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Turkish123- A Well-maintained Turkish Movie Streamer with English Subtitles

by Robin Smith

Turkish123 website is specially designed for movie lovers who have a deep passion for watching Turkish films. Turkish people are enriched and educated. History glorifies the Turkish warriors like the Ottoman Empire. War, love, betrayal, and adventure renew the culture of Turkish clans. People are interested to know more about the historical events, and Cultural Revolution in Turkey. This website is a reputed online streaming portal that streams Turkish movies with English subtitles. This article is a roadmap for you to learn about the different genres of Turkish movies and the influence of TV shows on Turkish viewers. 

What Is Turkish 123?

Turkish 123 is a reliable streaming site that gives viewers a chance to watch native movies with English subtitles. In different genres, movies are available for watching. Even you can use the special app to transfer movie files to your other devices for offline viewing. Downloads are fast and free for you to store movies on your system and later you can watch these films. 

Turkish 123- An Integrated Movie Streaming Parlor for You 

Turkish 123 gives you a link to find Turkish movies, TV serials, and videos to watch on your Android. You have the opportunity to communicate with native citizens in Turkey. The movie is a medium for students to upgrade their concepts and knowledge about Turkey. Historical facts are captured in these HD colorful movies which must reconstruct your mindset about the Turkish culture. Ertugrul Resurrection is a qualitative film in the native language. Kurulus: Osman is related to the same flow of resurrection of Osman. He built up his community through struggles. He is the pioneer of the Ottoman Empire. 



Turkish123.cim gives you an idea about the type of movie content. People who are citizens of Turkey grow on the soil of their country. They are proud of having their own culture and heritage. They like to watch movies that showcase valor, manliness, and war. Romance is also another area of concern. Many high-quality romantic stories have been transformed into Turkish movies. You can also catch a glimpse of such romantic films with English subtitles. 

Few sought-after Turkish romantic movie titles are given below

  • Evim Sensin
  •  Water and Fire
  •  Alone
  • A Small September Affair
  • Incir Reçeli
  • Only You
  • The Butterfly’s Dream (2013)
  • Romantik Komedi (2010)
  • Romantik Komedi 2: Bekarliga Veda (2013)
  • Love Likes Coincidences (2011)
  • Love in Another Language (2009)

Evim Sensin- A Story of True Love 

Evim Sensin is such a brilliant example to attract the audience. In this movie, you will find the futile attempts of lovers to get united. Love comes only once to influence someone. Lovers can’t fall in love 100 times. Therefore, they need to rekindle romance. However, the final episode is full of tragedies because of the loss of love without notifying the couple. In 2012, this Turkish movie was premiered and launched. Right now, Evim Sensin has got 5 ratings. So it is a good romantic movie with English subtitles. 

Turkish123.com-Watch Top Turkish Adventure Movies 

Turkish123.com gives regular updates about the top releases. The adventure category movies in the Turkish language have enchanted global viewers. Adventure is based on outdoor expeditions, war, and sea navigation. There are a lot of films and TV series which bring the mystery to you. It seems to be real to put you in the complexity. Some of these adventure Turkish movies are 

  • HDKudus Fatihi Selahaddin Eyyubi
  • Kod Adi Kirlangic
  • Al Sancak
  • Kurulus Osman
  • Yasak Elma
  • Dip
  • Siyah Beyaz Ask
  • Akinci
  • Hercai
  • Gonul Dagi
  • Cocukluk
  • Bay Yanlis
  • Payitaht Abdulhamid
  • Menajerimi Ara
  • Baraj
  • Cati Kati Ask
  • Gencligim Eyvah
  • Adi Mutluluk
  • Ask Yeniden
  • Yuksek Sosyete
  • Yemin
  • Erkenci Kus
  • Fatih Harbiye
  • 4N1K ilk ask
  • Bizim Hikaye
  • Kuzey Guney
  • Kiraz Mevsimi
  • Gunesin Kizlari
  • Sen Anlat Karadeniz
  • Kalp Atisi
  • Cennet
  • Kizim
  • Inadina Ask
  • Siyah Inci
  • Kiralik Ask
  • Dolunay
  • Ask Laftan Anlamaz
  • Tatli Intikam
  • Kara Sevda

Turkish123 com- 2023 Specials

Turkish123 com is a significant platform for movie lovers. Especially, those who are curious to know about Turkey feel excited to watch Sunday specials on movie channels. In 2023, people expect releases of new Turkish movies with English subtitles. If you are not well-conversant to communicate in English, you can watch the movies with transcribed English versions. Check the list of top Turkish movies for 2023.

  • Ads by BidGearAds by BidGear
  • Yali Capkini
  • Kudus Fatihi Selahaddin Eyyubi
  • Kod Adi Kirlangic
  • Bir Derdim Var
  • Sakla Beni
  • Sahane Hayatim
  • Kader Baglari
  • Kirli Sepeti
  • Hudutsuz Sevda
  • Yabani
  • Bambaska Biri
  • Dilek Tasi
  • Safir
  • Ruhun Duymaz
  • Yaz Sarkisi
  • Hayatimin Nesesi
  • Ya Cok Seversen
  • Donence
  • Kendi Dusen Aglamaz
  • Benim Guzel Ailem
  • Uvey Anne
  • Vermem Seni Ellere
  • Kismet
  • Maviye Surgun
  • Tetikcinin Oglu
  • Gulcemal
  • Yuz Yillik Mucize
  • Esaret
  • Kralice
  • Fedakar
  • Kan Cicekleri
  • Aile
  • Adim Farah
  • Veda Mektubu
  • Ego
  • Dokuz Oguz
  • Al Sancak
  • Ates Kuslari
  • Tacsiz Prenses

All these Turkish movies for 2023 are in HD versions. Viewers watch Turkish movies here on the Turkish 123 streaming platform. The picture and sound quality of all these short/long movies are standard. You can also read online gigs and reviews on selected movies for 2023 and understand the specialties in these specific films with English dubbing. 

Turkish 123- Genuine Site for You to Stream Turkish Movies 


Turkish 123 is the place where you find your favorite series and movies to stream. This culture is not so popular in Asia and Africa. Even English speakers in Europe are not well-versed to understand this Turkish language. For these viewers, the Turkish 123 site offers free access to any movie or TV series in the Turkish language. In addition, these movies are dubbed into different dialects. Movies with transcribed audio versions are more convenient for English speakers. It is a genuine open-source platform for movie viewers. 

123 Turkish- Best Movies for the Audience 

Every year, numerous good Turkish movies hit the industry. A viewer can’t watch all the movies at a time. To select the best movie, they should check the updates online. Right now, top-notch Turkish films are counted by experts. They recommend some films which have the power to educate people. For example, Yabani- The Wild. It is a type of romance mixed with survival and drama. The protagonists are Simay Barlas, Dolunay Soysert, Yurdaer Okur, and Halit. They are major actors who have performed in this movie. 123 Turkish inspires you to get such attractive movies for easy streaming. Turkish123 is a very good website to watch and download all free movies, and series.

Theme of Yabani

The story of Yabani is all about the loss of a young boy in the labyrinth of darkened alleys. His childhood days were tumultuous and stormy. His survival was not easy. He was detached from his family. However. after a long hiatus, he was able to find his family members. The world he saw before his departure has been transformed. His parents and siblings are not ready to accept him. His mother tried her best to go for the reunion but failed. The story is painful for those who are deprived of parental love. 

Turkish 123.com- A Personalized Portal for You to Watch Movies 

Turkish 123.com is the website that has been given a new décor. Though it has no special app for you to download movies, you can open the home page for movie streaming. Even you can switch on the TV channels to watch the popular series. Choose any weekend special to enjoy online movie watching at your home. You can spend your evening with your friends by watching the best colorful HD version movie. From drama, opera, TV serials, and movies down to videos, it is free for you to watch the best programs for entertainment. 

Turkish123.vom- Search Movies by Year 

Turkish123.vom gives you a simple method of getting the best movies for the year. If you like to see the top popular TV series and movies dating back to 2022, you can go to the specific year on the home page. Clicking your mouse on the particular year -2022, you will find the list of movies for this year exclusively. 

Simply, go to the Year option on the dashboard of the site and then check the menu. There is a chart specifying all years from 2023 up to 2007. This retrospection is a turning point for you to go back to watching old movies. 

Turkish123-Alternative Way to Stay Connected 

Turkish123 offers you another simple mechanism to get connected with daily updates about the new releases. If you have a Facebook account, you can use the link to check the updates on social media. The tie-up between Turkish123 and social media sites is long-lasting. It is helpful for you to see any sudden notifications and posts regarding the movie update on Turkish123. 

Turkish123- Best Competitors 

Turkish123 site gallops to earn maximum web traffic for high ranking. However, at the same time, the rivalry is still increasing. There are top rivals in the entertainment industry to challenge Turkish123. , For instance, Netflix is a world-famous online streaming network. It has a trillion subscribers. Turkish movies with English subtitles bob up on the home screen. Netflix keeps quality as the parameter to stream movies. Besides, people also subscribe Hulu and Amazon Prime Video to watch Turkish movies with English subtitles. 

Turkish123-SEO Ranking Status 

Turkish123 seo ranking details have already reached experts’ hands. As per the reports for the month of October, Turkish123 has gained 1746 global rank. Country-wise, it has earned 932 ranks. The overall total page visits are 64.54 million. The bounce rate is around 44 percent or a little more. Compared to September (39.5m) and August (37.29m), this site has an increased viewership rate. So, this site is now in a much more breathable ambience to cope with other top movie streaming sites like Netflix. 

Turkish123- 97 Percent of Mobile Viewers/Desktop 2.84 Percent 

The recent comparison study confirms the increase in the volume of mobile movie viewers. They like to watch Turkish movies on their androids. The trend for mobile movie viewing on Turkish 123 is over 97 percent. The exact figure is 97.16 percent. 

The organic traffic volume achieved by Turkish123 is calculated to strike 79.2k. There is a sudden breakthrough for this movie streaming site. It started with 25k organic traffic to cross the barrier of 75k to emerge as a powerful competitor in the world.


Turkish123 spoon feeds the young generation and cultured people by giving a big archive for movie streaming. It is the platform for you to watch top Turkish movies with English subtitles. Movies with different genres are uploaded on this site for online viewing. It is not a scam as its online visibility on Google maintains regularity without departure. Reviewers appreciate the functionality of Turkish123. It is a dependable site for the audience to get digital entertainment


Q: What is Turkish123?

A: Turkish123 is a top-recognized movie streamer with its versatility in offering Turkish movies with English subtitles.

Q: Why is Turkish123 popular?

A: Turkish123 is popular because of its awesome movie streaming features including HD movie streaming. It gives you a free movie-watching option.

Q: How to watch movies at Turkish123?

A: By completing registration online, you can easily stream the best Turkish movies on your Android.

Q: Is Turkish123 scam?

A: If it is a fake site, people would not get a chance to stream movies on Turkish123. It is a reliable movie streamer.

Q: Is Turkish123 paid?

A: You will get free access to Turkish123 archive to see movies in Turkish language with an English audio version.

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