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Tips on How You Can Help You Frozen Food Business Grow

by Robin Smith

Implementing effective strategies and utilizing innovative approaches in the frozen food industry can help your business thrive and stand out in a competitive market.

You’ve chosen the right packaging for frozen food and found distributors to sell your brand. What else can you do to grow your business? To bring in more customers, you need to build brand awareness and customize your packaging.

Building Brand Awareness

Familiarity breeds loyalty, which is why brand awareness is so powerful. The more recognizable your products are, the higher the likelihood that people will buy them.

The most direct way to build brand awareness is through marketing. You likely already run ads and use search engine optimization to expand your online presence, but a catchy jingle and common keywords aren’t enough. To stick in consumers’ minds, you must create a personal connection with them. Fortunately, you can do so through the power of social media and storytelling.

Utilize Social Media

Social media allows companies to interact directly with customers via the following:

  • Polls
  • Comments
  • Posts

You can also use hashtags to see who is using your products.

These direct connections help you build loyalty by offering exclusive deals, showing responsiveness to concerns, and humanizing your corporation. Giving people a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing process or showcasing employees on the job lets consumers put faces to the brand name and see your business as a friend rather than a bureaucracy.

Tell a Story

Stories draw people in and make them sympathize with the characters. For brands, the “characters” might be your company, the people who work there, or the customers themselves.

If the story is about your company, you can showcase its history or the backstories of its founders. If you want to make your employees the main characters, the narrative could be how working for your company improved their lives. Finally, centering the customers as the heroes of your story helps them envision using your products.

One of the most powerful things you can do is combine your storytelling with your social media marketing. Videos and photos are especially effective, as they can deliver a compelling narrative compactly. You can even invite consumers to join the storytelling by encouraging posts highlighting how people use your products or what they love about them.

Customizing Your Packaging

Custom mylar bags can help build brand awareness, as consistent visuals allow consumers to identify your products at a glance. Of course, you must create a design that embodies your brand for the best results. Your first step to that end is choosing suitable materials.

Customers can tell the difference between high- and low-quality materials. Yes, choosing lower quality may save you money in the short run, but it doesn’t create confidence in the buyer. To the consumer, companies choosing the cheaper option care more about the bottom line than their customers’ experiences.

In contrast, high-quality materials offer more utility, extending your products’ shelf life. Consumers will notice this detail and may choose your brand again for the greater value provided. Now that you know the basics of customization, you can apply it to your sachets packaging and other containers. By remaining responsive to the market and analyzing consumer perception of your brand, you can continue to grow your business.

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