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Bonnie Sanders Zipline

Bonnie Sanders Zipline Crash – A Tragic Incident

by Ruhia

Accidents and mishaps occur unexpectedly without noticing the victims. Bonnie Sanders Burney is an example of a futile zipline ride crossing over the valley. Bonnie Sanders zipline accident has raised concern over the quality of zipline or cable riding in Alleghany County. Sanders, a 12 years old girl died when she was riding the cable zipline. Camp Cheerio in Alleghany County is the stop where this mishap happened on 11th June. Burney’s untimely departure made everyone morose and frustrated. The autopsy dictates that the zipline mishap is an indicator of the improper setting in the cable configuration and dereliction of duty.

Who Is Bonnie Sanders Zipline?

Bonnie Sanders is an unlucky 12-year-old girl whose zipline crashed. She made a 42ft nosedive to touch the ground. She succumbed to injury. This Bonnie Sanders Zipline accident gave a terrific jolt to people residing in Alleghany County. Her family members did not know how to express their grief and sorrow to say goodbye to their lovely children. Her sudden demise put everyone in perplexity. Sanders was six grade student who studied at St. Mark Catholic School.

How Did Cable Ride Accident Happen?

Bonnie Sanders Zipline

Bonnie Sanders took a lip to drop on the tough ground from the 42 ft high zipline unit. She was nowhere after such a fall from the top. According to the eyewitness, she was seen falling speedily from the suspending cable zipline unit. After an investigation, Camp CEO David Ozmore admitted that the fault was tracked in the cable joints.

Due to overheating, some portions of the overhead lines were burnt to ashes. At the same time, he claimed that this ropeway line was not obstructed or out of order for the last 2 years. God knows how this happened accidentally. The cable was melted down to create a lot of tension. People were shocked and numbed due to such an unnoticed mishap. He further clarified that the repair works are going on to make the zipline unit standalone resuming working efficiency.

What Is the Reaction of Bonnie Sanders’ Family?

The caustic scenario of the zipline ride mishap stunned eyewitnesses and family members of the deceased. In a new press release, the spokesperson of the family of Sanders asked for a complete interrogation and inspection to stop such nonsensical activity. According to Sanders’ relatives, the accident could have been steered clear of in the event of taking precautionary measures.

The cable operator should have been more responsible with highly committed to maintaining the Bonnie Sanders zipline system. The cable ride was risky due to such technical snarl in the overhead live wire joints crisscrossing the tangled mass of the cable lines. Unhappy family members of Bonnie shifted their vexation to the concerned authority and the duty-bound officers engaged to operate the zipline systems.

Safety Bill Passed after the Cable Ride Accident

The unsafe ride on the cable chair hanging is risky for the passengers. It will be more fatal if the rider is a teenager or minor without guidance. Sanders was a girl who had to accept death. She fell from the ropeway joint 42 ft down to land on the uneven hilly terrain. Her body was smashed and leveled with the ground. The spectators did not expect such a gruesome incident which put all passengers and visitors on alert. However, after such inexplicable misery, local administration and residents were joined to pass a bill for more ride safety. The court intervened to make the order effective for the sake of the safety of riders willing to enjoy the zipline rides.

Family members of Sanders were caught saying that they were happy after hearing the Davis’ Bill regarding the Bonnie Sanders zip line ride safety. Many innocent persons would be protected if this particular bill is enacted. Their only girl is not present to give them accompaniment and support. It is high time for parents to take care of their children from imminent danger and untoward incidents.

What Is the Verdict of Davis?

After repeated hearings at the court, Davis, the honorable judge, came to the conclusion that the accident is the outcome of a lack of responsibility and civic sense. Due to an inadvertent mistake, beautiful life was stopped before attaining maturity. The Davis Bill clarified that the accused cable ride operators have to pay five times the penalty charges for lack of awareness and seriousness. This bill compels other more than 100 zipine operators to pay extra heed to the safety guidelines to avoid imminent accidents. If it is an oversight, the higher authority must direct employees and cable operators to be more careful, attentive, and responsible to run such aerial cable ride units or zipline systems.


Bonnie Sanders zipline experienced sudden technical defects. The tangled cable wires start thawing in heat. The hard friction of the cables messed up ending the life of Bonnie Sanders. Her severe zipline crash warns other cable ride operators to follow the strict rules for safety purposes. Davis’ Bill will increase the degree of ride protection minimizing the danger. 


Q: Who is Bonnie Sanders ziplone?

A: Bonnie Sanders ziplone is a girl who fell from the hanging cable unit or zipline to invite death. She was the victim of the oversight of the zipline operators.

Q: Why is Bonnie Sanders Popular?

A: Bonnie Sanders is not a popular figure but she is unlucky she died of a ropeway mishap. Bonnie Sanders zip line was broken and smashed due to the cable friction.

Q: What is Davis’ Bill?

A: Davis’ Bill was enacted to prevent the ropeway accident trends. The punishment is severe and there is an increase in the penalty charges five-fold high.

Q: What is the reaction of Bonnie Sanders’ Friends and Relatives?

A: The co-mates of Bonnie Sanders participated in the consolation ceremony and prayer to keep their hats off to this deceased. At the mortuary, family members were seen to pay their homage and tribute to this young girl.

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