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4PX Tracking

What Is 4PX Tracking? How Does It Work for Your Freight Forwarding?

by Ruhia

4px tracking system is upgraded to help you track your shipments for final delivery at the doorstep of the customer. 4PX is a Chinese logistics management company that provides affordable shipment and logistics management services. This freight forwarding company also provides online software maintenance and consultation services to consumers. 

What Is 4px Tracking?

4px tracking is an advanced system for the identification of customizable cargo for final mail delivery at the specific street address of a customer. With this fast cargo tracking number, you can track your shipment quickly without hiring brokers. It is very easy to use a 4px tracking code which contains 40 numerical digits. You will have to use all these numbers for instant cargo/shipment tracking.

About 4PX

4PX logistics management company exports valuable parcels and large-size consignments to international destinations. This shipment company collects all packages for packaging to enhance the final mail delivery. To do that, the logistics personnel of this courier company use smart technology and talented manpower to pack up the consignments including barcode scanning and necessary documentation. Since the inception of 4px in 2004, it has worked efficiently to ship consignments to over 50 nations globally. 

How Do You Use 4px Tracking Number?

4px tracking number is a tail of 40 numerical digits which are found on the receipt of your payment/invoice. To know about the current status of your cargo, you should go to the company’s website to open the home page. Over there, you will find the specific space for putting the registered tracking number correctly. You must type the whole 4px tacking number properly on the search box. Pressing the tracking button, you will see the results. Information is now available to give you updates about the shipments for last mail delivery. 

How to Access the 4px Tracking Number?

4PX tracking number is the important code that is used for cargo tracking and identification. After the dispatching of the cargo from the outbound center of the logistics company, the shipments go to the airport for transportation. Through the transmittal system, the consignment reaches the depots by road, sea, or air. Customers have to wait for the final shipment to the specific street address. However, due to technological improvement, easily, you can track your shipments on your Android by putting 40 digits in a 4px tracking number. 

How to Find?

Usually, 4px tracking number is sent to your email inbox with the short order confirmation message. By visiting the site, you should copy and paste this long code for tracking the cargo. The company’s fastest mobile app gives you a prompt response with details about the order tracking. Often, the seller or vendor puts the tracking number in the invoice. See the 40-digit number for instant product tracking. 

If 4px Tracking Numbers Do Not Match 

4px tracking numbers are not always perfect. Due to a technical error, the site gives you the wrong 4px tracking code number. When you put the number in the specific search box, the information will be nowhere to assist you. Therefore, you need to check the tracking numbers meticulously. If you can’t identify the correct 4px code number, you should inform the customer care professionals. Or you should check the invoice which is mailed to your street address. By taking a screenshot of the wrong 4px tracking code number, you can email it to the company for clarification. 

Check Contact Information

If you want to enquire by sending messages to the headquarters or branch office of 4PX Logistics Company, you should verify the contact information. It includes 

  • 201-221, Domestic Air Cargo Terminal, Airport Fourth Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China zip code- 518128

How Does 4PX Tracking Number Work for You?

Without 4px tracking number, you can’t monitor your shipment. The international delivery process is time-consuming. However, top courier companies have a vast network to manage all international cargo efficiently. They use smart mobile apps, cargo tracking software, and hi-tech tools to reduce the hazards of transportation. While tracking your cargo, you should have the on-screen status to check. The AI-enabled app gives you full details about the location of the cargo for delivery. Depending on cargo size, weight, and the target destination, your shipment-related information pops up on your mobile screen. So, it is a must for you to opt for the accurate 4px tracking number to do faster cargo identification. 

Different Time Schedules for Shipment Delivery 

4px Logistics company is an international courier that provides affordable shipment forwarding services to global customers. There are different time zones in the world. 4px sets the deadline for speedy cargo dispatching to the right home or office address. For instance, the shipment from China to the listed countries (Italy, France, Morocco, and Denmark) takes 12 to 25 days. Within four to 14 days, the shipment reaches the United Kingdom and Nepal. To keep in touch with your cargo, you should choose a specific 4px shipment tracking number given by the company itself. 

Different Tracking Status 

You should be aware of the meanings of different 4xp tracking status updates. When you go to the official site to read the current status of your cargo, you will get this type of short message. For instance, abnormal clearance tracking status means that sudden disorder or mismanagement to dispatch the orders.

Cargos stand for further analysis and screening before delivery. If you get this message “abnormal clearance”, you should make the call back to communicate with representatives for an explanation. Another message reading “accepted by carrier” means that your cargo has been received and confirmed by the carrier for early delivery. In this connection, you can check the site to have a lot of such tracking-related statuses displayed on the dashboard. 


4px tracking code varies depending on the size of the consignment. It gives you updates about the shipment process. Whether it is domestic/local/intercity shipment or international freight forwarding, you must use your unique 4px tracking number for easy cargo identification from the list. 4px shipment forwarding company in China is innovative with a modern logistic management system to ensure trouble-free transportation. Move your parcels and important consignments to the destination you prefer. For timely assistance to enhance freight forwarding at low cost, you should contact 4px logistics company.


Q: What is 4px?

A: 4px is the Chinese logistics company to ships cargo abroad.

Q: What is a 4px tracking number?

A: 4px tracking number is a code to identify your cargo. It is digitally encrypted for data security.

Q: What are the advantages of using a 4px tracking number?

A: By using a 4px tracking number, you will be able to track your order and locate the current position of the shipment.

Q: How to get the 4px tracking number?

A: 4px tracking number is a useful code for you. By copying the 40-digit code number from the invoice or email, you should put the specific code number in the search box to have the current status.

Q: When was the 4px logistics company established?

A: 4px logistics company came into existence dating back in 2004.

Q: Where is 4px headquartered?

A: Shenzhen City is the hub for 4px logistics company to operate the logistics management business.

Q: What is the primary courier of 4px logistic company?

A: FedEx is the primary carrier to courier the parcels from the source to the target destination.

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