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7 Things to Know Before Going to Brazil in 2023

by Robin Smith

In 2022, Brazil saw a 60% increase in tourist arrivals. While a global pandemic may have prevented international travel for a bit, it did not remove a burning desire to see the world. If you want to travel internationally, we highly recommend going to Brazil.

Vacationers worldwide find Brazil fascinating, fun, and one of the best destinations for adventure. You cannot compare the wonder that captivates you on a trip to Brazil.

The sites, the views, the food, and the people are unforgettable. It’s what keeps tourists coming back for more.

Brazil is a superior option if you are ready to plan your vacation. Here are the most important details to note to maximize your time there.

1. Brazil Is Not Strict With Visas

Here’s the good news. If you have an American passport, you can plan a Brazilian vacation. Brazil does not demand a tourist visa.

This makes visiting Brazil that much easier with your travel plans. Brazil does not have prejudices against foreign countries in general. Therefore, you can come and go without challenges.

Still, you want to check with your native country on visa entry rules in case your nation has laws regarding traveling internationally.

2. English Is Not a Common Language

If you only speak English, you may have a barrier to communication. Brazil’s native language is Portuguese.

Spanish is different from Portuguese. If you speak Spanish, this may also prove problematic when communicating with native Brazilians.

If you stay at an all-inclusive resort for your trip, then language will not be an issue. Most of the staff at the resorts speak English. We recommend you check out this link for the best beach clubs.

However, if you plan to venture out independently and immerse yourself in the culture, learning a few basic phrases is best.

3. Things to Do

First, see Christ the Redeemer Statue, which keeps a watchful eye, carefully looking over the people of Rio de Janeiro. It was unveiled in 1931. In 2007, it was voted a New Seven Wonders of the World.

Next, there is Sugarloaf Mountain. You can gaze down at Rio de Janeiro from its 1,300-foot summit. You can also see the Christ the Redeemer statue and get an epic view of the Ipanema and Copacabana beaches.

After that, you must visit the most extensive waterfall system in the world, Iguaçu Falls. Travel one of its trails and marvel at 275 separate cascades.

Then there is the Selarón Steps, which are proudly decorated with the bright colors of the Brazilian flag in over 2,000 tiles. It marks a boundary that separates the Santa Teresa and Lapa neighborhood.

You can take a dip in the beautiful waters of Copacabana Beach. Their white sands are legendary, with late-night parties, volleyball players competing, and tourists enjoying agua de coco, sipping it from a bright green coconut. Yeah, it’s just like that!

Don’t forget to see the mighty Amazon River before you go. It guards 20% of Earth’s fresh water.

4. Places to Eat

You will love eating at D.O.M., a two-Michelin-star restaurant led by Alex Atala, the world-renowned chef. This upscale establishment charms tourists with its local touch of food native to Brazil. You’ll get superb service, sensational wine, and unusual pairings.

São Paulo has some of Brazil’s finest restaurants, including Mani. Its menu brings together the best native ingredients while also embracing contemporary innovation. Make a reservation for this restaurant because the waiting line can be extensive.

In Rio de Janeiro, you can enjoy fabulous seafood at Marine Resto, excellent steak at Galeto & Cia, and tasty Italian at Gabbiano Ristorante. For tourists on a budget, you can grab a pizza at Stalos or barbecue at Monchique.

5. Most Places Accept Credit Cards

Brazil has an advanced system for accepting payments. Almost everywhere Brazilians accept credit cards, from malls to bars.

They have their own currency. Because of this, credit cards are simpler for tourists. It avoids going to a currency exchange to trade American dollars for Brazilian currency (the real). It also avoids having to find a local ATM.

6. Brazilians Are Welcoming

When you are ready to make vacation plans, it is comforting to know that visiting Brazil means entering a country full of friendliness and kindness. This trip will be unforgettable. It is the Brazilian way of life to be welcoming to visitors.

Their culture is very social, so they open their arms to tourists. When you need help, know that the people of Brazil will treat you with respect. A Brazilian citizen will always be around to lend a hand.

7. Be Careful of Favelas

There is one caveat to the generosity of Brazil. There is one part of the country you may want to avoid, which is the favelas. While it is a unique experience, it is unsafe and unpredictable.

There are favela-guided tours but think twice before agreeing to them. If you visit this district, do not go alone. Travel in a group.

Going to Brazil? Go Prepared!

These are primary details to remember. Portuguese is the native language, credit cards are widely accepted, and the native people are phenomenal. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in their unique restaurants and awe-inspiring tourist attractions.

Going to Brazil will be a blast, so enjoy! We publish new lifestyle articles daily so you can live your life to its fullest, so don’t leave. If it enlightens you, then we have an article about it. We are ready to share these excellent stories with you right now. Keep clicking on more brilliant articles.

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