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Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Every Thing You Need to Learn about Heavy Duty Dog Crate

by Ruhia

Heavy duty dog crate measuring 37.4″×25.6″×31.9 dimensions is a spacious kennel for a big-sized dog to move freely. A dog master should keep his domestic animals in a safe place for the safety of the family members as well as the dog itself. Naturally, there will be different types of questions asked by buyers. They need the answers for decision-making. A heavy-duty dog’s crate should be adult height to assist dogs to rotate smoothly without barriers. The breathable environment is another condition for consideration at the time of purchasing the custom large-size kennel. 

What Is Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

heavy-duty dog crate is a strong boxy kennel for giving shelter to adult dogs. You can drive two or three canine creatures into the enclosure for comfortable stays. The crate which is made of metal and other anti-corrosive materials accommodates matured dogs. 

What Is the Ideal Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

Many dog owners assume that the bigger the crate the more comfort the dog feels. It is wrong to misguide buyers. The fact is that the dog’s crate should not be a playground-size enclosure with unlimited space for these decent animals. They may be exposed to vulgarity and arrogance without being controlled. The ideal kennel must have sufficient space for an adult dog to stand on his feet. He won’t have to take his rear portion to the extreme corner to have the space for lifting his body. Nor does he bend his knees to jump for easy movement. The perfect Heavy duty dog crate has room for standing, sitting, squatting, and moving. 

Heavy Duty Dog Crate- What to Measure?

Heavy duty dog crate are comparatively resilient and big. The canine animals like to live in such kennels which are protective of them. While buying crates, you need to measure different portions like height, sideways, and the floor. A dog that is mature and lanky needs a comfortable house that gives him the freedom to stand and turn at different angles. The four walls of the crate must be aligned for the health of the dog. So, first, take the body measurement details of the dog and then measure the kennel including height, sideways, and ground. 

Features of Heavy Duty Dog Crate 

Depending on the circumstances, the health of canine creatures, height, length, and behavior of large breeds, buy the crate. Naturally, you should track the most important features that should be available in a multi-functional dog’s kennel. It includes 

  • Adult-height dog crate with a heavy-duty metallic structure 
  • The multiple doors including entry/exit, access for food and medication
  • The whole body of the crate must be sturdy and anti-rust
  • The interior portion of the enclosure should be modernized
  • There will be enough space for free access to food, water, medication and other essential components 
  • The crate should be easy to relocate
  • Doors of the crates for dogs must have fall-resistant and anti-theft steel bars with interlocking systems
  • The crate should be laser welded for durability 
  • The top heavy duty dog kennel must be convenient for you to assemble various parts to construct the whole crate within a few minutes. 

What Type of Material Is Best for Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Buyers have to know about the sorts of manufacturing components to make the crate. Dogs are social animals but they are also arrogant with the change of the situation. The growing poodles are frivolous and sportive. The mature big-size dogs have more strength to revolt. So you should have information about the dog’s behavioral pattern, age, health, and body height/length. 

Solid Steel Bar 

The solid steel bars with anti-corrosive sealants reinforce the structure of the crate. The heavy thrust, rainwater, storm, and repeated striking with a rod will not break the crate. The welded rods are so strong that the dog cannot smash the crate with sharp teeth. Sometimes, crate manufacturers use solid plastic material to insulate the doors for additional safety. 

Galvanized Steel Pipes with Anti-Rust Sealant 

Large German Shepherds are ferocious to bite any solid things into pieces. At least, these breeds try to break open the enclosure to mix with others. The galvanized steel pipes with 0.03″ thick insulations must be resistant to heavy bites and thrusts. These anti-corrosive thick pipes of heavy duty dog crates for large dogs are not weak. 

Closely Knitted Wired Mesh Floor 

The mesh floor for dogs is specially designed with interlocked holes or closely knitted spaces creating a geometric texture with numerous holes. It looks like a mosquito net. The heavy-duty crate must have such durable mesh floor so that the dogs can walk freely. The waste materials including loose hair shafts pass through these vents to fall on the trays lying underneath the floor. This detachable tray is the trash collector. Take it out of the mesh floor and clean it outside. Every modern crate must have such tray with a mesh floor. 

Dog Crate Bed 

A dog’s lifespan depends on how you are responsible for taking care of this cute animal. He should feel the warmth of association, love, and care. The rough weather makes it risky for the dog to sleep the night. If he has hidden injury or pain in the bone, he needs to take rest. The small-size flat bed inside the crate is the refuge for him to lie for comfort. 

Dog Crate Heavy Duty-4 Steps Assemble 

The dog crate heavy duty structure should not be rigid for you to handle. You should arrange different parts for quick assembly. That will save you time and hazards as well. The durable and breathable galvanized crate must have smooth interlocking options to make it a standalone structure. 

First Step – Take universal wheels for integration. These wheels have separate screws for fixing. 

Second step– Unfold the top panel and then adjust the ground mesh floor with screws. The top steel frame is adjustable. 

Third Step – Lock the spare parts including the base wheels and other plates for assembling the create. There should not be any mismatched parts during the fixing. The steel fixture for housing the dog must be flexible with the least rigidity. 

Fourth Step – Fix the tray underneath the mesh floor. It is an important part of collecting fecal remnants discharged by dogs. The tray is easy to separate from the floor. 

Finally, you need to cross-check whether your crates for dogs are properly fitted without unfitting them. In this connection, you should download a few samples to see how the crates are assembled. These demos online are helpful for buyers to have practical experience. 

Heavy Duty Large Dog Crate – XXL Size 

Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Heavy duty large dog crate is also available in XXL size measuring around 54 inches. This oversized cage for housing dogs has awesome sturdiness and flexibility. Great Dane, Mastiff, and Saint Bernard are popular big-size breeds that are joyous to enter into such gigantic 54-inch XXL crates. The adult Newfoundland whose weight is over 110 pounds feels free to stay inside the strong metal crate with the spacious room for giving the accommodation to dogs.

Double Door 

This heavy duty large dog crate has a double-door system with a locking system. The ferocious dog can’t open the door to go outside the kennel. The double door system is well maintained without any structural deficiency. 

Innovative Features 

  • Long-lasting rust-proof black electro-coated doors 
  • Slide bolts have latches for more safety 
  • Drop-pin smooth construction 

Heavy Duty Dog Crates for Large Dogs

Heavy duty dog crates for large dogs must be waterproof, germ-resistant, anti-fall sealant, durable, and so on. The overall structure must be a fit for your large size breed which should not have lethargy to spend his days inside the crate. Often, the large dog breed is not habituated to live in a dark kennel. Maybe, you have covered the top portion with an extra metal sheet for preventing a storm. The dog is not able to guess the presence of his master. So, he is worried and tensed. This solitary confinement may cause social isolation from the mainstream. 

Configure Large Crate Properly 

You should understand the environment to compel your pet animal to get adjusted to the new home. The dog is not as rational as you are. He tries to follow your gestures and instructions. Therefore, you must read his mind to prescribe a well-built large-size crate for your big boss who needs your assistance. The nooks and corners of the crate for dogs must have vents to pass air. Secondly, the odor spreading in the crate is poisonous for the dog. Therefore, with the guidelines, you need to construct and assemble the large crate for your 110-pound Mastiff. 

Top Features to Consider to Buy the Dog Crate 

From the very beginning, a buyer who raises the dogs should be knowledgeable about the crates to house these pet animals. Small poodles do not occupy large spaces as they are portable and soft to the touch. The problem is that the big size breeds have the extra size, extra strength, and high potential to move. Therefore, these iron-made kennels have some special features for dog safety, comfort, and health management. 

Security –Must 

Security is a concern for a dog owner to review whenever he goes to the market to buy a dog crate. The extra large breed needs the XXL kennel which has a double door, the extra space for movement, and the adult height to swing with his hunch. The rough-wired doors and steel bars without sealants seem to be a death nail to bleed the dog. He bites the uneven wires and pins which are unprotected. Therefore, the perfectly galvanized coating and anti-bacterial texture of the crate minimize the risks of injury. 

20-gauge steel frame with 0.5” diameter tubes made of pure steel gives you additional confidence to take care of your unruly large breeds. These boxy and heavy-weight dogs are not capable of destroying the rock-hard door locks. It is therefore advisable for you to choose the durable 20 gauge steel-made heavy duty large dog crate which has sufficient space plus the modern equipment for protecting these breeds.

Take Feedback from Your Friends 

Finally, you can talk to your seniors and friends to select the best crate for your dog. They have experience to help you find the top-notch crates for giving affordable accommodation to your sweet large breeds. 


Buyers have to read informative reviews on different crates to give permanent shelters to dogs. Large-sized hounds and German Shepherds search for cool places that boost up their bodies and mind. The XXL-size dog crates have steel bars, additional coating, galvanized doors, and upgraded locking systems. The modern large-size crates for big dogs are also easy to shift to different places on demand. The maintenance cost of this adult-height cage for dogs in oversized shape is low. 


Q: What is a dog crate?

A: A dog crate is a type of cage to house animals for safety.

Q: What is XXL dog crate?

A: XXL dog crates have extra large space inside the kennels with all-around protection.

Q: What type of material is a fit to manufacture the dog crate?

A: The dog crate with a metallic frame is more durable compared to the plastic and fabric.

Q: What to consider to buy the dog crate?

A: The dog crate must be spacious with proper coating or anti-rust sealant plus the mesh floor with the tray.

Q: How do you gauge the dog crate?

A: To measure the product dimension, you need to write the body measurements of the dogs for the crate.

Q: Is a metal crate for dog durable?

A: Yes, it is more long-lasting and strong enough.

Q: Where to get a crate for a dog?

A: Online dog crate stores give you multiple options to buy the best cages for rehabilitating your dogs.

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