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Home insurance Canada: Protect your property and contents against unforeseen risks

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The COVID19 pandemic has opened our eyes to a new reality – that there are unforeseen risks in every sphere of life and we should be more sensitive to them.

Property and its contents is an ideal example. Most of us put all our savings in buying a house and then spend a fortune in decorating and furnishing it. However, we don’t think of insuring it because it is an additional expense that is not mandated by law.

So when an event occurs and our house gets damaged, then we have to shell out a huge sum of money to repair it, and that too at a time when we are emotionally and physically distressed. Therefore, to prevent such a situation, it makes sense to buy home insurance Canada.

Simple facts about home insurance Canada

With home insurance you get peace of mind. This is a must-have in today’s situation where we are facing conditions of extreme weather, have valuable assets, and keep precious jewelry and other high-value pieces of art, or furniture at home.

The below facts will help you to understand common risks associated with your property and its contents, and to help you mitigate those risks:

Buying a home insurance Canada policy

You must make an assessment of the rebuilding costs of your home in the event of damage and buy a home insurance policy that covers these costs. For this you must know your coverage and the amount of your deductibles as well as your contractual obligations under the policy.

Different types of coverage

It is a best practice to be aware about the different types of home insurance policies that are available such as comprehensive, named perils, and basic.

Tips for buying homes

Before signing the deal for your new home, you must assess the impact of home insurance premiums on your new home. For instance, what is the difference between market value and replacement value?

Renting out your properties

In case you want to rent out your primary or recreational properties, or want to sublet your home, then it pays to contact a home insurance broker to guide you through the various exclusions.

The elements of home insurance Canada

As a homeowner in Canada, you can buy home insurance cover to rebuild your home on the same site where the event has occurred as long as it is within the limits of your policy. You also have the option to rebuild your home elsewhere, as long as the coverage does not exceed the depreciated value of your home.

To help you understand the various element of insurance, below details will be helpful.

Coverage A – Dwelling: It covers foundation, flooring, windows and doors.

Coverage B – Detached structures.

Coverage C – Home contents: It covers televisions, computers, fridges, freezers, furniture, and clothing, bicycles, and sports equipment.

Coverage D – Additional living expenses (home/ condo owners and tenants) and lost rent (landlords)

What home insurance Canada does not cover:

While you are making notes to know what risks are covered by home insurance Canada, it is a prudent practice to also remember what is not covered by home insurance Canada:

Property taxes, Condo fees, mortgage payments and the price of land are not covered by home insurance.

Other factors associated with home insurance

Some other factors to be kept in mind when buying home insurance are as follows:

Recreational properties

You can insure your recreational property as a secondary location by sharing details of the property with the insurer.

Heritage properties

You can assess the unique elements of your heritage property the property and have it valued and consequently insured.

Prevent home insurance fraud

Learn to know whom you need to approach if you come across a fraud. Instances are when exaggerated claims are lodged.

Risk Management

As far as possible learn about your risks and ways to limit them. Today’s word is full of risks and uncertainties.

Learn how to manage a crisis

Create a disaster management plan for your near and dear ones in the event of a fire, an earthquake, or extreme weather.

Preparing for an emergency

Always have an emergency kit ready at home in the event of any damage, fire or unforeseen circumstances


By keeping in mind the above-mentioned points, one can easily and securely buy home insurance Canada.

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