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Customized Business Cards

Get Noticed with Customized Business Cards

by Ruhia

The basic requirement of business cards is to make your business reach out to potential customers. Therefore, getting your card noticed should be your first aim to make your card stand out from all other competitors. To make a noticeable business card, you need to customize it according to your business type and the service you provide. Read on and find a few of the effective and efficient tips and tricks that can help you make a unique and attractive business card!

Turn Your Card into a Coupon

Who doesn’t love a free coupon? Turn your business cards into a Coupon and see how it can impress your clients. This will make your card stay with the customers and be useful to them. Mention the card benefits, and remember to display the end of service time.

This is a very clever and innovative way to boost the sales of your service. Include these facilities when you have an upcoming sale and see how noticeable your business cards become.

Scan to Map It Out

When you want your card to get noticed by your clients and potential customers, the best way is to include extraordinary elements like a map. Make your custom business card go for a scanner that will show directions to your outlet or office when scanned. This will be a unique factor in a business card.

Maps will not only be innovative but will also be helpful for your customers. It can help them find you whenever needed. Place the scanner in an appropriate space and inform the readers about where it will direct them.

Unique Visual Appeal

Uniquely customize your business card to make it stand out and mark its presence in the market. You can do this by changing several factors of your card and its look. For example, use appropriate and eye-catching colors that match your company logo.

You can go for different materials of cards, too, and choose something other than the general plastic and paper cards. Go for stainless steel, metal, or aluminum cards. Get some trendy designs and patterns that can improve the card’s look.

Keep it Minimal and Elegant

An elegant and classy card will definitely attract customers and their attention. When you want to make your business card get noticed by your potential customers, keep it clean and simple. No one likes to read an enormous paragraph, so keep the text in your business short and crisp. In addition, make sure it includes a simple and elegant touch that will give a subtle and classy effect.

Get custom business cards with a catchy tagline or phrase that will be minimalistic yet attention-grabbing. Adding some texture to the card will also help you elevate its level.

Add Up Social Media Info

These days a business can not boost up if it’s not over the internet. To make your customers prove your validity and credibility, you need to direct them to your online presence. So, it’s essential to mention your social media pages and handles.

Make that social media information appear uniquely. For example, you can put up an Instagram or digital scanner that can direct your clients to your social media page. It will save their time and make you an innovative company.

Include a Call To Action

Usually, companies and businesses need to include a call to action in their business cards. When you wish to stand out and be noticeable, go for a Call to action! This will attract your customers and encourage them to reach out to your service in case they need you. In your call to action, mention what is the best that you provide and make yourself stand out among the competitors.

Remember the Personal Touch!

Are you getting your business card customized without any personal touch? Bad idea! Always add something personal to make your card unique and different. With your personal element to the card, it will create an impactful impression in your customer’s mind.

By personal touch, it can be anything, your unique font design, or a special doodle of your service. You can also add patterns and color palettes that are completely dedicated to your service or product.


Getting a customized business card that is noticeable is what everyone wants, but reaching the goal is challenging. Not anymore! You just need to focus on the small details and the quality of your card. Make your business card attractive, elegant, classy, and unique. This will make the customers notice you, and you will be able to mark your lasting impression!

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