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Stray Kids Lightstick

Stray Kids Lightstick: New Trendy Cheering Light for Fun

by Ruhia

Stray Kids lightstick is also called Nachimbong. It is a specially designed light stick with a compass and rod to symbolize integrity. The Nachimbong is a South Korean music troupe which is known as Stray Kids’ official lightstick. It guides people to reach the last target overtaking all obstacles. Through a straightforward buying guide online, you can easily collect the top Nachimbong lightsticks to participate in any Korean show. 

Background of Stray Kids Lightstick 

South Korean culture is enriched. Korean people like to join various formal and informal music concerts. They are funny, sportive, and addicted to music. It is a tradition among Korean people to carry lightsticks when they go to operas to watch live concerts. It is a symbol of fun as well. Fans are engaged to listen to the sweet melodious songs sung by the singer. The lightsticks glow sparkling different types of colors to heat up the environment. 

Stray kids lightstick was first introduced to the market in 2019 to inaugurate the first world tour entitled District 9 Unlock. In Mixtape#4 song, you will find the first stray kids lightstick to ensure the successful journey to fulfill their dreams. This luminescent glow of the lightstick inspires the audience to celebrate the special evening by watching the opera shows and listening to the music

Technical Features of Stray Kids Official Lightstick

Stray Kids Lightstick

Stray kids official lightstick version 1 was brought to people. The technical features of this product are amazing to attract the buyers searching for the right lightstick. The overall exterior finishing of the lightstick is up to the mark. The variant 1 has a white gripe-safe handlebar attached to the device. The small compass in red and silver colors is positioned on the top. This compass can rotate directing viewers to the quoted words “You make Stray Kids stay”. This slogan is exclusively for users who need to keep friendships cool and sustainable. They should make peaceful stays to enjoy the eventful days. 

Stray kids lightstick version 2 is a newly modified device with so many changes in the setting. This variant is equipped with a white handle used to keep a red and silver compass intact without direction. The OLED backlight is excellent and glamorous. It makes the compass visible even in low light. This personalized stray kids lightstick is embossed with SKZOO characters including logo/members’ names. The whole lightstick is measured 97 x 97 x 243.5. The plus point is that the second version is a little bit boxy compared to the former edition. Even there is a strap with the product. 

Why Do South Korean People Prefer Stray Kids Lightstick Official?

Koran pop music shows are popular. People who are interested in music and dancing rush to the opera theater halls to watch the live concerts. Korean pop is not complete without the fans who are present to boost up artists. The stage performers sing and dance simultaneously. They want the involvement of the audience. Guests who are present in the auditorium stand up on the floor to dance and clap with fun. The audience holds stray kids lightstick official upward with a lot of enthusiasm to stimulate the nerves of Korean pop singers and dancers. 

How to Buy Stray Kids Lightstick?

Korean pop music will not be interesting if you have no lightstick with a compass and engravings in soothing colors. People who need to buy these sophisticated stray kids lightsticks should locate the best one-stop storefronts. Here, you should be upgraded with competency to buy online. Choose the best sites which give you assortments of apps and tools for easy transactions. However, the e-commerce sites which promote such nice lightsticks must be reliable. At first, your job is to see the ranks of selected sites that give you the options to buy stray kids lightstick products at comfortable rates. 

Kpopomo – Reliable Shop for Buying Stray Kids Lightsticks Online 

Kpopomo has a wide range of collection of superior stray kids lightsticks with fantastic compasses. You will get old and new versions at the best rates. The storefront online gives customers online buying assistance to make successful transactions. 

Amazon – Top Place for Buying Stray Kids Lightstick Online

Amazon is a world-famous e-commerce portal with a large inventory to store products. This site promotes brand stray kids lightsticks which are standard and cost-efficient. You will get screenshots of the premium Lightstick devices before the final transactions. The nice box with the company’s logo is given to the buyer. Get more promotional codes to cut 20 percent of expenses to purchase the top stray kids lightstick. Before placing your orders at Amazon, check a few reviews on the specific products to know about the striking features and price tags as well. 

Cokodive –Reliable Place for Buying Online 

Cokodive is one of the reliable and licensed e-commerce portals. You can handpick Korean pop lightsticks with the latest add-ons like a backlit compass and extra strap with the logo embossment. You will get new variants that are now popular in Korea. All lightsticks are sent in decorated boxes with the logo of the company. Besides, the free shipment option is given on bulk orders. The product security is good and the product delivery is fast comparatively. 

Daebak – Trustworthy E-commerce Portal for Buying Stray Kids LIghtsticks 

Daebak is one of the dependable sites for consumers who search for fancy colorful lightsticks with superior quality. In the case of backorders, consumers get back their products when the out-of-stock is refilled with new products. They offer excellent promotional codes to reduce the cost of buying stray kids lightsticks. 

Stray Kids Lightstick – Best Gift for Family Members 

It is also called Nochimbong and is a wonderful cheering lighting pack to enjoy the eventful evening. Stray kids lightstick official is connected with the stage lighting systems. During the running show, the audience switches on the lightsticks which are controllable by the main electric plug-in circuit. The stage lights and lightsticks are closely interlinked to dazzle smoothly. However, the unofficial or informal stray kids lightsticks are controlled by personal mobile phones.

If you have a smartphone or iPhone, you can download the stray kids lightstick app on your handset to operate the whole lighting system. It is the best gift for your family member. On the birthday of your kid, try to give him an ultra-sleek colorful stray kids lightstick pack containing important plug-in accessories, a battery, and extra straps. 

Latest Stray Kids Lightstick App

Stray kids lightstick app is available for you to download the application toolkit on your Android to run the cheering rods. The battery-powered lightsticks can change their colors from blue to yellow. It depends on the setting and configuration. There are different modes for you to choose colors. The wireless stray kids lightstick device is activated by mobile phones. The auto color change option is a top feature. The battery-powered device starts glowing with the musical tune. You can choose multiple modes like slow, fast, and medium blinking modes to light up the cheering rod. 

Where to Get Stray Lightstick App?

For downloading stray lightstick app, you can hit the Google Play store for free options. It is a fast and free download to run your advanced lightstick on your Android. Besides, you can go for the less-popular sites for an instant download of the stray Lightstick app. 


Though there are a hundred sites for free download of apps from the stores, many sites are not reliable. You should select only brand websites that rank high on the Google algorithm. Nochimbong is a much sought-after cheering rod that gives you a lot of fun during music concerts. So, before downloading the Nonchimbong app on your Android, feel free to read the instructions and other guidelines to avoid technical issues. 


Stray kids lightstick or Nochimbong is an inspiration for Korean music lovers. In premium Korean shows and concerts, glossy multi-colored cheering lighting devices or rods are used. It boosts people to be united for fun, brotherhood, and noble cause. There is no denying the fact that stray kids lightsticks are favorite gifts for children who like to play with music and colorful lights. 


Q: What is Nochimbong?

A: Nochimbong is also called stray kids lightstick. It is equipped with a compass and handlebar. In Korean music concerts, viewers like to dance holding lightsticks upward.

Q: Why is stray kids lightstick popular?

A: Stray Kids lightsticks are known for their beauty and elegance. It is a custom trending light for celebrating any special day or event. Korean pop music is incomplete without a lightstick.

Q: Where to get stray kids lightstick official?

A: See, if it is an official lightstick pack, the event organizers are responsible to distribute free lightsticks. Custom lightsticks are available on top sites like Amazon.

Q: Are stray kids lightsticks mobile enabled?

A: Your stray kids lightsticks can be activated on mobile phones for ‘changing colors and speed.

Q: What is the other name of stray kids lightstick?

A: The other name of stray kids lightstick is Nochimbong.

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