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Water Damage Restoration

What is the Importance of Quick Action in Water Damage Restoration?

by Ruhia

When a home or business suffers from water damage, it is critical to act quickly. It is because the longer you wait, the more extensive the damage becomes and the more expensive repairs will be in the future. Professional restoration companies are trained to quickly assess and remove the water, restoring your home or business to its pre-disaster condition. They use special tools and equipment to remove the water and dry your property quickly.

Here is why quick action is required in water damage restoration.

To Avoid Secondary Damage

Whether you have experienced an electrical fire, a broken pipe, or flooding in your home or business. You must act quickly to avoid secondary damage. The longer the damage sits unchecked, the more likely it is to cause further damage and mould growth.

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One way to prevent secondary damage is to remove heavily ruined porous materials from the affected area and dry them properly. It will help reduce the chances of mould and fungus growth in your home or commercial property.

In addition to removing contaminated items, removing any excess water from your home or business is important before it can spread further. It would help to use fans and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process.

Prevent the Growth of Mould

Whether you’ve experienced water damage from storms, plumbing malfunction, or an appliance break, quick action is important in preventing mould growth. The more time that goes by without water damage repair. The longer mould spores have to settle in a wet spot, the sooner it begins to reproduce. It causes health concerns for you and your family.

It’s especially important to take quick action after a flood. Leaks and seepage into the basement are prime breeding grounds for mould spores, so it’s essential to dry out these areas as quickly as possible after a water-related disaster.

Remove soaked carpets, furniture, and bedding within 24 to 48 hours after a flood to prevent the spread of mould. If you can’t completely dry the material, throw it away and replace it with new materials or call a professional cleaning service.

Save Your Belongings

Regardless of the cause of your water damage, quick action is critical for your belongings. It can prevent secondary damage and mould growth and save your property.

A flood, a pipe break, or a leaking roof are common causes of water damage in homes and businesses. Depending on the extent of your water damage, you may have to call a professional restoration company.

Once you’ve shut off the water and electricity, your next step is to take action to preserve your belongings. Unplug your electronics and move your furniture to higher ground if necessary. It’s also important to document your damaged items as you go along.

It’s also a good idea to have a walk-through assessment done by a qualified professional to identify the exact water source. It can help your insurance company to determine the category of damage and whether it’s likely that any items in the house will be able to be salvaged or need to be replaced.

If you haven’t already, contact a certified water damage firm to schedule an inspection of your home and belongings. These specialists have the training, equipment and resources to restore your structure and furnishings.

Avoid Health Concerns

In many cases, the most important aspect of water damage remediation is the immediate removal of standing water. It is because it can promote microbial growth and cause mould infestation. In addition, it can lead to more serious problems like structural damage and health concerns if left untreated.

One of the most immediate risks of water damage is the loss of personal property and belongings. It can include furniture, clothing, and other items ruined by a flood or other disaster.

The second risk of water damage is that it can cause health concerns for anyone who comes into contact with it. It includes bacteria, viruses, and mould.

When exposed to these substances, people can experience respiratory issues, skin irritations, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and coughing, among others.

It is especially true if the contaminated water is sourced from a toilet, sump pump, or sewage backup. These are highly contaminated sources and can cause serious health concerns if not addressed immediately.

A professional restoration team is trained to properly identify a water source and take steps to prevent further damage. In addition, they can assess the severity of a leak and take steps to remove the water quickly and safely.

This process can take hours or even days. A quick response can mean the difference between preserving the structure of your property and damaging it beyond repair.

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