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Pepperoni Pizza

The Original Classic Pepperoni Pizza Done Right

by Ruhia

Classics are classics for a reason. Take pepperoni pizza, for instance, a staple of dinner time, work lunches, and special occasions. Pepperoni pizza offers the perfect amount of spicy meat to go with the cheesy goodness of pizza. And when you get your classic pepperoni pie from Papa John’s, you’re in for a real treat. 

That’s why so many people trust this chain when craving pepperoni pizza near me. Here are a few things you can look forward to when ordering a classic pizza from Papa John’s. 

Pepperoni In Every Bite

There’s nothing worse than a pizza shop that’s stingy with pepperoni. A great pizza should have pepperoni in every single bite, which requires a heavy hand when placing toppings on a customer’s pizza. 

Sure, some shops attempt to save money by going easy on pepperoni and other toppings. However, these shops will soon find that their customers are seeking out more value for their money, which is precisely what Papa John’s provides. With our pies, you can rest assured that you’ll always feel satisfied thanks to the immense amount of pepperoni provided. 

Different Types of Crust

When you order pizza from Papa John’s, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to selection. Along with specifying your favorite toppings, you also get quite a few crust options to choose from:

  • Original – Papa John’s original crust is hand-tossed to perfection and consists of just six ingredients to ensure a satisfying and wholesome dining experience. 
  • Epic Stuffed Crust – Much like pepperoni, you can never have too much cheese when ordering a pizza. With the epic stuffed crust, you’ll get to enjoy even more gooey cheese. 
  • Pepperoni-Stuffed Crust – Taking stuffed crust pizza one step further, this option includes pepperoni for a truly decadent dining experience. 
  • New York Style Crust – More of a thin crust person? Then you must experience the ultra-thin undeniably tasty New York-style pizza, which is perfectly foldable for your dining convenience.

How to Save a Few Bucks on Your Pizza

Papa John’s believes in rewarding our most loyal customers for their patronage. That’s why we offer Papa Rewards, which provides great deals and specials every time you order pizza or any other menu items. 

It’s pretty simple to get started saving, as Papa Rewards entails just four easy steps. They include:

  1. Place an order at a Papa John’s location, on the website, or via the app.
  2. Earn one point for every dollar you spend ordering pizza, breadsticks, and other goodies.
  3. For every 75 points you earn when placing orders, you’ll get a whopping $10 in Papa Dough, which you can use for future orders.
  4. Cash in your Papa Dough on any menu item of your choosing (including pepperoni pizza).

Remember, Papa Rewards are good for both delivery and carryout. Also, the more you spend, the more you save, which is the perfect excuse to order a pepperoni pie tonight. 

Make Every Night a Pepperoni Pizza Night 

When in search of food places near me, Papa John’s has you covered. And when it comes to the classic pepperoni pizza, you can rest assured of a tasty selection.

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