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Pakistani Foods

Must-Try Traditional Pakistani Foods: A Culinary Journey

by Ruhia

One of the most attractive destinations for you is Pakistan. International tourists visit different exotic places in this nation sharing its borderline with India, Afghanistan, and Kabul. The dried climate does not prevent people from enjoying the holidays. However, the culinary journey to Pakistan is unforgettable and it gives you a new experience of eating delicious regional foods. People who pay a visit to Pakistan are glad to dine with friends at traditional restaurants and food stalls to have the regional culinary ethos. To change your taste buds, you need to select the best Pakistani foods at competitive prices. 

What Are Specialties in Pakistani Foods 

Pakistani people like to eat spicy rich foods that have sufficient chili paste, a strong flavor of ginger, and other aromatic spices. The awesome colors of the foods are tasty to boost up guests who are invited to have the best foods. For example, Pakistani biryani and chicken karahi are so popular that even global tourists like to have dishes of hot flavorful biryani. There are many new food items to attract outsiders. The elegance and elitism are palpable in Pakistani dishes which give you more stamina to feel energetic. 

Pakistani citizens like to eat delicious conventional dishes which are cooked specially. They also like to serve food to their special guests. This passion for food preparation is really a good sign. Through traditional Pakistani cuisine, there must be a bond of humanity and unity in every sphere of life. Serene Airline is available for you to leave your homeland to reach the target city in Pakistan to have experience with traditional Pakistani foods. 

Halwa Puri – Delicious Breakfast for You

Pakistani Foods

Semolina pudding with fried flatbread must give you a new way of leading your lifestyle. Halwa Puri is famous in Pakistan. The blend of savory elements and sweetness makes it more precious for a guy to have the original taste of local Pakistani dishes. It is the top food in Lahore. Weekend brunch is incomplete if you do not eat halwa puri during your culinary tour in Pakistan. 

Pathoray (Stuffed Flatbread)

Pathoray is a type of flatbread that has the mixture of multiple ingredients, and sauce to revitalize your mood. The strong savory pickle is a must for eating pathoray. You should place the order to have such a mouth-watering dish at the breakfast table. 

Chicken Boti Kabab

Pakistani Foods

Pakistanis are adventurous and they hold their thousand-year-old elitism and tradition. Therefore, they preserve their vanity by offering you a handful of classic dishes ranging from chicken boti kabab to chapli kabab. Grilled spicy chicken pieces on the skewer are dipped in a container full of spices to be marinated. This delicious food has a wonderful combination of palatable chili sauce and special aromatic herbs. This kabab is extremely flavorful to mesmerize the guests. On any special occasion, you can serve the dishes of fresh chicken kabab to keep your tradition in high esteem. 

Chicken Jalfrezi- A Part of Pakistani Legacy

Chicken Jalfrezi is one of the spicy foods in Pakistan. When you visit any local food kiosk, you can select the Chicken Jalfrezi which has a touch of tomato flavor and peppers. The thick surface of the jalfrezi food is glossy with toppings and spices. If you are not lucky to find this special dish at any local kiosk in Lahore, you must search the internet to find the recipe to prepare such delicious spicy food at home. 

Chicken Handi – An Extraordinary Pakistani Food 

Chicken Handi

Boneless chicken pieces are marinated to prepare such wonderful chicken handi. You will have a lot of enthusiasm when you take a few chunks of chicken pieces to eat. The deep creamy texture of the chicken handi has an awesome flavor which makes you crazy. One of the wonders is that this chicken is cooked in a clay pot. Restore your love for Pakistani people by eating tasty chicken handi. 

Chicken Malai Tikka 

Ginger, garlic, pepper, and sauce are the ingredients for Pakistanis to prepare their traditional dishes. For instance, in the case of making chicken malai tikka, the cook likes to blend multiple spices and herbal ingredients to prepare the chicken malai tikka. You will get special discounts on national holidays to buy this chicken malai tikka. 

Book Serene Airline for a Culinary Journey to Pakistan

The serene airline booking process is easy on the internet. To go to Pakistan, you can reserve your seats in the top airbus. It will take you to the largest city in Pakistan. Over there, you will have to start your outdoor campaign to have the flavorful taste of Pakistani cuisine and local foods. 

Where to Find Best Recipes to Prepare Pakistani Dishes?

If you are interested in cooking special Pakistani cuisine and spicy local dishes, you can do the needful. Going to any top Pakistani culinary site, you will see the list of top food items with recipes. You can copy and paste the recipe content on a different document file for offline reading. Or you can visit the online streaming portal to go through the bunch of recipes to have a guide to prepare Pakistani foods. YouTube uploads videos on various recipes including the Pakistani culinary expedition. 

Have a Guide Online 

If you are a newcomer in Pakistan, you need a guide to have more information about the culinary system in this country. Many foreigners want to learn about the delicious spicy Pakistani dishes which are the foundations of Pakistani’s traditional culture. To discover the secrets, you should research to know about the variance in Pakistani traditional cuisine. See, depending on the quality of foods, the prices are set. You must create your budget and then decide what to buy and eat. Traditional Pakistani foods stimulate your tongue giving you more flavor to feel good. 


Pakistan is trying to overcome the recent financial recession and inflation. This nation has to develop its less important rural areas to strengthen the hospitality industry. Pakistani traditional cuisine must tempt global tourists to visit this country. In this way, the revenues from the hospitality and leisure sectors of Pakistan will be collected in large volumes. 

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