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Brass Instruments Insurance: What Do You Need To Know?

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Along with your dreams of becoming a star artist, your brass musical instrument comes along with a lot of responsibilities as well. Whether you buy a trombone, a euphonium, or a trumpet, you can have the luckiest advantage of actually being able to maintain it the way you want.

Compared to all those drums and cello players, holding and maintaining a small brass musical instrument seems to be a very good idea, doesn’t it? However, one thing you must be aware of is that brass instruments aren’t really that care-free.

Know A Little Bit More about Brass Musical Instruments

If you think that the brass family got its name because the instruments are made of brass, you’re correct! Like all wind instruments, these are also called aero-phones and they set themselves apart as the vibrations are caused by the player’s lips hence they are also called labor ones.

Traditionally these instruments were made of wood, bone or animal horn and now in modern-day, they are made of metal alloy. Such rare instruments are certainly very precious for the music lovers and enthusiasts.

Hence we can understand the importance of the safety of these precious instruments regardless of the fact that whether one is a casual or professional player and how devastating theft, loss or accidental damage of the instrument can cause.

When Should You Start Looking For Insurance?

  • When you are a professional musician and make a living playing your instrument. Every theft or damage can cause a big dent in the pocket hence a Brass Music Insurance is the best way ahead.
  • When you collect high-value instruments and you would want to keep them safe at all costs you are in need of insurance.
  • When you frequently ship your instrument or travel with them chances of damage are considerably higher.

What to Look For In an Insurance Policy or Company

Musical instruments insurance often includes only damage or theft but we need to keep in mind that the insurance also protects you against damage you accidentally cause to your instrument while you perform in a public or private meeting.

  • Your Homeowner’s Insurance Might Already Cover You

Often insurance policy includes natural disasters and theft that harm your instruments but there might be a caveat that states only INR 10,000 may be used to cover musical instrument, hence we need to add a rider (additional layer) to the extent of financial coverage of your Instrument.

  • You, Will, Need An Appraisal Before Insurance

Some insurance companies require appraising your instrument before they extend coverage. In case of loss or damage, they will then write down a cheque for the replacement value.

  • Not Every Insurance Provider Insures Every Instrument

Like every pet insurance company does not cover every breed of dog likewise every insurance company does not cover every instrument. Easily damageable instruments like antique harps and string basses can incur a higher premium.

  • Group Insurance

Your musical group, the orchestra might have access to group insurance and can avail attractive discounts as well.

  • Concert Performer And Public Liability Insurance

There might be instances when your instrument might accidentally hurt someone or cause damage to the venue for such instances as well there are insurances that are available. Most venues do not allow performances without public liability insurance.

The Final Note

Lastly, each and every insurance company uses its own formula to calculate what you’ll pay as premiums and it’s possible to get three different quotes from three different companies.

Hence compare policies before you commit to the idea of getting a Brass Musical Insurance for your instrument. After all, this way you can ensure the safety and security of the instrument without any hassle or trouble.

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