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Katherine 'Kady' Allen

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen- Summary of Her Personal Details/Height/DOB/Profession

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If you know Tim Allen acting in Last Man Standing, Home Improvement, and Toy Story Series, you will also identify Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen. She is the lovely daughter of this American sitcom actor who has starred in several popular movies. Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is known for her celebrity father. A short biography of this young woman is given helping her fans to have more information about her age, date of birth, career, and relationship. 

Who Is Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen?

Katherine Kady Allen was born to Tim’s family. Her parents are celebs who have reared their daughter. Certainly, she is one of them and she is also proud of being a family member of Tim’s lineup. Her date of birth is 1989. She grew up in Los Angeles and spent her early girlhood life with her parents. Katherine’s age is now 33. Now, she looks very beautiful and pretty.

Family Background of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen has an excellent family background. She is happy that her father is an American actor with a high-profile lifestyle. Though she is not an actress herself she likes to discuss and participate in the debate. Tim is her father and Laura Deibel is the mother to this maverick self-reliant woman. Her mother is a sales manager and event organizer. She has also a sibling named Elizabeth. The small family is well-established and reputed. Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is a talented artist known for her unique and captivating creations in the world of contemporary art.

Short Description of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is a cute woman who is around 33 years old. She is a Christian by religion but her ethnicity is Caucasian living in Los Angeles, America. She has a bright future. Kady works hard for greater achievement. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She is a 5’ 7” tall elegant lady whose hairstyle is straight.

The physical aesthete of Kady attracts her neighbors and friends. After her parent’s separation, she learned how to stand in adversity. According to family members, Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen has straight brunette hair with brown-colored eyeballs. She was the pinnacle of attraction for college friends who appreciated her dashing look. 

Her Educational Background 

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is educated but there is no specific information about her schooling. She never tries to unfurl her private lifestyle including her educational qualification. Even parents are silent on this subject. 

Tim Allen-Father of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen

Katherine 'Kady' Allen

Timothy Allen Dick who was born in Denver, based in Colorado became famous as Tim Allen. His acting performance stunned his contemporary co-stars and fans. Right now, this popular comedian and actor is happy with his professional career. He is a middle-aged gentleman who lives in America. He is a born actor and musician.

While completing his schooling at Seahld High School, he was addicted to classical music. He played piano to satisfy himself. Later, he worked with many elegant and noted music players, composers, and singers. He is a rich and cool man who is busy with his professional domain but he is also a creative person. His hobby of spending his weekends with his children at home.

Katherine “Kady” Allen shares a close and supportive bond with her father, navigating life’s challenges together with a strong connection that reflects their shared values and experiences.

Laura Diebel – Mother to Katherine Kady Allen 

Laura Diebel is not only a good mother to Kady but she is a humanitarian. She is a professional sales manager and organizer to manages many social events. Way back in 1984, Laura decided to date Tim but the relationship did not last longer. After being married to this American sitcom actor, she thought of taking legal separation from her hubby.

Though it is not clear about the reason behind her divorce, she is not interested in keeping the relationship any longer. Tim was drug-addicted, alcoholic, and aggressive. She discovered that he did wrong things and tortured others under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 

Who Is Jane Hajduk- Stepmother to Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen?

The relationship seems to be colorful and therefore forceful. Tim was involved with Jane and he continued dating till their marriage. Jane is the stepmother and she is also an actress. This elegant American artist has participated in several movies such as Ultimate Spider-Man, Zoom, and Mind Master. Kady has no biological sister or sibling but Elizabeth is the daughter of Jane. Tim is the father to Elizabeth by his second marriage. 

Katherine Kady Allen- Net Worth 

Katherine Kady Allen is a decent and modest woman who has no signs of scandal and rumors. She is a fair lady but she has not revealed anything about her profession. She is not a celeb like Jane. However, her father is a millionaire. His net worth is over 100 million dollars. He takes 1.25 million dollars per episode. 

Short Bio of Katherine Kady Allen 

Full Name: Katherine Kady Allen
First Name: Katherine
Middle Name: Kady
Last Name: Allen
Profession Celebrity siblings
Nationality: American
Birth Country: United States
Father Name: Tim Allen
Father Profession: Actor and comedian
Mother Name: Laura Deibel
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Siblings: Elizabeth Allen Dick
Date of Birth: 1989

Katherine Kady Allen-Her Romantic Lifestyle 

Katherine Kady Allen is always energetic and she knows how to lead her personal lifestyle. She is also a good romantic lover. Allen met Alex Farragut in 1996. This first encounter opened the space for both to plan for marriage. They were friends who shared their joy and sorrow. They attended parties and many social events. However, people do not have any information about the outcome of this romantic relationship.

Her awe-inspiring smiling face melts down a million hearts. Katherine Kady Allen is an iconic figure due to her physical attraction. She is slim and tall with brunette hair. In 2002, People Magazine selected her as the ninth most attractive lady with a premium look. She was visible on official websites like Teen Vogue and Maxim dating back to 1998. Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen looks beautiful and cares about her love.

Katherine Kady Allen and Educational Background 

Though reliable sources did not confirm in detail about her education, the unreliable database unfurled a few facts about her schooling. She studied at Sacramento Country Day School to acquire the diploma. She earned a scholarship from New York City’s Columbia University in 2001. Katherine Kady Allen is a student of psychology and she completed her higher education at Colombia University. She is also doing great jobs as a fashion designer. Her new romantic partner is Glenn Howerton and she is planning to settle soon with him. 

Interesting Facts about Katherine Kady Allen

Katherine Kady Allen is also a well-known actress with superior acting performance. When she was just a four-year-old daughter, she appeared in a Christmas TV episode – The Home Improvement sitcom. It was her first debut. Next movie The Tool Man projected Katherine Kady Allen as Tim. In the same movie, Tim Allen was seen playing the role of Taylor. She is a good actress. The media sources have made official confirmation about her participation in a few movies like Radioland Murders, The Santa Clause, and Three Wishes.

Though Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen wasn’t a star, fans had already fallen in love with her distinctive voice, yet she chose to remain within the confines of her home.

Why Is Katherine Called Kady?

Katherine Kady Allen has performed in Last Man Standing, Home Improvement, and Toy Story Series. In Last Man Standing, she has taken the role of Kady, as the eldest daughter. Besides, she showcased her versatility in All I Want for Christmas. Her performance puts everyone in surprise. 

Kady on Social Media Sites 

Katherine Kady Allen is a high-profile woman who has starred in many movies and TV shows. Right now, she is posting her gigs, photos, and videos on popular social media platforms. She has included or added over 100 friends to her buddies list. Her fan followers cross a million to make her a strong social media influencer. 

Any Unknown Fact about Kady 

Katherine Kady Allen is a not lazy woman who suffers from claustrophobia and loneliness. She is active and smart. When she stays at home, she likes to cook delicious dishes. She has a wide range of collections of recipes. 


Katherine Kady Allen is a woman with multiple skills including acting, fashion design, singing, and modeling. Her name pops up on social media sites and the movie industry because of her hereditary connection with Tim Allen. Katherine Kady Allen‘s father is a noted sitcom comedian and music composer. Her mother is a social reformer and professional sales representative. She is also an example for teens who want to be world famous.


Q1: What is Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen age?

A: Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen age is now 33 years.

Q2: Why is Katherine named Kady?

A: Kady is a popular character in Last Man Standing. Katherine plays the role of Kady.

Q3: Who is Kate?

A: Kate, the co-star, works with Tim Allen, the American movie star and father of Kady.

Q4: Who is the host of Last Man Standing?

A: Tim Allen is the host of managing and supervising Last Man Standing.

Q5: Why is Tim Allen popular?

A: Tim Allen is a renowned American actor whose acting performance pleases his fans. He is also seen in many TV series as well.

Q6: Who are Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen parents?

A: Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen parents are Tim Allen and Laura Deibel.

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