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Cissy Lynn

Cissy Lynn- A Complete Biography Including Family, Career and Her Relationship

by Ruhia

Cissy Lynn, a female country singer, is the daughter of Lat Loretta Lynn and Oliver Doolittle. She is now a full-grown lady with her sweet family. However, she met with a tumultuous situation after the absence of her parents. She is an elegant profile singer who has six siblings and a couple of children. Know about her family background, career, relationship, and details within a short framework. 

Who Is Cissy Lynn?

Cissy Lynn is a well-known female artist who is the proud daughter of a former singer named Loretta and a manager named Doolittle. 

Information about Cissy Lynn’s Birth Details 

Information is scanty about the birth details of Cissy Lynn. She was born to Loretta and Doolittle on 7th April 1952. Her exact birthplace is Hurricane Mills Ranch, TN. She was a lovely daughter to her parents. Loretta and Doolittle spent the whole course of five decades of marriage life raising her fantastically. She is not alone but there are more siblings to give her accompany. 

Information about Cissy Lynn’s Parents 

Cissy Lynn grew up in TN under the care of her parents. She got a highly responsible mother who had no exhaustion to take care of her children even after the divorce. Loretta was a popular country singer who released several albums during her lifetime. On the other hand, Doolittle was a manager by profession. As he was busy round the clock, he could not keep in touch with his daughters. Cissy Lynn had to part with her dad for a long time. 

Cissy Lynn and Her Six Siblings – A Complex Family 

Lynn is surrounded by a group of six siblings who are her friends. Out of six siblings, she has three sisters and two brothers. Eldest sister is Betty Sue Lynn whose birth date is 26th November 1948. However, she left for heaven suddenly in 2013. The cause of her death is believed to be emphysema. Jack Benny Lynn is the other brother of the six siblings. He also died at the age of 35. 

Cissy Lynn grew up in her home in Tennessee with 5 of her siblings – 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Her eldest sister, Betty Sue Lynn was born on 26th November 1948. Sadly, she met an untimely death on 29th July 2013. Peggy Jean Patsy Eileen and Ernest Ray are the rest of the siblings. Ernest is the young brother who is now in TN with his wife – Crystal Lynne. It is a complex family chart. Her parents were divorced through a legal process. Again her father was remarried to someone. 

What about Cissy Lynn’s Mother? 

Cissy Lynn

Cyssy Lynn’s mother was responsible for handling all domestic issues. She worked in showbiz as a singer. She was popular as she used to sing well. At that time, Doolittle was a manager in a company. She had the responsibility of rearing up all the children without depending on hubby.

Doolittle swindled her a number of times throughout their marriage life. Cissy Lynn was just young trying to survive. She saw her mother earning a livelihood by performing at various shows/functions. When she was divorced, she decided to go back home to spend time with her children. She did not lose her temperament as she had the patience to bear turmoil. 

Cissy Lynne and Her Marriage Life

Time never stops to retreat but it moves forward. It welcomes the future. Same way, Cissy Lynne did not get stuck on a single matter. She overtook by showcasing her valor and wisdom. When she lost her parents, she concentrated on building up her career. She was a mediocre singer who entertained people. In-between, she liked to go for dating. Romance is part and parcel of her life. Her first marriage was not successful.

She was forced to divorce her first hubby. She planned to date another guy named John Beams. They were united to start a new life with peace. The Black River Band is a musical troupe operated by Beams and Cissy. Fans think that they met each other at various music concerts and fell in love as usual. 

Cissie Lynn’s Country Store

Cissie Lynn’s country store is located at the street address Cissie Lynn’s Country Store is 8000 TN-13, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, US. This online storefront is a type of convenience storefront for people in TN. You can purchase processed food, vegetables, fruits, and edible accessories at this store. Cissy Lynn is at present in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, United States. She is now working as a manager at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in TN. She likes to work hard and she is also listed in the hierarchy of top self-reliable female personalities in America. 

Cissie Lynn Letter to Loretta- Interesting Facts to Reveal 

Cissie Lynn letter to Loretta is a song presented by Cissy. Actually, she wanted to follow her mother- Loretta. Her mom was a great singer in TN. Cissie wrote a letter to Loretta that she would be a sought-after singer like her mom. She started by writing that Loretta used to take her to the bus terminal to ride the bus to go to school. She led her onto the bus and then beckoned Cissy to enter the vehicle. So, her mom is a leader to be ahead.

She needs her mom’s support to become a singer. Cissy Lynn would learn lessons from Loretta on how to become a successful singer. She is a great mentor for advising and guiding Cissy. Her written text was published in the form of a song sung by Cissy herself. You can track her song on the internet.

How Old Is Cissy Lynn Now?

Cissy is now 71 years old. She completed her schooling at Waverly Central High School in TN.

What Is the Total Asset of Cissy Lynn?

Cissy Lynn is modest and she likes to earn dollars by singing songs like her mother. The approximate estimation of his net worth is around $1.5 million. There is another declaration from the family members that Lynn’s mother left assets amounting to $65 million before she died. She bequeathed her all properties among her children. So, she is also the major heir to claim some portion of the total proceeds. 

Cissy Lynn Height

Cissy Lynn is a sophisticated woman whose physical elegance is awesome. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall. She keeps herself healthy and smart. 

The Popular Music Albums of Cissy Lynn 

There is no denying the fact that Cissy Lynn is a professional singer. She emulated her mom to become a good performer on the stage. Though Loretta was a famous artist in TN, she meditated to build up her music career by releasing several hot albums. Like her mom, she published the top albums entitled The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter, Letter to Loretta, Boomerang, and Should I Stop Dreamin’, etc.

Right now, Cissy’s kid opened a convenience store named Cissie Lynn Country Store with music burn. Enjoy the nightlife by eating nutritious foods and dancing to the tune of marvelous music. The night is really charming for the couples. 

Cissy Lynn- Know the Unrevealed World 

The life is mysterious and uncertain. None knows what to happen tomorrow. Cissy Lynn began her life dramatically. She is the daughter of a famous female singer and a manager. However, there are many secrets which are not revealed so far. Loretta wedded Doolittle when she was just 19 years old without signs of over-maturity. She accepted the proposal of her hubby for dating.

The surprise is that their one-month-long dating took the shape of marriage in the long run. This sudden occurrence put her in complexities without thinking of future consequences. Loretta shared her experience in Still Woman Enough – her autobiography. She hated her hubby because he neglected her. When she conceived the first time, she did not get cooperation and moral support from Doolittle. 

Cissy Lynn-Reason for Loretta’s Divorce 

Love is sweet but separation brings untold misery. Cissy Lynn was lonely when her parents confronted and argued. According to Loretta, the bad behavior of her husband is the sole reason for their separation. Though he did not slap her, he withdrew himself from her without any specific reason. This humiliation did not reinforce their love any longer. 


The biography of Cissy Lynn is interesting. She is a good wife and mother. She is a singer by profession. However, she is also a good administrator to run a storefront. Her achievement as a singer is not so brilliant compared to Loretta but she is still self-reliant, maverick, and liberal. 


Q: Who Is Loretta?

A: Loretta is the mother of Cissy Lynn. She is also a singer in TN.

Q: Why is Cissy Lynn Popular?

A: Cissy Lynn is known for her emotional attachment to her parents and the music world. She is the daughter of Loretta.

Q: What is the age of Cissy Lynn?

A: Approximately 71. She is still alive to live with her children in TN.

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