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Why you should consider CGI car photography for your auto portal

Why you should consider CGI car photography for your auto portal

by Ruhia

In the coming years, you won’t see a lot of old-school photography in brochures, catalogs, magazines, or even on websites. Increasingly, OEMs are turning to computer generated imagery (CGI), in part due to its versatility, and in part due to the convenience and cost savings that it offers.

Running an automotive portal makes this even more true. The visual appeal of cars is very high for web users. For a portal to maintain its top position in terms of viewership and revenue generation, it must always have high-quality images of vehicles. For more information, visit maground.com.

The director must choose the right one for the project from the many methods offered by CGI car photography. Filming a car’s movements with a camera is the usual method directors use to capture their cars during production. In addition to making the car seem more real, it will also make it easier to make changes if necessary. Using these cameras, the director can then composite footage with live action shots to create a cinematic work of art that conveys emotion.

Having one solution to solve multiple problems

The process of capturing images of cars in crisp detail and with high quality drops is time-consuming, tedious, and expensive. Would you like to know that we can offer stunning vehicle images at a reduced life cycle cost?

CGI will revolutionize the way vehicles are photographed.

When it comes to filling your auto portals with images of cars that showcase even the smallest details with remarkable clarity, using computer generated imagery is the way to go.

How Can CGI Help?

The flexibility provided by computer-generated images cannot be matched by conventional photography.

After scanning the vehicle, you can place it anywhere, in any light, and at any angle, unlocking possibilities that conventional photography can never dream of. In fact, CGI goes much further than this, and its capabilities are far reaching.

In the event that the manufacturer of a car you already feature on your website just releases a new trim level or variant, there is no need to return to the studio and shoot new images of that car. By using CGI, you can do the job quickly and easily.

Adding a new background or animating the vehicles is as easy as adding a new background. Using CGI is effortless.

Capabilities in the digital space

The izmofx product suites go beyond high resolution images and smooth animations and even include virtual reality (VR) – the newest upcoming trend. Thus, prospective clients can get a more realistic sense of how the vehicle feels. VR has a very high level of realism that enhances the experience even further.

Computer-generated imagery is a high-performing choice to display images on automotive portals because it is realistic and delivers dynamic images, thus enabling auto portals to engage customers in a meaningful way. The difference between an old school photograph of a car and CGI cannot be distinguished, but CGI saves huge amounts of money.

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