporters that maybe he could indulge in alcohol. Under the influence of strong country liquor, he felt uneasy. He moved unsteadily and behaved wildly. On the other hand, Strain’s stepfather did not accept the reality. He retaliated by saying that his stepson was cool and not exposed to alcohol. Police can’t accuse his stepson of being adulterated.

Good Lops – Internet Jargon

Whether it is Strain or any other internet-addicted guy, the problem is not fully solved. The vast digital world confuses common people. They visit online sites for curating information, posting videos, and podcasts. They open their active social media accounts to communicate with others. Good lops are unknown to people. They read short reviews, blogs, and feedback to discover the hidden facts. Good lops is an internet jargon that has a lot of ambiguity. Numerous unknown words pop up on your computer screen. You need to find simplified good lops slang meaning through data scanning and keyword matching. Lops is a colloquial slang term in America. Local folks may choose this type of slang term for easy communication.

Alternative Methods

There are easy alternative variants to know the answer to this question” What does good lops mean?” Specifically, the audience can’t get the complete meaning of good lops. Based on facts, assumptions, and local terminologies, good lops are defined as “on the low power, sorry” or “lol”. These assumptions have no significant proof. In colloquial dialect, lol is a slang word to ventilate someone’s excitement. However, good lops may be indicative of such exclamation making you surprised. To have a road map to understand the meaning of good lops, you can use the upgraded software.

Search Google

Google is a powerful search engine that stores tons of new data to guide you. If you type the words “good lops”, you will have more details. The searches are effective for you to identify synonyms of good lops. For instance, a few competitive sites explain that good lops are none but rabbits or pet animals. These are small breeds that can be raised at home. The rabbit rehab centers and pet care society collect rabbits to rear up. Lops are also related to pet animals. In this connection, you can read feedback and journals to have an idea about good lops slang meaning.

Comparison Study

Researchers have to check more e-books, journals, and books to have new facts in this connection. The comparison research gives you hints to build up the meaning of good lops. In this regard, an AI data generator is also a standard tool to help you remove doubt on the good lops meaning.


Good lops must not be a separate terminology. Strain might have made a mistake by typing the wrong keyword “good lops”. He should have written lol or closely connected derivatives. However, good lops have become viral due to the ambiguity. The social media sites promote this buzzword to attract people.


Q: What are good lops?

A: Good lops refer to the point of exclamation. It may be misspelled good lops instead of Lol.

Q: What are the different meanings of good lops?

A: Good lops stand for low power on battery.

Q: Is good lops related to pet animals?

A: There are various assumptions to discover the meaning of good lops. Lops are also referred to as rabbits and dogs.

Q: What are the symbolic meanings of good lops?

A: Good lops are also indicative of excitement and point of exclamation.

Q: Who texted good lops in the message?

A: Strain is a college student who replies to his girlfriend by sending a message mentioning good lops.

Q: What does he mean by saying good lops?

A: Good lops must be a colloquial term referring to lol.

Q: How to define good lops?

A: Good lops are used when someone is excited to express his emotion.

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