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Facts About Orthodontics

5 Fascinating Facts About Orthodontics You Didn’t Know

by Ruhia

Taking care of our oral health is crucial in maintaining our overall health. But, we cannot deny that most people are still unaware of the beauty of orthodontics. In this article, let’s discuss the fascinating facts that can help you know more about this specialized field of dentistry. Hold on to your seat because some of these facts are very surprising. Without further ado, let’s start.

Fact #1. The Ancient Origins of Orthodontic Treatment

Some people believe that the art of orthodontics is a modern practice. Of course, the devices and technology are modern, but the practice goes back to ancient times. Archaeologists found a few traces of metal bands wrapped on the teeth of some mummies. These metal bands indicate the attempt of ancient Egyptians to align their teeth. Fast forward to ancient Greece, and we find that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, also delved into dental treatments and alignment techniques.

Although orthodontics is considered a relatively modern practice in dentistry, this is strong proof that this practice was also used in ancient times. It’s fascinating to know that our ancestors also needed perfectly aligned teeth. Was it for formality, a trait of royal blood, or just to enhance their appearance as well? Whatever the reason is, it’s still fascinating to know.

Fact #2. The Evolution of Braces

Braces are the most famous devices used in orthodontics. It’s a highly effective method for aligning teeth and improving aesthetics. But did you know that braces were not considered aesthetic in earlier times? It has evolved through the years so people can use it more functionally. Christophe-Francois Delabarre, a French dentist of the early 19th century, is credited with using braces to align teeth. The wire cradle created by Delabarre was the precursor to modern braces, although it was a far cry from today’s comfortable and streamlined braces.

If you’ve watched “Finding Nemo”, you’ll see that the dentist’s niece who has Nemo after he was captured, wore braces that use wire all over her head. This is the old concept for braces and has been used for many years. Through the years, braces evolved in a way where using devices became functional and aesthetically pleasing. We now have Invisalign, from stainless steel to ceramic braces, resulting from modern technology and research advances. Thanks to modern technology, braces are now more functional and pleasing to the eye.

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Capitol Hill to give you the best braces available, look no further than Kumra Orthodontics. They have the latest modern technology to give you the best braces you can ever have. They can also provide Invisalign technology if you want something modern. In addition, they’ll take care of you and give you the best preventive care and maintenance to give you the best smile you can ever have.

Fact #3. The Impact of Orthodontics on Overall Health

As always mentioned, our dental health greatly affects our overall health. A few people may not know, but having poor dental health can result in a lot of health problems, such as malnutrition, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gum diseases, and tooth decay. For example, if you can’t chew properly because of jaw and teeth problems, you won’t be able to digest your food properly, resulting in indigestion and possibly malnutrition. We need to digest our food better to get the nutrition we need, and it involves chewing food properly.

In addition, cardiovascular disease might happen if we accumulate bacteria and germs from our mouth, spreading through the different parts of our body, including our heart. It may be hard to believe, but much research proven these cases. Don’t worry; visiting an orthodontist is your first step in preventing these problems from happening.

Fact #4. Age Doesn’t Matter

You’ve read that right; it doesn’t matter if you are old or young; you can visit an orthodontist to better your oral health. In fact, it’s always advisable to start as early as seven years old, so your orthodontist can easily know if any teeth or jaw complications can be prevented as early as possible. But don’t worry, old people are encouraged to check in with an orthodontist.

Aside from alignment, they can also provide helpful services such as teeth prosthetics, allowing old people to smile beautifully even in old age. However, it will be great for you and your dental health if you start young. This will help you to prevent any particular damage or oral issues. If you are a parent, consider having your child check. Prevention is better than cure; that’s why preventive dentistry is the best preventive measure you can do to have the best dental health.

Fact #5. Orthodontist Can Also Help You Maintain Your Teeth

People often believe that orthodontists are just for surgical treatment and braces, and a general dentist is responsible for cleaning and pulling out teeth. Orthodontics are considered special and advanced because they can give you the best possible care for your dental health, including maintenance.

If you already have an orthodontist, the usual case is that you stick with them, and you don’t need to find a general dentist. Aside from medical treatment, they can also give you cleaning services and a lot of advice to maintain the result of your treatment. This includes discussing the importance of retainers, providing the best products for teeth maintenance, and many more.


That’s it! Those are the most fascinating facts about orthodontics that most people don’t know. Most of them are just misconceptions that turn out to be factual. Orthodontics is a fascinating career that can give a lifetime of benefits to people doing it. It stands alone as a field and may sound complicated, but it’s not. If you have been considering orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to consult with a qualified orthodontist to explore the possibilities of transforming your smile.

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