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Unique Yet Sensible Ideas for Storing Your Custom Challenge Coins

by Ruhia

Challenge coins are far from simple metal tokens. So, what is a challenge coin?

They’re a symbol of honor, bravery, and camaraderie with a history that dates back centuries.

Maybe you’re a proud coin collector. Perhaps you were presented with a challenge coin following your time in service. Either way, you know these coins deserve a special place.

But let’s face it—conventional stands and boxes are pretty dull. If you really want to give your coins the pride of place they deserve, you need to think outside the box.

Read on for some revolutionary challenge coin storage solutions.

1. Display Them in a Shadow Box

Similarly to a Victorian-era curiosity cabinet, a shadow box is often used to display knick-knacks. They are typically square or rectangular boxes filled with compartments of varying sizes. These compartments function as mini shelves to house items.

They can easily be repurposed to display your challenge coin collection.

Shadow boxes come in a wide range of sizes and configurations, making them easily customizable to the different coins in your collection.

2. Use a Custom Challenge Coins Storage Solution

Just as there are many custom challenge coin creators (learn more on custom challenge coins here), there are equally as many custom challenge coin storage manufacturers.

Choose from:

  • Coin albums
  • Wall and desktop display racks in various configurations
  • Coin bags
  • Coin books
  • Wall-mounted coin display boards
  • Coin stands for single coins or sets
  • Coin trays

If you go custom, you can add logos, imagery, mottos, sayings, quotes, and so much more to your storage of choice.

3. Stow Them Away in a Safe Deposit Box

Do you have a particularly valuable challenge coin collection? Instead of storing it where everyone can see it, it might be more secure in a safe deposit box.

In the US, most bank branches offer safe deposit box rental. You can rent it for yourself or add others (such as next of kin or a spouse) to the rental contract. Then, they can access it in an emergency.

You can also buy safe boxes (like a vault) to keep at home. These are, of course, less secure but may deter theft due to their lockable systems.

4. Use a Custom Challenge Coin Display Case

Similar to a shadow box, a display case is an excellent way to showcase your collection.

These cases are typically rectangular and feature a transparent glass door that can be opened and closed. Some cases also include a lock and key.

Display cases protect your coins from damage and dust, and they can be mounted to the wall, letting you proudly show off your collection.

5. Include Them in a Time Capsule

Do you have an exceptionally sentimental or historically significant challenge coin collection? You might consider passing it on to future generations by including it in a time capsule.

Time capsules are created by individuals (sometimes sealed into the walls of new builds or old home renovations) or organizations. They include items relevant to the capsule’s creation date or sentimental to the creators.

For example, on its 75th anniversary, the Eighth Army created and sealed a time capsule into the statue of a former commander. It contained, among other things, some challenge coins!

6. Craft an American Flag-Themed Display Rack

Okay, so a display rack isn’t that unique. However, one adorned with or shaped like the American flag takes things up a notch!

Go with this storage idea if you’re a current or former military member, law enforcement officer, or simply love your country.

We particularly love the “thin blue line” design, where each line of the flag’s stripes holds a row of coins.

7. Turn Them Into Rings

A few years ago, people started turning metal coins into rings. You can do this with any coin, including challenge coins!

There are two ways to make a coin ring. One way is to cut a hole in the ring and turn it inside out. Another way is to hammer the coin at the edges and cut out the middle.

If you don’t have the skills and tools to make one yourself (and let’s face it, most of us don’t), there are services—like here on Etsy—you can send your coins.

These rings make lovely, memorable gifts for close friends and family.

8. Display Them With Your Military Gear

Perhaps you have an old jacket from your time in the military? Maybe you still have your police cap. Believe it or not, this paraphernalia makes for unique coin storage solutions.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine (or know someone who is), you can add PVC pouches to the gear. A coin goes into each pocket.

Alternatively, you could get the item and your challenge coins professionally mounted by a framer. They will know how to arrange the coins with the item for display. Plus, everything will be protected from dust.

9. Upcycle Old Jewelry Boxes

An old jewelry box makes a unique challenge coin holder.

Look for boxes made from luxurious materials like velvet or leather. Ring boxes already have a slit perfect for sitting a coin in, but experiment with necklace and bracelet boxes, too.

If you don’t have any jewelry boxes passed down through your family, you can scour vintage markets and antique stores to find some. Or, if you prefer, new velvet boxes are available for purchase online.

Display Your Challenge Coins the Right Way Today!

Challenge coins are immensely valuable to their owners.

They’re symbols of pride and achievement and often hold a lot of emotion. Making an effort to store them creatively showcases their significance and honor.

Create a custom display case. Repurpose old military gear. Turn them into rings.

There are countless ways to give your challenge coins the attention they deserve and instill some of your personality into their display. You’re only limited by your imagination!

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