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Having Fun Whilst Travelling Solo

Having Fun Whilst Travelling Solo

by Ruhia

Initially, the idea of solo travelling might seem a bit daunting. But if something inside you says you want to give it a go, why not follow your gut? Solo travel can help develop your sense of who you are as a person and push you outside your comfort zone.

With a few tips to help you enjoy your trip to the max and stay safe, there’s no reason why you can’t have the time of your life.

Book tickets in advance

The funny thing about travelling solo is that you’re the only one organising! You’ll need to be on the ball. Make sure you book any train tickets, or other transport you may need, you might need well in advance.

Aim to book any accommodation in the location around the same time. This helps you avoid having to pay high prices on a date you’ve already guaranteed you’ll be travelling on.

Meet other travellers

Once you’re at your destination, don’t worry about not knowing anyone. It’s a great time to enjoy your own company and self-reliance. There’s also no reason why you can’t make some new friends!

Find events to go to nearby and hang out in friendly public places like cafes. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with other tourists, if they seem trustworthy. It might lead to new connections and maybe even some invaluable travel advice.

Stay somewhere with free WiFi

You might be tired from your adventures during the evenings, so it’s the perfect time to catch up with friends and family back home. They’ll no doubt want to hear about how it’s going. These conversations should give you the social connection you need if you’re not interacting much with anyone during the day.

Free WiFi in the place you’re staying is essential if you want to do this.  

Secure your valuables

Stolen belongings can put a damper on any exciting trip. Gadgets and purses are popular commodities sought after by pickpockets. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. When you pack your clothes and bags, assess everything for its level of security as a priority.

Only take handbags and rucksacks with secure hidden pockets to stash your valuables. Don’t be afraid to wear your backpack on your front when passing through any crowded areas or standing on public transport.

Be especially wary when visiting a location where tourists commonly report theft.

Just in case all else fails, ensure that your travel insurance policy covers all your valuables, your passport and cash. Many policies don’t include gadgets. Instead, they will allow you to add a separate gadget insurance policy at the checkout. This is well worth getting in case you need to claim a lost phone or anything similar.

Thinking about theft shouldn’t scare you off solo travelling! It’s just best to be aware of the prevention methods you can take to mitigate the chances of any drama.

Planning a solo trip abroad puts the power in your hands to have a good time, whether or not anyone joins you. In the end, you’ll also have honed quite a few transferable skills, like organisation. All in all, it can be an empowering experience.

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